Bitsoft360 Review: Is This Crypto AI app Trading Bot Good?

Name: Bitsoft360
Type: Crypto trading bot
Minimum Deposit: $250
Address: Dunearn Road #03-08C Sime Darby Centre 589472 Singapore
Phone: +447520640313
Demo account: YES

General Information & First Impressions

Bitsoft360 is a new automated cryptocurrency trading service. Among the first of its kind, it aims to make crypto trading accessible to everyone. It strives to achieve that by ensuring that its platform is easy to use, quick to learn, and accurate. Our Bitsoft360 review will tell you all you need to know about the program and gauge whether it’s helpful.

Bitsoft360 - A smarter way to invest in Crypto Our gut reaction to learning about Bitsoft360 was skepticism. We believe yours won’t be much different, as the company’s claim is definitely ambitious. There’s also the additional hurdle of the history behind auto-traders, which isn’t quite stellar.

However, as we explored and learned more about the service, things started clearing up. The company removed our doubts one by one until it became apparent that it was the real deal. As unlikely as it is, seems to be an actual, operative, cheap automated crypto trading service.

Of course, we don’t expect you to believe our word for it, but during our review, we’ll aim to clear things up. Of course, we’ll start with the most prominent potential issue, safety.


Fund and Account Security

No matter how good a service appears, it’s not worth it if you’re at constant risk of it withholding or stealing your funds. That’s a huge issue in the crypto sphere, as scammers from all other financial areas seem to have made it their nexus. It’s completely unregulated in most places, and even where legislation exists, it’s loose.

As such, you’re often in the grey when trading with crypto companies. You need to rely on your own research, history, and goodwill for security. And while it’s not always easy to estimate how secure a crypto service is, there are some indicators. Even then, traders may not be aware of them, so we’re here to help.

During the research for our Bitsoft360 review, we looked into the company’s claims and behavior. Luckily, we didn’t find anything that would noticeably concern us. Judging by its behavior and overall tendencies, we’d say Bitsoft360 is one of the safer crypto services.

For starters, the initial price hurdle sits at a mere $250. In the crypto sphere, scammers aim for much higher numbers. Since crypto is internet-based, words about scammers travel quickly, so fraudulent behavior has a short life span. In order to make use of that short time, scammers ask for larger amounts of money.

Furthermore, we noticed that Bitsoft360 is ready to back up all of its claims with data. It’s simple to make exorbitant claims in the crypto sphere since there isn’t any punishment for lying. The fact that Bitsoft360 is so upfront and data-based are quite reassuring. review We don’t foresee the company going rogue and harming customers. Of course, that means we doubt anyone will have any security issues at

The minimum deposit is $250. Alas, the deposit can be made only in fiat currency and no crypto deposits are available at the moment.

Bitsoft360 review: Does the Artificial Technology app work?

One of the burning questions about any auto trading robot pertains to its effectiveness. Most auto-trading software are either too expensive, too slow, or downright ineffective. However, Bitsoft360 doesn’t suffer from any of those issues.

Bitsoft360 has over half a million users at the moment of writing. With that many customers, there’s no doubt we’d see serious complaints if the software didn’t work. We can be quite confident that the program is fully operative and lives up to the company’s claims entirely.

There are also functions to use ready trading strategies or create your own strategy. Unlike other auto-trading bots, here you do not have to have coding skills. Setup is easy and user-friendly.

Trade automation is based on machine learning and mathematical algorithms, rapidly analyzing market conditions and trading signals.

So what’s the trick that separates Bitsoft360 from other similar auto-trading AI software?

Well, it might have to do with the algorithm itself, including how it parses and ingests data. Bitsoft360 has over 10,000 coins in its library, and it tracks them all in real-time. That way, the program always has a clear image of what’s going on.

It accounts for both the few prominent cryptocurrencies and obscure coins that can make waves on the market. That way, it can use both steady gains and sudden risers to maximize profits for its users.

It’s suitable for both beginners and expert crypto enthusiasts. For the former, the auto trading capabilities earn much more than they would themselves due to their limited skill and knowledge. For the latter, it’s a great way to earn some extra profits without any extra effort.

bitsoft360: open account in 3 steps

Bitsoft360 review of Customer Support

Unfortunately, we could not find a live chat section on the website, but we do hope that Bitsoft360 will have this function in the future, as we firmly believe that having direct communication with the users and partners is crucial and vital.

Nevertheless, contacting the customer support department is available via email and phone number. When you visit the website, the first thing that Bitsoft360 suggests you read is the software guide. So please, read it, and follow it. As the guide was written for you and it contains many helpful hints for using their auto-trading software.

Bitsoft360 Review: Final Thoughts

Now,  what can we say about this auto-trading software? The platform has the capacity to offer services quickly and without any delays to over a thousand users. The community growing around the trading bot is versatile and promotes healthy social interactions. can be a pretty good tool for those that have no experience with crypto exchanges but want to try trading crypto.
After all, Bitsoft360 is a top-notch tool, that calls cryptocurrency enthusiasts from all over the world to learn and connect. The website is quite user-friendly and has a selection of educational sources and various informational materials.

Disclaimer: before you make any type of a decision, make sure that you have calculated every single turn of events. When you are using tools like this, being smart and knowledgeable about your decisions is the wisest thing to do. Remember, always do your own research.

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