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General Information

Broker Name: Group 500
Broker Type:
Cryptocurrencies, Forex & CFD
SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd., Route de Meyrin 49, 1203 Geneva, Switzerland
Broker status:
Customer Service
Phone: +442038689737
[email protected]
Availability: 24/5
The Trading platforms:
Trading platform Time zone:
Demo account:
Mobile trading:Yes 
Web-based trading:Yes
Other trading instruments:
Minimum deposit:
Maximal leverage:  
Scalping allowed:




Group 500 Review 2021 – How good is this broker?

Group 500 review


General Information

Group 500 is a luxury brokerage that specializes in CFD, forex trading, and investing. The broker operates from Switzerland, or more precisely, Route de Meyrin 49, 1203 Geneva. As we all know, that’s a very safe location for online brokers, as it’s strictly regulated. Our Group 500 broker review will help you determine if the company is worth your time and money.

Since Group 500 is a luxury brokerage, there are certain expectations that customers expect it to meet. The first pertains to how the broker looks and presents itself overall. It’s an unspoken rule in the online brokerage world that high-end brokers must look less flashy than others. As such, that makes it more difficult for them to stand out, as they can only rely on their service. Group 500 meets that requirement, managing to craft a minimalistic yet engaging landing page.

Still, we’re fully aware that visuals take a back seat to functionality. Even if the broker wasn’t pleasant to look at, it’d earn a pass; we couldn’t say the same if it were dysfunctional. As such, we paid more attention on how handling the website felt than to how it appeared. Our results came back quite satisfactory, with no lag and intuitive website organization. As such, the broker left a great first impression.

Naturally, that wasn’t enough for our Group 500 review to have a positive tone as a whole. To impress us, a broker needs to do well in all areas of its service. Luckily, Group 500 is quite well-rounded and shows persistent quality. Here are some of the broker’s best properties:

Why Group 500?

·      1-on-1 Training

Due to the volume of their customers, brokers seldom organize private trading education or pointers. The closest you’ll usually get to that are online webinars which bear more similarities to a school class. They happen in front of a group, are uninteractive, and often unhelpful in solving specific issues. As such, traders don’t often find any use out of those and are left to their own devices. Group 500’s one-on-one trading solves those issues, giving you an opportunity to speak to an expert.

·      Curated Content with Group 500

Besides providing traders with a personal education, Group 500 also makes it simpler to follow happenings in the finance sphere. Namely, its curated news separates the most important occurrences from the grain, making it more efficient to read them. You won’t need to sift through ten articles to find one about the thing you actually wanted to know about. In the trading world, information is crucial, so the convenience that Group 500 brings is quite beneficial.

·      Excellent Funding

Traders and investors often overlook the importance of funding to their overall experience. It’s quite frustrating when you pick a broker and then find out their deposits and withdrawals are slow. That’s not the only problem you can have, as they can be riddled with fees or specific conditions too. Either of those can be a major hindrance when you’re trading and cause long stops, which lead to missed opportunities. Luckily, Group 500 has no such issues, with fast and excellent funding across multiple investment methods.


Funds Trading and Security

There’s no way to overstate the importance of security in online brokerages. You’ve got significant amounts of money invested, and losing it to a scam is massively frustrating. However, since the internet is sadly full of scam brokers, you can only rely on yourself for security. That safety comes from choosing a broker that you know won’t trick you.

As we said earlier in our Group 500 broker review, we like well-rounded brokers. In the same breath, we said we enjoyed what Group 500 has to offer. As such, you’re probably already aware that we found its security satisfactory.

The broker has a clear website that doesn’t stray from showing any part of its offer. That’s quite important as it signifies that the broker is actually proud of its service. We can contrast that with scam brokers, who usually try to hide everything negative and bait users. It’s not challenging to see how Group 500 is noticeably different from those.

Next, we move onto the slightly more objective details, such as the broker being located in Switzerland. A brokerage’s location can tell you a lot about the firm, as some countries have stricter regulations than others. That’s why you hear the difference between offshore and onshore brokers. Group 500 falls into the latter category, with Switzerland being a strictly regulated country, guaranteeing safety.

Lastly, we should also mention the broker’s protection from outside threats. It comes in the form of encryption and account verifiers, dissuading hackers from even attempting to harm users.


The Trading Accounts

The broker offers an excellent variety in accounts, contributing to the great trading service we mentioned in our Group 500 review. The accounts start at $10,000, as Group 500 is a high-end broker but is investment-based. That means there are no direct maintenance costs attached to each account. Instead, you get all the money you deposit to trade, making each version free in essence.

