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Learning What and How Short Selling Stocks Works

At some time from the past years, a person loans a stock from his broker and sell them as an attempt to gain profit. That occurrence makes the term “short selling” is in use within the stock market.

Currently, on one side of the scene, terms “going short” and “shorting” is also a term traders uses in the trading world which means the trader is willing to sell an instrument. On the other side of the scene, terms “going long” and “long” means the trader is willing to buy an instrument.


  • Short a Stock


Basically, shorting stocks happens whenever an investor borrows shares from an existing owner, in which usually is a stock broker to sell it at a common market price. Shorting stocks arranged with a condition, the shares would only replace at a point within the future. Arranged with a hope that prices would lessen at some point in the future.

When buying stocks, investors would hope for a continued success for the company. That might lead the recognition of share price and at the same time, generate profit for them. The idea is, there would be an unlimited upside as to where the share price could go. That mainly makes short selling risky.

Short selling happens on a margin basis, in which investors do part of the total capital outlay then borrow the remaining from a broker. Similar to a flip coin, traders could gain a more profit when prices go lower, yet can also lose more when marginal price increase.

Within a market that depends on the idea of demand and supply, short selling brings a risk we will call a short squeeze. A short squeeze happens whenever a stock doesn’t fall as anticipated. If this occurs, short sellers are forced to buy stocks covering their short positions. The more these short sellers panic to follow suit and cut their losses. It then generates massive purchase pressure which only occurs to drive stock prices higher.

Usually, large trades curb the risk of short sell by short covering. A short covering occurs to cover an open short position. Majority of short sellers expect prices to go down, yet if they go up, they could decide to lower or eliminate exposure to the short position.

It will then allow traders to cover and protect themselves from the unexpected market move. More importantly, short covering brings traders towards the neutral market position, yet with appropriate and expert timing. Both positions could let traders exit with minimal profits and without any risk.

Fact is, short selling exists with controversial issues. It mainly means one is making a bet on a losing company. Still, the financial market is in nature a cycle, and the opportunity to sell stocks will always come.

Short selling is usually restricted, particularly naked short selling within a lot of exchanges. Whenever conventional short selling entails selling stock borrowed, naked short sell means shorting a stock you don’t own. Meaning the seller could fail to bring the shares to the future buyer and might lead to market distortion. Worst-case is, naked short selling could lead to a market recession.


  • Short Selling Advantages:


  1. Short selling enables traders to access instruments that they don’t usually being able to trade. When a trader wants to gain from a decrease with an instrument value, he is allowed to without owning the instrument value.
  2. Going short in a particular instrument means opening a selling position, enabling the trader to gain even if the markets are going down.
  3. Minimizing risk for the traders. There’s no need to purchase instruments, instead trade them electronically and gain profit from the fluctuations.
  4. A trader can oversee and control investment with various market orders and stop loss.
  5. A trader can have leverage in short selling, then open positions larger than his main capital.


  • Spread Betting Short sell


Similar to the idea of short selling but employed to spread betting. When a trader believes in a certain instrument value to increase he can place a bet for each pip price movement. But when the instrument value is expected to decrease, he can place the same bet value for ease pip price point it went on, giving him the same profit.

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