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Huawei Launches a PR Campaign in Britain for the 5G Network

Chinese technology giant, Huawei launches a public relations campaign in the United Kingdom. The smartphone manufacturer is looking to encourage British politicians and citizens to trust it with 5G network services.

The Chinese company hopes that the British public will trust it for its 5G network.

According to the telecom company, it plans to release a series of advertisements with some of the United Kingdom’s national newspaper outlets. Aside from that Huawei also plans to roll out online advertisements in the next few weeks, titled “The Commitment”.

The move of the Chinese tech giant comes as the United Kingdom takes a new security review of the company. This is four months after the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson shrugged off some of the United States’ objections.

Moreover, BPM Johnson granted the Chinese tech company with a limited role in the future of the UK’s 5G networks.

Technology news reports say that the prime minister allowed the company to have a 35% cap on Britain’s 5G network. However, the move garnered mixed reactions.

The British prime minister’s own party is pressuring him to ban the Chinese tech company amidst serious privacy concerns.

The smartphone maker’s advertisements will highlight its years operating in the United Kingdom. It will also address the British people and answer some of the questions as to how it will help in Britain’s journey to 5G.

The telecommunications giant said that it’s playing its part in providing jobs and training young professionals. Additionally, a spokesperson from the company said that Huawei decided to make the public relations campaign at a critical time for Britain.

Investigations in the United States

Just last month, the United States Department of Commerce said that it’s moving to further restrict the company. Through its dedication to innovate in modern technology, the company has made it big in the industry.

Now, Washington seeks to restrict the company from manufacturing and obtaining semiconductors chips from American technology companies.

Furthermore, the move is part of Trump’s vendetta to crack down on the company which is under pressure from the US National Security.

A British government spokesperson told reporters that the authorities are looking into the possible impact of Washington’s move to the country’s 5G networks. Trump has also been pressuring the United Kingdom to make a total ban on Huawei products.

The US president claims that the Chinese government could use the technology for spying. Adding that the US-UK intelligence and data sharing could be affected and at risk.

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