Now, we’re definitely aware that investing such high sums isn’t for everyone. In fact, that makes them less accessible on a realistic level. However, the high price is more than worth what you’re getting. So, here’s some info about the different accounts at

the trading accounts


  • $10,000 +
  • 24/5 Customer Support
  • 1 on 1 basic training
  • Education center (basic)
  • Unlimited 365 Trading Dashboard
  • Minimum 0.01 lots trading size
  • Maximum 100 lots trading size
  • Trading News
  • 2 Signals/month from the VIP Desk


  • $25,000
  • 24/5 Customer Support
  • 1 on 1 basic training
  • Education center (basic)
  • Unlimited 365 Trading Dashboard
  • Trading signals (limited)
  • Personal account manager
  • Minimum 0.01 lots trading size
  • Maximum 100 lots trading size
  • Trading News
  • 10 Signals/month from the VIP Desk


  • $50,000
  • 24/5 Customer Support
  • 1 on 1 basic training
  • Education center (full)
  • Unlimited 365 Trading Dashboard
  • Full Trading signals
  • Personal VIP account manager
  • Unlimited lots of trading size
  • Trading News
  • Daily signals from the VIP Desk
  • Trading Algorithm Available
  • 0 Withdrawal fees, minimal trading fees & swap commission
  • Credit line for premium trading events


  • $250,000+
  • 24/5 Customer Support
  • 1 on 1 basic training
  • Education center (full)
  • Unlimited 365 Trading Dashboard
  • Full Trading signals
  • Personal VIP account manager
  • Unlimited lots trading size
  • Trading News
  • Daily signals from the VIP Desk
  • Trading Algorithm Available
  • 0 Withdrawal fees, minimal trading fees & swap commission
  • Credit line for premium trading events
  • Personal sessions with Market Analyst
  • Private Banking
  • Member of A Traders Group Club
  • Leverage 1:300
  • Insured Contracts (up to 70 percent)
  • First Priority for Hedging Strategies


  • $1,000,000+
  • Invite-only


Trading Conditions

As we stated multiple times throughout our Group 500 broker review, its trading conditions are quite good. Its leverage stands at a solid level which means traders can benefit without getting carried away. Its spreads are also tight, and its service is without any hidden fees. As such, you get a transparent experience with the best possible pricing. The accounts and trading products are also diverse, meaning the broker is a good fit for a variety of traders.

Furthermore, the trading education is excellent and betas a majority of other brokers. As we mentioned earlier in our Group 500 review, the funding is also great, allowing for uninterrupted trading. In fact, the other supporting conditions are excellent as well which we will address further on.


Trading Platform

Invest in stocks with Group 500

Group 500 provides its traders with a custom platform for all their trading needs. The software runs excellently and is also fully optimized for all devices you can access it on. Using it is intuitive, thus it won’t take you long to get used to how the platform functions. On top of that, it maintains sophisticated analytical functionality, allowing you to increase your prediction precision. It comes in web and mobile versions, meaning accessing it is quick and simple.


Group 500’s Trading Products

Group 500 has great variety when it comes to trading materials. Its selection includes all the most popular assets, and they’re quite numerous to boot. As such, diversifying your portfolio is quite simple, and you won’t ever need to compromise when it comes to asset quality. Here are the asset classes you can expect to find at


Customer Service

Group 500’s support operates 24/5 as is usual with online brokerages. Moreover, the representatives are kind, responsive, and knowledgeable, which are all things we require for high-end brokers. Because of that, solving your problems or getting answers to your questions is a quick and frustration-free process.


Phone: +442038689737

Email: [email protected]

Group 500 contacts

Group 500 Review: Conclusion

Our Group 500 review clearly has a positive tone, and that’s for many good reasons. Although the firm is new, it shows no signs of it, setting up the entirety of its service at an expert level. Furthermore, there’s no glaring flaw wherever you look, as the broker covered all the important aspects.

Its security is strong, ensuring customers don’t need to worry about losing their money. On the other hand, the broker also provides traders with top-notch conditions, both primary and supporting ones. As such, the customer support, education, and funding are all fantastic and praiseworthy. We’d like to conclude our Group 500 broker review with a definite recommendation that you try it yourself. The broker is versatile, ensuring that few traders will find the service unenjoyable.

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  • Platform
  • Spread
  • Trading Instrument
Comments Rating 4.73 (40 reviews)

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