SCAM ALERT – Airpas.io. Tinder Scammers of 2020

If you think you have heard of everything, you’re about to be shocked like the rest of us. A new type of scamming surfaced on the trading market – Tinder matches and deposits. What does this mean? We’ll explain in a minute. Before that, let’s talk about the broker itself.

The link to their site is Airpas.io, but on their website, they are called AIRPASS. For a scammer like this, you would think they would be able to afford to buy the domain of their choice, but no. They had to settle for a part of their name in their link – this should have been the first sign that the broker was a little sketchy. 

scam, SCAM ALERT – Airpas.io. Tinder Scammers of 2020

Going through their website it seems as though the broker is actually quite trustworthy. Besides the minor grammar mistakes on the website, all of it seems quite good. They even have their regulation number listed, but we decided to further investigate. All we had to do was go to the MSB Registrant Search and search for “Airpass”. The same information pops up, but once you google “Airpass Hedge Capital Limited” you will see that they are actually registered as an IT consultancy. As for their supposed FinCEN regulations – we couldn’t find them in the system. In that large paragraph posted on the page, you will not be able to find the registration number, all because this was copy and pasted from the FinCEN website. MSB belongs to FinCEN, but as we found out both of the registrations were nothing but a lie.

How do Tinder scams happen?

Now that we have discussed the broker, let’s also talk about their strategy. We have hands-on proof that Airpas.io is trying to scam through Tinder by matching with men (and potentially women) and having them deposit money to an account. 

In the screenshot attached you will see that the girl is being very friendly and talkative. One day discussing sceneries and interests, the next day she comes in asking for a favor. This is the exact text that was received:

“Because of my shop, I may have to travel to Guangzhou tomorrow. My analyst told me that there will be a big market tomorrow. I do n’t have to follow my transaction, so I would like to ask you to log in to my investment account and complete the transaction. You don’t need to be responsible for this loss, just follow the analyst instructions and I will teach you the rest. Can you help me? EMOJI HERE” 

She then proceeds to give him the account information asking to invest in Vertcoin/USD. She even slips at some point saying “you sold more, now find the trading order under your account”. Then she shared her analyst’s contact information saying to get in touch with him. She basically used Tinder to have a client create an account on Airpas.io and then deposit money on it. 

scam, SCAM ALERT – Airpas.io. Tinder Scammers of 2020

It doesn’t end there. After the guy continues messing with her and intentionally loses money on the account, she comes back to say “No need to operate now, you have lost me $10,000”. 

Then the conversation turns into a full-on sales exchange. She begins telling him to talk to the financial analyst, who she also calls “the teacher”. She then sends her selfie (which is obviously fake) which does not even match the picture on her WhatsApp account. So then, what’s our conclusion?


Let us know if you have had a similar experience

If you have been through a similar situation, please get in touch with us via our contact information. We want to keep everyone aware of the situation and the new type of scamming arising on the horizon. If you match on Tinder and they ask to deposit money on their trading account, continue messing to collect information.

With each others’ help, we can expose these scammers and finally get rid of them from this industry. Trading and investing have gained a weird reputation of being a scam, all because of these types of people and brokers. Let’s fix that and regain the name for our favorite type of business together. Once we get rid of scammers, trading will finally receive the acknowledgment for what it truly is. 

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