What is the NFT nerds tool, and should you invest in it?

Have you heard recently about the very popular NFT nerds software tool, and do you know what it represents? Why is the entire NFT community crazy about this, and how can it improve the daily trading experience in the NFT market?

Suppose you are a huge NFT enthusiast looking for ways to increase your chances of profiting in the volatile market. In that case, you need to be aware of the huge importance of reliable trading software for long-term success. NFT nerds are certainly one of the best software that you can find nowadays.

Since the competition in the NFT market is huge, a serious trader should always count on the assistance of virtual software such as NFT nerds. But, to understand its significance, let’s get to know all the basics about the NFT nerds first, shall we?

The basics of the NFT nerds software

NFT nerds are one of today’s most reliable software that could assist you in finding the best NFTs worth investing in. It’s a very useful NFT tool that helps traders get the most precise market analytics.

Besides it, users can utilize it to purchase their NFTs directly rather than buying them on other marketplaces such as OpenSea. It only supports the Ethereum Blockchain and NFTs that are Ethereum-based.

Everything on the official NFT nerds website is live. All enthusiasts eager to buy NFTs, snipping them off the floor, or searching for quick flips should consider using the NFT nerds premium account! However, make sure to have a significant budget to justify your investment, so only serious and devoted NFT traders who want to make significant profits consider using it daily.

Those who are using the NFT nerds for just a couple of days are able to find some valuable NFTs below the floor and could save their money on blue chip projects and for quick flips.

A premium account allows you to see valuable and trending NFTs.

NFT nerds
Source: nftnerds.ai

For the full assistance of the NFT software, it’s necessary to purchase the premium account. Once you do so, you can check the gas price, for example, and check what NFTs are trending at the moment and whether they are worth buying or not.

In order to find valuable and trending NFTs, users should go to a “trending section” in the software tool, and they could go by one minute, five minutes, fifteen minutes, one hour, and four hours.

The software tool will allow you to see the listings, every trade happening, and the price for every NFT on the left side, while on the right side, you’ll see the common analytics related to the floor price fluctuations over the past. They could be sorted by five minutes over the past seven days and by 30 days, 40 days, 60 days, three days, and so on.

The difference between NFT nerds and other tools

Perhaps the biggest difference between NFT nerds and other tools is that it allows users to go back 60 days, while other tools only allow checking approximately 30 days in the past. This feature is useful for NFT nerds users who want to evaluate blue chip NFTs, for example.

However, the key difference between NFT nerds and other software tools is that you can utilize them to buy your desired NFTs in the software without needing to go to some NFT marketplace. For that particular feature with NFT nerd, it is crucial to purchase a premium account which, although not exactly cheap, can be very valuable.

You could also snipe Non-Fungible Tokens at the floor with NFT nerds. When finding your preferred NFT projects you wish to purchase, you can sort NFTs by rank, which is also a key feature of the NFT nerd software tool that other NFT software doesn’t have.

Going to individual NFTs and learning more about them


Besides all other features, in the NFT nerds software tool, you are able to go to individual NFTs and learn more about them. It works very simply. Once you click on a particular NFT in the NFT nerd tool, you can see:

  • What it looks like
  • Each of its traits
  • How often it’s sold, etc.

The Firehouse section in the NFT nerds tool

You can also go to the “Firehouse section” to see the current situation in the marketplace in general. It will show you all the Non-Fungible Tokens that were being bought and sold, which can be useful to get real-time information and realize what NFTs to purchase or what NFTs to sell.

Besides that, you can see all the active NFT collections. All this information is valuable for serious NFT investors and traders who tend to be involved in the NFT space and to spot these “less-known” non-fungible tokens with great potential even before they become more well-known.

Setting up alerts for wallets.

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Another great feature for those who love Nerd’s NFT software platform is that you can set up alerts for addresses and wallets. It’s required to go to the “Alert section,” add a new alert, such as when the price drops to 2.5 each, for example, and then when the price goes to five each.

However, remember that the NFT nerds tool doesn’t have the option to send you alerts directly on your email address or phone number. You must log in to your account directly in the NFT nerds tool.

NFT nerds rarity and how to calculate it?

The NFT nerds utilize normalized frequencies of the traits of the token. Regarding this topic, it’s a well-known approach for calculating the rarity in the NFT market.

Who are the creators of the NFT nerds software?

The creators of the NFT Nerds software tool are enthusiastic mathematicians and coders to develop the best tool in the entire NFT space. In order to get in touch with all of them, these developers recommend contacting them via their official Twitter or Discord server.

The Chart Data on the NFT Nerds

NFT Nerd
Source: nftnerds.ai

Without exception, the NFT Nerds’ chart data represent the world’s current state, with automated syncing in the background. Remember that not all the projects are available on the official nerds NFT website.

Nonetheless, by joining the official Discord channel of the software, you’re able to ask questions regarding the next projects that should be added. This tool is the perfect place to get in touch with like-minded people who adore NFTs and get a clear understanding and insight into their trading practices, particularly the valuable profit-sharing channel.

What else should you know about NFT Nerds?

Now that you’ve learned all the basics about this awesome software tool, are you wondering if there’s anything else you should know? In addition to great features and everything that sets it apart from other tools, NFT Nerds is known for the following things:

  • They enhance listings and sales data with certain rare information.
  • All data is available in one particular place, which excludes cross-checking of multiple sites.
  • Official rankings are being used whenever possible
  • All official website pages are live without needing to be refreshed. The hood syncs them.
  • They show trading collections that are being traded most actively and which are able to reach a particular volume threshold.
  • So far, the development team of the NFT nerds tool has decided which NFT projects to feature. They invite all interested in joining their official Discord channel for further information.

Should you invest in NFTs or not?

What interests many enthusiasts, whether they are already experienced in the NFT world or absolute beginners, is whether it is truly worth investing in NFTs or not. Some consider Non-Fungible Tokens as speculative assets and very risky to invest in.

Nonetheless, there is no universal answer as to whether investing in NFTs is profitable in the long run. Perhaps it would be best to say yes – it depends on a lot. First of all, from intuition, experience, and the ability to “recognize” NFTs with the potential for their price to rise in the future.

This means you buy NFTs at a relatively low price hoping their value will increase over time. Of course, there are also NFT enthusiasts who, by purchasing certain non-fungible tokens of their favorite artists, buy them in order to support them, have an ownership stake, but also something emotionally valuable to them in their valuable collection.

If you are ready to risk a bit with investing in your preferred NFTs, we say go for it!

Why are reliable software tools so important?

Source: cnbc.com

Suppose you are an ambitious NFT investor and trader interested in huge profits and a professional career. In that case, using reliable software tools such as the NFT nerds tool is crucial. Given that the competition in the NFT market is huge and the market is volatile, it is very important to use tools that will not only facilitate everyday trading but also allow them to locate valuable NFTs in the market!

Therefore, if you want to be ahead of your competition and have a huge chance of success in the NFT market, do not neglect an excellent and reliable NFT software trading tool.

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