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General Information
Broker Name:LBLV
Broker Type:Forex Broker
Operating since year:2017
Regulation:Seychelles: FSA
Address:Suite C, Palm Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
Broker status:Independent
Customer Service
Email:[email protected]
Languages:English, BR-Portuguese, RU-Russian
Trading Platforms:MetaTrader 5 (Compatible with iOS and Android), WebTrader
Trading platform(s) timezone:GMT +0
Demo Account:Yes
Mobile trading:Available
Web based trading:Available
Other trading instruments:Commodities, CFD’s, Indices, Futures, Contracts, Shares, Stocks
Minimum deposit ($)250 USD
Maximal leverage (1:?)1:400
Scalping allowedNo
Platform Review

LBLV Review Sections

● Introduction

○ Description
○ Trading Instruments

● Trading Account Types

○ Rookie
○ Basic
○ Premier
○ Elite

● Website Review

○ Interface Overview
○ Ronaldinho Gaucho

● Education Materials

○ Free Education
○ Premium Education Package

● Additional Specs

○ Fund Security
○ Deposit/Withdrawal Methods
○ Social Media

● Conclusion

LBLV Review 2019 — Best Broker Online?

LBLV Ltd is an established and licensed brokerage company operating since 2017. LBLV provides some of the best trading services to both beginner and professional traders. LBLV offers financial trading instruments like commodities, Forex, indexes, equities, and many more. This LBLV review will tell you all you need to know about the broker, with their pros and cons, different package deals, and more.

LBLV provides all sorts of financial information to its clients. The website contains different features to help the traders on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for educational tools, daily articles, blogs, news, professional commentaries, market updates, or more, you will most definitely find it there.

LBLV online takes advantage of many tools and technologies to compete with other brokers and manages to stay at the top despite the industry being so demanding.

Trading Account Types on LBLV Broker
LBLV offers five different account types for different kinds of traders, making them one of the most diverse in the industry. Whether you are a beginner or a professional trader, you have a chance to pick the right level for your preferences, which come with different specs. All accounts will be able to trade on LBLV via MT5.

It is also important to mention that two accounts are automatically opened upon registration - Demo and Trading accounts. This is a great asset for any trader since you will get a chance to trade demo and get used to the platform, only to move on to real-time trading once you are fully comfortable with your skills. The five LBLV account types are discussed in detail below.
lblv logo

Rookie Package
If you are just starting to trade, you have an option to sign up for the Rookie account on LBLV. This type of account provides great specs to beginners, giving you a chance to increase your confidence and skills in trading. See the full list of offered specs below.

● Minimum Deposit: $5,000
● Minimum Lot Size: 0.01
● Difference Bid/Ask: Floating
● Trading Platform: MT5
● Mobile Trading
● Account Manager
● 24-hour support
● Islamic Account

Overall, the rookie package offers great specs to new traders. On top of this, you have a chance to receive their educational materials and increase your chances at successful trading.

Basic Package
The basic package is for traders who do not consider themselves to be professional yet but have enough confidence to trade with larger numbers than beginners. Below you will find the specs offered by this package:

● Minimum Deposit: $25,000
● Minimum Lot Size: 0.01
● Difference Bid/Ask: Floating
● Trading Platform: MT5
● Mobile Trading
● 24-hour support
● Account Manager
● Electronic Communication Network of Brokers
● Islamic Account

Electronic Communication Network of Brokers gives you a chance to trade stocks and other exchange-traded products, widening your trading range. The LBLV Basic Package offers impressive tools to established traders.

Premier Package
The Premier package is a third level account type. The premier package offers a more comprehensive set of tools for more experienced traders, such as:

● Minimum Deposit: $50,000
● Minimum Lot Size: 0.01
● Difference Bid/Ask: Floating
● Trading Platform: MT5
● Mobile Trading
● Assistance from Account Manager
● 24-hour support
● Electronic Communication Network of Brokers
● Economic News - Technical Indicators
● Cost-Free Bank Wire Transfers
● Islamic Account

The highest spec for the premier package is their cost-free bank wire transfers. This is a great asset to traders who work with large amounts of money, as you will receive no additional fees for transfers.

lblv logo

Elite Package
The Elite Package contains everything you need to trade as a professional on MT5. LBLV additionally offers technical analysis and access to a super-user level to elite package users. See the full list of the specs below.

● Minimum Deposit: $100,000
● Minimum Lot Size: 0.01
● Difference Bid/Ask: Fixed
● Trading Platform: MT5
● Mobile Trading
● Dedicated Account Manager
● 24-hour Support
● Economic News - Technical Indicator
● Cost-Free Bank Wire Transfers
● Technical Analysis
● Access to Super-User Level
● Islamic Account

The fixed difference bid/ask comes in very handy to professional traders. Especially that the users receive access to LBLV on MT5 and also technical analysis to keep up with the changes in the market on a daily basis. If you consider yourself a professional trader this must be the perfect package for you.

