Binance listed LDO. TETRIX’s hot token sale will end soon


Binance announced that it listed Lido DAO (LDO) on its platform. The exchange also opened trading for LDO/BTC, LDO/USDT, and LDO/BUSD trading pairs. Lido Finance is a promising staking solution provider. It provides services for Ethereum 2.0, Solana, Terra, and Kusama. Customers who stake with Lido can maintain the control and liquidity of their staked tokens. The company launched LDO as the native governance token of the Lido DAO.

Furthermore, Lido enables users to earn staking rewards without maintaining staking infrastructure or locking assets. The team advises starting staking with Lido along with Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0, though. After depositing ether into Lido’s smart contracts, a customer will receive stETH (staked ETH) ERC20 tokens. The latter represents the user’s staked ETH balance of the beacon chain, as well as accrued staking rewards or penalties inflicted on validators in the beacon chain. Traders will also be able to redeem their stETH for unstaked ether along with accumulated rewards directly.

The company highlighted that staking during the first stages of Ethereum 2.0 means accepting the risk that the user’s ETH will be frozen until transfers become available in Ethereum 2.0 (Phase 1.5 or Phase 2). Until that time, no one will be able to withdraw staked ether or staking rewards and sell them on an exchange or use them otherwise.

Besides, a staker needs to deposit 32 ethers, specify a validating public key, and specify a withdrawal address to validate the beacon chain. The staker’s assets and rewards will stay frozen until the platform enables transfers. Until then, users can do only two activities on the beacon chain – validate or stop validating. During this time, stakers must also run the validation infrastructure due to the risk of having their stake reduced in the case of misconfiguration.


Can investors lose their rewards? 

Usually, there is always a risk of loss or loss of rewards. But that only occurs if the validator is slashed for misbehaving. That can happen due to a bug in the validator’s node code or connectivity issues. Such risk makes Ethereum staking especially unattractive in Phases 0 and 1 because, at this point, the stakers have to bear market risk while being unable to unstake. And they only get a middling reward.

However, Lido Finance aims to allow customers to stake ether without losing the ability to exchange or otherwise use their coins. This platform will be a decentralized infrastructure. The team created it specifically for issuing a liquid token that has a degree of flexibility compared to self-staking.

The company has many goals. It wants to allow customers to earn staking rewards without fully locking their capital; to reduce the risks of losing a staked deposit due to malicious third parties or software failures; to offer flexibility to traders to earn rewards on deposits smaller than 32 ether, and do that without restriction on deposits different than a multiple of 32 ether.

It will also offer self-staking, an alternative to exchange staking, and other semi-custodial and decentralized protocols. In addition, Lido promises to provide the stETH token as a building block for other protocols and applications (e.g., as collateral in lending or other trading Defi solutions). The team designed Lido as a simple-to-use protocol with community governance. Thus, the protocol has to follow the changes in the underlying blockchain mechanisms.


TETRIX token's ICO will end soon. You don't want to miss this token

TETRIX token’s ICO will end soon. You don’t want to miss this token

Tetrix launched its hot native token’s ICO in April 2022. However, the sale will end in May 2022. Thus, investors have little time left if they want to acquire this token. Currently, the token price is 0.04 USD per XTR, but it will increase over time. The total supply of coins is 880.000.000. XTR has a strong potential, and it’s very high-ranked on various ICO listing platforms. However, there are good reasons for its popularity.

Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space. Defi developers create it by the convergence of virtually augmented physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, including the sum of augmented reality, all virtual worlds, and the Internet.

Tetrix is the first blockchain-based, high-performance technology development platform worldwide. XTR VR box utilizes the experience of industry experts in both traditional tech and blockchain to build an exceptional blockchain software experience. The platform’s daily volume is aimed to be around often around 10million USD, with over 4,000 daily active users. In addition, the XTR token boasts one of the largest communities in blockchain that actively engages across multiple social channels.

Thanks to the strong social element of this platform, the community is tight, and traders and early adopters have reasons to keep coming back. Besides, Tetrix is a new payment method in the augmented reality ecosystem. The company aims to integrate all companies, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem and help them to make businesses truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.


What makes Tetrix unique? 

This platform has many benefits. The XTR team plans to work closely with TRON, aiming to leverage all the opportunities TRON’s rapidly growing XTR ecosystem has to offer. Furthermore, the team noted that BitTorrent Speed Safe Transfer would become the first widely adopted blockchain use case. This is a blockchain implementation of the BitTorrent protocol that educates and engages customers from across the world on the potential of blockchain technology.

The company will give the users new opportunities to utilize cryptocurrency, converting them from blockchain enthusiasts to permanent members of the community. It believes that with such synergy between TRON’s ecosystem and XTR’s product, the limit is beyond the moon.

Tetrix offers various decentralized financial products: big data insights, integrations for stable coins, microloans, and security tokens. The company wants to bring new payment possibilities, along with easier onboarding and new forms of value generation.

Moreover, the Tetrix and the TRON Link teams will be working closely to provide premium wallet services. They will optimize and expand the latter for the XTR platform’s audience. XTR plans to expand access to the platform in the future. As a result, anyone will be able to pay on this platform no matter the type of cryptocurrency they hold.


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