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Stock Charts: top Biotech Companies Worldwide

Among the most exciting and risky parts of the stock market are the biotechnologies which continuously grows from time to time. When we say biotech companies, this involves science-based technology or practices that develop a variety of medical products. As biotech industry focuses on research to develop newfound medicines to treat medical conditions, they all have hosted for various applications.

Aside from the medical goals, biotech also focuses on food alternatives, genetic researches, the environment and more. Companies including Celgene Corp. and Gilead Sciences Inc. usually develop new medicines or other technological researching companies. Should go through precise, quite expensive and time-consuming testings, before receiving the approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Biotech Industry

Similar to other industries, biotech companies also suffer from a loss on it’s way to the end of 2018. Together with the broad stock market sector. Nonetheless, during the first month of the year 2019, the biotech industry performed an incredible resurgence. There are a few top-performing biotech stocks who deserves to acknowledge being at the top.

Another big announcement within the biotech industry is the union of Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY) and Celgene. Both offers to pay a $74 billion to be acknowledge taking over the latter. As that comes to be the newsworthy Merger and Acquisition (M&A) turn from the past month, it is far from the only one. The start of the year 2019 got most of the well-known biotech names to look out to buy or merge with other biotech companies.

Taking into consideration, in this post we’ll be listing the top biotech stocks during the month of January this year. These top biotech stocks have a market cap not lower than $10 billion, and most of them have way more than these market cap. The performance indicated is from January 2 up to January 31, 2019.


Seattle Genetics, Inc.

  • – Performance – 32.94%
  • – Market Cap – $12.14 billion

Among the resh on our list, Seattle Genetics deserves the top having the most impressive performance from the rest of the biotech stocks. Remember that it is only for the month of January this year (Jan. 2-31). Seattle Genetics a Washington-based company focusing on developing and marketing cancer treatment drugs which also become known as the leading antibody-drug conjugates. Their drugs employ antibodies targeting cancer cells. Seattle Genetics has Adcetris as their most famous product and is available in about 70 countries.

The company started the year 2019 with very big news regarding their Adcetris product. Seattle Genetics published data since phase three clinical trial of their product as a treatment for specific types of Hodgkin Lymphoma. Their initial trial results shows “superior clinical activity” within a treatment program after mixing with another specific drug which performs to compare the existing treatment regimen. If results show great performance including further trials, expect this company’s stocks to grow.


Celgene Corp

  • – Performance – 32.74%
  • – Market cap – $62.95 billion

Celgene Corporation, a New Jersey-based biotech company that focuses on developing and marketing drug treatments for inflammatory cancers and disorders. Similar to the first one on our list (Seattle Genetics), this company also has their leading product – Revlimid. Revlimid is a drug that’ll treat multiple myeloma and other specific types of transfusion-dependent anemias.

Celgene went to the top in the biotech industry during January this year but with Bristol-Myers Squibb. Earlier this year, Celgene announce that they are to be purchase by BMY for $74 billion. Their aim is to be the largest pharmaceutical-company purchase yet. The announcement never includes a revelation whether Celgene previously struggled with their most popular product – Revlimid. As their part, Bristol-Myers Squibb also struggles to generate newly found drugs through their development and testing pipes. Lastly, the purchase could help to revitalize both companies in the near future.


Incyte Corporation

  • – Performance – 26.79%
  • – Market Cap – $17.63 billion

A Delaware based pharmaceutical company. Incyte Corp focuses on treatments for cancer, arthritis and other specific diseases. The company’s most famous drug is Jakafi. Jafaki is used to treat polycythemia vera.

The company started the year 2019 with a phase three testing of their new medicine. Itacitinib is a drug designed to treat Chronic Graft and Host Disease.


Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Incorporated

  • – Performance – 25.41%
  • – Market Cap – $28.15 billion

Alexion Pharmaceuticals is the Soliris maker. Soliris is a drug used to treat various rare disorders that affect the complement system. Located in Boston since the year 2018, Alexion is still involved in immune system research relating to autoimmune illnesses.

The company’s great start earlier this year. Alexian gain more approval for Ultomiris. The said drug was designed to treat adults suffering from paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (blood disorder)


Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated

  • – Performance – 16.35%
  • – Market cap – $48.82 billion

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated is a Boston-based company who helped to start the rational drug design strategy. It was the process in which biotech companies look for a way to develop new medicines through a specific aim of a particular biological component or mechanism. It has been 30 years that Vertex focuses on inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, infections, cancer and more.

As of 2019, Vertex showed a substantial success from their three cystic fibrosis drugs. During late 2018, Vertex delivered late-stage information from clinical testings showing hope for multiple new treatment combinations. From their significant pipeline and momentum, Vertex is expected to go up to their success.

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