What is the take profit indicator MT4?

The subject of placing stop losses and take profit indicator MT4 is really quite a broad subject. This article not only covers all the details of stop loss and target placement, but also it will give you an excellent overview of the most important things about this topic.

What is stop loss and take profit indicator MT4 (SL/TP)?

MT4 take profit stops loss indicator (SL/TP) is a money management tool and indicator of the most important for Forex and crypto traders. Understanding the mechanism and importance of these indicators is crucial for professional Forex or crypto trading.

Stop-loss is a trading order that you send to the broker to close your trading position automatically. Take-profit works quite similarly to that, letting you keep profit when a certain profit level is reached. Stop-loss level indicator and take profit indicator MT4 is used to exit the market in the right way, without high risk, and at the right time. Several strategies occur, making the decision process a little bit harder but also providing the Forex trader with additional opportunities.

To be successful in long-term trading, a trader must use stop-loss orders. If you don’t use stops, you could suffer a big loss. This will cut your capital significantly, even irreparably.

Stops have a major drawback, however. They put you at risk of falling victim to a false trend reversal. Sooner or later, all traders have this experience. You buy or sell stocks in a particular market. Then the price reaches the trigger threshold of your stop. Finally, it starts again in the direction of the trend that you had correctly identified. Stops often cause you to take losses that you wouldn’t have incurred if you hadn’t used protection. So how do you place your stop to minimize the risk of falling victim to a false trend reversal? We’ll see within the next sections. Before that let’s see how to use the take profit indicator MT4.

Take profit indicator MT4

We won’t be the first to tell you that financial markets are very volatile. Indeed, the price of financial assets fluctuates sharply from time to time, even all day long. To answer this problem, many brokers offer the order “Take profit and Stop Loss” when trading. Unfortunately, many traders do not know how to use this order effectively. In this article, we explain how to get the most out of “Take Profit and Stop Loss.”

What is take profit indicator MT4?

Take profit indicator MT4 allows you to close a position automatically after reaching a certain profit level. Technically, it is placed above the price of the open position in case it is a buy order. In the event of a sell, the take profit indicator MT4 is below the position. It is expressed in direct amount, percentage points or pips (for the currency market).

Take profit should not be set randomly because you risk not optimizing the potential of your position. You should complete this order based on market structure information volatility data, and chart analysis. This would allow you to better estimate how the price of the position will develop.

Stop Loss and Take Profit orders
A stop-loss order helps you to define your risk ratio and the amount you are prepared to lose as part of a single trade. A take-profit order can be used to circumvent the innately human traits of greed by locking in profits on short or long-term price moves.

How to place a take profit order

You choose the asset on which you plan to open a position, and then you decide the level of take-profit that you plan to back your position. Technical analysis is important in order not to underestimate or overestimate its position.

Considering the period leading up to the bitcoin bull run, you can really place the take profit order high because the support/resistance relationship was in favour of a higher long position. Indeed, bitcoin exceeded $ 50,000 but a week later entered a period of correction due to some statements.

To place the take profit, it’s quite simple: you set a price level that you think the asset could reach in the markets. If, at the time of opening the position, the price of bitcoin euros is 42,400 euros, and after your analysis, it could reach 42,900 euros. You just have to define 42,900 euros as the profit. If your prediction is correct and the price of the bitcoin euro has reached 42,900 euros, you will earn 500 euros.

This model is also valid for take profit in percentage and those in pips.

Tips for properly defining take profit

To properly define a take profit, it must reflect a TP level that is neither too exaggerated nor too understated. If it is minimized, there is a risk of not taking advantage of the asset growth margin. If exaggerated, it can never be achieved.

Here are the tips to get the most out of take profit:

Tip 1: locate the take profit indicator MT4 just below resistance and a few pips above support.

Supports and resistances represent areas of psychological confrontation between buyers and sellers. This is the place where assets have a strong chance of rising or falling in the markets.

Resistance is the price level at which the asset will fall in the markets. These are usually crossbars. Bitcoin’s $ 50,000 bar can be seen as a resistance zone. So, placing the take profit just below resistance is to avoid the risk of a drastic drop in price after crossing a bar.

