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Snapchat Will Stop Promoting Trump’s Posts and Account

The photo-sharing social media platform, Snapchat, will no longer promote US President Donald Trump’s content. The technology company announced that it does not want to “amplify” the racial violence happening in the US.

The move comes as other social media platforms take steps to respond to the president’s “inflammatory” content.

Snap Inc. said that the US President’s account will no longer be promoted in the Discover tab of the platform. This feature boosts the content of various public figures, influencers, celebrities, news outlets, and even politicians.

But despite the restrictions, the US president’s account will not be deactivated. It will remain active. 

According to its official statement, Snapchat leaves no place for racial violence and injustice. Adding that the platform supports “peace, love, equality, and justice”.

The move took place when the US president tweeted that protesters in the White House would be met violently. Trump specifically tweeted “greeted with the most vicious dogs and ominous weapon.”

Although technology news reports say that the message did not appear on Trump’s account.

The head of the White House has more than 1.5 million followers in his Snapchat account.

In the past, the president has already said that the Discover tab of the platform is a crucial space to attract younger supporters.

Following the decision of the company, a campaign with false or unsubstantiated accusations already launched.

Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager said that Snapchat is rigging the 2020 election. According to him, the platform is using illegal funds to promote Joe Biden and suppress the president.

Taking a Stand

Through the help of modern technology, campaigning at disseminating information is more accessible. Users can access more information and news virtually.

Aside from that, expressing one’s opinion has been easier especially those who are in the position of power.

This has raised concerns all across the globe and has placed pressure on social media companies to monitor such content.

In the past, the US president has already been under hot waters regarding this.

The first social media platform that drew the line to the president’s rhetoric was Twitter. Just last week, the social media platform fact-checked a Trump tweet that contained false news about voting.

Twitter also flagged a different tweet about the protests as it goes against its policy against violence.

But on the other hand, Facebook’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg refuses to do the same. Zuckerberg is still standing by his decisions to not take any actions. This has prompted several Facebook employees to stage a virtual walkout in protests.

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