Security Values Fall as Wall Street Increases Caution

The effect of global events on security values has never been a secret, but it’s quite apparent recently. COVID-19 has been the center of investment discussions for over two years, with the market instantly reacting to any news. And as the pandemic’s potential end makes room for some cautious optimism, a different event slows the market to a halt. As tensions between Russia and Ukraine simmer, a lot of investors have started cashing in their positions. As the looming conflict threatens to cause market difficulties, security values have slowly started sliding.

Even decentralized assets, such as cryptocurrencies, have seen a pullback from investors, causing their value to drop. Just as Bitcoin, and other crypto as an extension, has started to recover from its previous massive drop, it’s been hit with another issue. Namely, Bitcoin dropped by 5.3% on Friday, seeing its worth inch below the $41,000 mark once more. That translates to an 11.8% loss since the start of the year.

The second-largest digital currency, Ethereum, has also declined by a similar margin. The coin slid 4.4%, placing its value right below the $3,000 threshold. Ether currently sits at $2,919.

There’s no doubt that Wall Street has entered de-risk mode, or as some would call it, damage control. In the realm of crypto, the immediate threat is central bank regulation, while the threat of massive conflict is still present. Some experts threaten that the conflict’s escalation could cause crypto to drop another 10-15%. Still, the prospects on long-term crypto value remain bullish, but it’s a dangerous time for traders.

Other assets are also fluctuating in prices. Oil, for example, saw a price hike due to possible supply and production interruptions. And while that’s great news for some traders, it’s quite unfortunate for drivers and transport companies. As the situation is evolving rapidly, it’s difficult to predict future market occurrences.

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