Example: You place the take profit at $ 49,980! and bitcoin has resistance at $ 50,000. If you open the position at $ 49,500, you win $ 480.

Unlike resistance, support is a price point from which the asset will advance in the markets. By placing profit above the support, you benefit from the margin of progression of the asset.

Tip 2: Add the value of the range to the opening price of the position

The range gives the value of volatility by referring to the movements of assets in the markets. When you add the value of the range to the open price of the position, you expect the asset to reproduce its upward movements from the past. This method is a bit risky since the movements are not necessarily linear.

Tips 3: Set a risk/reward ratio with the profits three times greater than the losses

A rational trader should never place a stop loss SL higher than his take profit, otherwise, he has no interest in investing in this asset. The 1:3 risk-return is the standard market level. For example, if you have a take profit of $ 45, the stop loss should be $ 15.

MT4 stop loss take profit indicator

We start by placing the stop loss for several important reasons. First, you should always think about risk before reward, and you should focus on the risk per trade at least twice as much as the reward. Second, we need to figure out our stop loss and then figure out our trade position size, potential dollar gains and losses.

The general theory of stop-loss indicator MT4

A stop-loss ought to be placed at a logical level, that is, at a level that tells us both when our trading signal will no longer be valid and which will make sense given the surrounding market structure.

The first option is then to let the market liquidate the position, that is to say, that it is the market that shows if a trade is no longer valid by passing on a level that cancels the establishment or modifies the short-term market bias. Manually closing a trade is a second option, but it is always better to fix and forget a trade to let the market do the “dirty work” without trader intervention. The only valid reason to manually exit before reaching the predetermined stop is if the market shows convincing price action against the position. However, many traders make the mistake of manually exiting for emotional reasons.

To sum up, there are two logical methods of exiting a transaction:

1) Let the market reach your predetermined stop loss.

2) Exit the trade manually because the price action has formed a signal against your position.

The outings that are based on emotion:

1) Margin call because you did not use a stop loss and the market showed movement against your position. In this case, the broker automatically closes your position.

2) Manually close a trade because you “think” the market is going to hit your stop loss. You are emotional because the market moves against your position. But there is no price action-based reason for manually exiting.

The purpose of a stop loss is to help you stay in a trade until the initial short-term directional bias is no longer valid.

A seasoned trader places his stop loss at a level that both gives the position room to move in its favour or room to “breathe”, but not unnecessarily. Basically, when deciding the best place to place your stop loss, you have to think about the closest logical level that the market should reach to prove that your trading signal is no longer valid.

Placing stop orders is one of the most important aspects of trading, so you should take the time to think it over and determine the stop loss level before taking a position.

Many traders place their stop loss too close to their entry point just because they want to trade a larger position. This could be a mistake because you have to place the stop loss based on your trading signal and the surrounding market conditions and not on the amount of money you want to earn.

Always place the stop loss before determining the size of the position. The placement of the stop should be determined by logic, not greed. This means that you should not intentionally place a small stop loss on a trade just because you want to trade a large position. Many traders do this, and it is as if you are preparing for a loss before the trade even begins.


A trader is really a businessman. He carefully weighs the risk and reward of the deal and decides whether it is worth taking it or not by using the take profit indicator MT4. As a trader, this is what we do too; we first consider the risk on the deal, then we consider the potential reward, how we can get the reward and whether it is possible to really get it given the structure of the surrounding market, then we take our final decision on the matter. It’s always advisable to use the take profit stop loss calculator MT4 indicator.

Whether you have a $ 100 or $100,000 account, the process of weighing the potential risk against the potential reward of a trade is exactly the same, and this also applies to placing stops and targets; it is the same regardless of the size of your account.

Preservation of capital is essential for a trader. This means that you have to take as much “distance” as possible from the trading capital. Professional traders don’t waste their capital. They only use it when the risk/reward ratio of trade makes sense. You always have to justify the risk we take on a trade, and if you can’t justify the risk given the configuration and structure of the market, then don’t take the trade.

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