Is Step token a scam or not? FRDX is trending 


Step is a revolutionary fitness application. It lets users earn cryptocurrency while they walk and get healthy. Walking is one of the regular activities performed whether people are in the house or outside. Considering that, the Step team has come up with a unique concept where users can get strong both physically and financially. This seems a good venture for people who want to earn crypto.

This project strives to urge people to follow a healthier lifestyle and, in the process, hinder global warming, develop financial independence, and boost self-confidence. Customers can manage all this with a few easy steps and less hustle. They just need to download the app from the play store or app store and enter their wallet address (BEP-20).

There are other fitness-related Defi apps out there. However, the team wanted to develop something which would be a class apart from the competition. The main objective was that the app should allow users to get more fit and healthy and gain some money simultaneously. The team members discovered that most rival companies offer users only gave users some products or coupons as rewards for their activities and participation. But Step firmly believes in crypto. Thus, its team decided to develop an app that would give its end users a financial incentive for just walking.

This application may prove to be a great incentive for the users to walk more often and use fewer vehicles. That will reduce the carbon footprint. In addition, the team believes in privacy and anonymity, and it made sure to guarantee both to its users.

Step app doesn’t use any fiat or product-based rewards. The company gives rewards in crypto. As a result, many non-crypto users will get the opportunity to use cryptocurrency as a standard.


What about the STEP coin? 

The maximum supply of Step tokens is 1 billion. It has a variable burn rate in which 60,500,000 STEP tokens were used for Pre-sale. The team also used 55,000,000 STEP tokens for liquidity. This token is on 18,913 watchlists and got high-ranking on various ICO listing platforms. Besides, the Step coin value will likely increase over time.

In the modern-day and age, privacy is often a myth. Despite that, the Step team managed to come up with a solution where the complete focus is on user privacy. The company makes sure that there is no misuse, overuse, or abuse of user data.

Step uses an accelerometer built in Android and Google Fit data. The latter includes calculating steps and distance on the phone. If the user uses a smartwatch, the app can also track calories and average heartbeat. Google Fit app analyzes this data later, and Step calculates an internal score which it then passes along to the server to distribute rewards.

On Apple devices, the team uses Apple Health which in turn uses the phone’s built-in accelerometer to track steps and distance on the phone. If the customer uses a smartwatch, the app can also track calories and average heartbeat. It uses this intel to calculate an internal score and pass it along to the same server as data gathered on Android.

However, Step doesn’t take any other data from the users’ phones. The team promised not to ask for any other permissions apart from the ones to track the above health data. Furthermore, the company uses the Binance Smart Chain network, which is very secure. Thanks to BSC, the company can safely give customers their funds. The token holders can sell and exchange STEP for other tokens or just cash it out.


So, is Step trustworthy? 

Some people speculate that Step coin is a scam, while others believe that it’s very safe. Of course, there is no such thing as an absolute guarantee of security when it comes to Defi tokens. Still, Step is based on Binance Smart Chain, which is well-known for its safety measures. In addition, this company has an experienced team and, thus far, it has delivered everything it promised. Despite such assurances, we’d still advise you to tread carefully and learn as much as you can before investing in a project.

Step has proved to be a gainful acquisition for its users. Its users have staked over 3 million dollars worth of tokens. The company rewards stakers with 14.25 Step coins per block. It offers a great interest rate which varies depending on the number of users and how much they own in the pool.

All token holders will have a chance to stake their coins and earn passive income from staking Step. That’s in addition to the rewards they get for using the app while just walking. Moreover, customers can withdraw the staked coins anytime. There is no lock-in period, but if they opt to withdraw within 72 hours, they will have to pay a fee of one percent, leaving only a small fee of 5% on profits.


Is Step token a scam or not? FRDX is trending 

Frodo Tech’s token is very hot. What does FRDX offer? 

Frodo Tech is a trending financial blockchain ecosystem. It provides people with financial services globally without any limitation of region or race. Customer privacy is the company’s priority. Thus, it doesn’t require any type of KYC. In this ecosystem, all people, regardless of nationality, country, or race, can interact financially.

Furthermore, Frodo Tech offers a wide range of exciting features. Its ecosystem includes Frodo Wallet, Frodo Launchpad, Frodo Payment Gateway (FPG), and Frodo Customer Support (FCS). There are also Frodo Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange (FDX), Mainnet, and Fund Transfer. The project boasts Frodo Native Coin (FNC) and Frodo Centralised Cryptocurrency Exchange (FCX), along with Frodo DeFi Lending (FDL) and Frodo NFTs Marketplace (FNM).

Thanks to this platform, users will enjoy Peer-to-Peer Transactions, as well as cross-border transactions with no intermediaries. The team enables easy integration and real-time exchange. Based in New Zealand, Frodo Tech is an IT company. It is also a member of the Blockchain Association of New Zealand (BANZ). The team includes highly skilled experts in efficiently delivering and implementing advanced technologies such as cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The company launched its hot FRDX token on December 2, 2021. It’s still very high-ranked on various Defi platforms. The ICO sale will end on July 31, 2022. Currently, 1 FRDX is trading for 0.000019 USD. The total supply is 85000000000.


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