VIP Package
LBLV created the VIP Package for users who have the most experience and confidence among traders. You will receive all of the specs that the elite package does, and even more. Find the full list of specs here.

● Minimum Deposit: $1,000,000
● Minimum Lot Size: 0.01
● Difference Bid/Ask: Fixed
● Trading Platform: MT5
● Mobile Trading
● Dedicated Account Manager
● 24-hour Support
● Islamic Account
● Economic News - Technical Indicator
● Cost-Free Bank Wire Transfers
● Technical Analysis
● Access to Super-User Level
● Management Portfolio
● EU Private Bank Account - Private Banker

The users will have a chance to receive management portfolios and an EU private bank account with a private banker. The wire-transfers are also free of cost and you will trade on the most popular platform. The minimum deposit is 1M USD, though if you consider yourself an actual professional trader, this number would not be surprising to you.

Review of the LBLV Website

First impressions matter and LBLV manages to create a very strong one upon visiting their website. It is user-friendly, easy to navigate and understand. The website is offered in English, Russian, Portuguese (BZ), Spanish and Arabic.

LBLV recently signed Ronaldinho Gaucho, a highly famous soccer player, as their brand ambassador. As soon as you visit the website you see a commercial which shows Ronaldinho dribbling against cyber-beings, and scoring a goal. The motto is “Join us at LBLV and we will train you to win”. It is quite reassuring to see such a high esteemed celebrity and athlete supporting a broker company. It definitely creates a lot of trust between the traders and the broker itself.

lblv logo

Education Materials at LBLV

You may also take advantage of the LBLV educational materials. Once you register you will have a chance to get to know their e-books such as “Succeeding with Forex Trading” and more. Whether you are a novice or a professional, it is always important to read and keep up with the changes in the market.

Additionally, LBLV recently came up with a new premium educational package for traders. They offer a comprehensive e-book, which teaches new strategies used by the best in the industry, how to apply them to your trading, what mistakes you are making, and more. This e-book shows nothing but positive reviews from the users, both professional and beginners showed high praise for the material written in that e-book.

It is a bundle deal, besides from the e-book you also receive sessions with a professional broker, who will be at your assistance at your need. The website also mentions a special gift for users who choose to receive this package, which they say will leave them pleasantly surprised. We are very eager to find out what that gift is, so

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Additional Specs at LBLV
The instruments offered at LBLV are commodities, indices, stocks, shares, metals, CFDs, and currencies. The list is quite comprehensive, giving a chance to both novice and experienced traders to dabble into some of the most popular instruments available.

LBLV has continued to impress all traders with their fund security. Withdrawing and depositing on your account is as secure as it can get, they store your personal and financial information in cold servers to protect against hackers. Additionally, LBLV offers some of the most popular payment methods for both depositing and withdrawals, which come in handy to users all over the world. The available payment methods at LBLV are:
● Visa
● MasterCard
● Bank transfers
● Skrill
● Neteller
● Qiwi Wallet
● Union Pay
● Yandex Money
● WebMoney, and more.

They also have 24-hour support via chat and a toll-free number. LBLV often also offers generous bonuses which deposit to your account within seconds without any issues. Some bonuses require you to meet certain trading criteria, so make sure you are comfortable with the offer before you agree.

lblv logo

Withdrawals are done quickly and without delay, so you have the option to take out your money whenever you wish. This is a highly important aspect which proves that LBLV truly cares about its clientele.

LBLV is also active on social media, such as Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, which helps their users keep up with the market on a daily basis. What is great is that most of these social platforms are available in several languages. LBLV even offers market updates in several languages on their YouTube channels.

LBLV Review Conclusion — Definitely Worth It

As we have discussed the specs of LBLV, it should have become apparent that LBLV has nothing but great to offer. The different account types adhere to all kinds of traders, giving you a chance to develop your skills without having to invest too much upon initial registration.

The services offered are high quality, and have received quite positive reviews from the users. It was also quite shocking to see such an esteemed athlete and celebrity sign as a brand ambassador for the broker. This builds a lot of confidence in LBLV, as this stands as proof for their outstanding services.

Though LBLV does have a small downside, they do not accept citizens of the USA, Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Compared to most of the brokers online, this is a tiny list of restricted countries. Most of the brokers have over a dozen of restricted countries, limiting options for many traders who would want to invest.

Overall, we are left with a quite positive impression for LBLV and consider it to be a worthwhile trading platform. The pros definitely outweigh the cons, and we are happy to see a good broker like this accessible to so many citizens worldwide. Good luck trading, and as the LBLV motto goes “invest with the best!”

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