Super Mario Trading Cards – Starter Pack and more

The most famous plumber arrived for the first time at Panini with an exceptional collection of Super Mario Trading Cards featuring characters from the Super Mario universe. Peach trading card series, Bowser or even Luigi, they are all there!

Super Mario trading cards – Starter Pack 

You start this collection with the famous starter pack, which includes a storage binder and 3 pockets, or 24 cards, for the price of €9.99. We started with the starter pack offer (1 binder and 3 pockets) + 10 pockets (so 80 cards) for the price of €33.90. 

The starter pack is presented in plastic packaging in Mario colours. When you open it, you will find the binder inside bare. 

So yes, apparently, it’s a classic Panini. It’s a completely transparent binder with pages ready to accommodate the cards. We would have liked something prettier and less basic, even if there were sheets that would serve as covers for the binder.

Moreover, one of the sheets is a booklet which lists all the cards and groups them by categories. There are check boxes that you can use to note the cards you have and better see those you are missing. 

That’s a really good thing, even if I’m probably not going to write on it so as not to damage it. We like to keep things in their original state most of the time. So, we are going to do it digitally personally instead.

Super Mario Trading Card Collection

For the cards, we find the quality really great. They are very rigid with a shiny finish, which makes them pretty. 

On the back, we find the artwork used for this collection and the Panini information, but above all, at the top right, we can find the card number, which will allow you to store it in the binder and keep your collection up to date. 

There are 252 cards divided into 182 base cards, 18 gold cards, 18 silver cards, 36 sports cards + 8 Limited Edition cards. It shines brightly, and the limited editions have a really cool 3D effect.

The rare Super Mario Trading Cards

  • Rare Special Edition Cards
  • Yoshi (Character)
  • Dr. Mario (Character)
  • Lakitu.
  • Pink Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Donkey Kong Jr. ( Character)
  • Return of Donkey Kong.
  • Donkey Kong no Ongaku Asobi.
  • R.O.B.

Super Mario Trading Card Sleeves

There are blue packs of 4 cards, often discovery sleeves offered when ordering from Panini. The yellow packs of 8 cards are the ones you will generally find, sold almost everywhere for the price of €2.99. The red packs, which contain 24 cards, called value packs or fatpacks, are offered at the price of €8.50.

We know that there are also blisters of 4 pockets for €11.95 and a box of 6 pockets + 3 Limited Edition cards for €19.95. What we tried was the big box of 18 pockets to stock up on cards! The price is still €53.82.

Bonuses and limited edition

Among the 8 Limited Edition cards, one is in the 3-pocket pack. One is in the metal pocket box. The release of a box of 6 sleeves happened in June 2022, with 3 new cards arriving, and the classic metal box in September 2022.

You can purchase the cards on, Amazon, or Booghe website. Delivery takes from 5 to 30 working days, depending on the site.

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