Meet Our Team

Armin Ordodary

Armin Ordodary covers both Financial Regulatory and Economic news. He holds a degree in International Commerce & Financial Law from the University of West of England, where he graduated with a specialization in Law and Political Sciences.

Elliot Chang

Elliot Chang is our senior reporter writing analysis for trading instruments. Mr. Chang worked at the NYSE for 8 years before deciding to become an analyst. He has passed 3-level CFAs and published several articles on trading.

Amanda Bliss

Amanda Bliss is our senior reporter writing about the politics and economy. Ms. Bliss is a Georgetown graduate specializing in economic and political sciences. Her Ph.D. concentrates on the market impact on the global economy.

Jonathan Cox

Jonathan Cox is our junior analyst discussing various trading instuments under Mr. Chang's supervision . He has been a dedicated crypto trader since 2012. He has predicted many major crypto movements in the last several years.

Courtney Van Hal

Courtney Van Hal is our experienced professor compiling educational content on FinanceBrokerage. Mrs. Van Hal is a trader instructor in several online schools. She has passed level 3 CFAs and has a Ph.D. in market behavior patterns.

Monica Kingsley

Monica Kingsley is a trader and financial markets analyst. Checking dozens of charts daily, trade calls and writing are her cup of tea as much as economics. Having been active since the Great Recession arrived, she experienced many bull and bear markets - be it in stocks, bonds, gold and silver. Check her out at

Aleksandar Aleksin

Aleksandar Aleksin is a trader and financial markets analyst. By checking the charts daily, he integrates their messages with the world economy in parallel, packing it all with his many years of experience. Analyzing, trading, and writing for him is like reading a newspaper. His favorite charts are major currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, oil, and gold.

Gleb Petrov

Gleb Petrov is our new team member specializing in modern financial trends and former Soviet countries' economies. His MBA focuses on the digital economy and economies in transition. His favorite trading choice is commodity CFDs.

Oksana Kroshkina

Oksana Kroshkina has transformed herself from an English teacher to a professional trader within just a decade. Smart crypto investments allow her to live the life of a digital nomad in the fanciest locations of the globe while contributing the most exciting trading ideas to us.

Martín Marín

Martín Marín is an MBA student and a beginner writer writing on stocks, forex, CFDs, digital tokens, and other financial topics related to the contemporary financial world. Martín prefers investing in technology stocks.

Gabriela Álvarez-Gil

Gabriela Álvarez-Gil is an experienced bilingual (Spanish and English) writer specializing in modern finance and financial markets. As for now, she has almost two decades of writing on topics such as stocks, currencies, and commodities.

Emma Bonnet

Emma Bonnet is a Ph.D. student specializing in modern economic trends and emerging markets. She has over a decade of experience in blogging and writing for diverse financial sources on economy-related topics. Emma also has experience in creating ICO white papers and participating in ICOs.

Jade Bertin

Jade Bertin specializes in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. She is a crypto optimist, and her professional aim is the prediction of modern financial and economic trends.

Beatriz Barbosa da Costa

Beatriz Barbosa da Costa is our Brazilian financial writer-analyst. Beatriz has over five years of trading experience on the Brazilian Stock Exchange and other stock exchanges.

José Santos

José Santos is a digital nomad and cryptocurrency geek; a wholecoiner who enjoys educating others on cryptocurrencies and NFTs. José follows the voice of his heart while traveling and technical analysis while investing and trading.

Finance Brokerage is the leading source of most recent and relevant information on Forex, Economy, Technologies, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies. Along with the news, we offer you a full scale of trading and educational resources, enabling you to become a successful trader on the foreign exchange market.

We provide most recent, professional economic and market data. Our team of financial experts and analysts works for you in order to create most valuable and professional content enabling you as a trader to not only to get market news and updates, but also to receive forex trading education and select the best forex broker from our constantly updated Forex Broker List.

The forex market is not only the largest one, but also sometimes too complex to understand. That is why updates on major and minor currency pairs are available on Charts and Analysis section, which is a powerful tool for successful forex trading and goes far beyond ordinary forex news or forex signals.

The Forex education section covers all aspects of forex learning from beginner to Advanced. Giving the reader the most relevant information starting from basic terms and forex tips to explanations of trading patterns and forex trading strategies alongside forex technical analysis. Finance Brokerage answers both questions: how to learn forex and how to gain on forex trade.

Following the best practice, we provide daily updates on cryptocurrencies and digital currency market, such as BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and others, aiming to make your cryptocurrency investment safe and profitable.

The Personal finance section provides reader with most relevant and interesting ideas on personal finance management and financial planning. We cover personal finance basics and guide you through most advanced markets and financial decisions.

Finance Brokerage is your ultimate guide in the modern world of economics and finance, providing you with professional support and guidance. No matter what your goals are, we are here to support you!


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