Fundiza Review 2023 Update – Is it Worth the Money?

General Information
Broker Name:Fundiza Ltd
Broker Type:Forex, Commodities, Stocks
Country:Vincent and Gredaines
Operating Since (Year):2019
Address:Victoria Park Road, Kingstown, St Vincent & Grenadines, Kingstown POB 4457
Broker Status:N/A
Customer Service
Email:[email protected]
Availability:Monday to Friday
Trading Platforms:MT5
Demo Account:Yes
Mobile Trading:Yes
Web-based Trading:Yes
Other trading instruments:Indices, Shares
Account Minimum Deposit ($):$5,000
Maximum Leverage:400:1
Scalping Allowed:Yes

Welcome, fellow trader to the review by our experts! We already know why you are here, as someone who is about to start trading with a reputable broker! Looking for the perfect broker for you?


Are you eager to improve your Forex trading skills as a trader with a new broker? Well, we compiled the perfect Fundiza review so you can decide whether you want them or not. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

General Information About Fundiza Broker

Though relatively new in the overall market, Fundiza has made quite an impact already. They have been around since 2019 and are registered at Victoria Park Road, Kingstown, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Kingstown P.O. Box 4457.

Fundiza: trading empowered Their registration number is 25770BC2020. Trading Empowered Fundiza’s openness and easy access to registration and trading tools create a strong bond of trust with the broker from the start.

Their terms & conditions are attached at the footer of the website, listing everything that the trader needs to know from the start. Per the document, both the company and traders have a good amount of responsibilities and liabilities, creating mutual workflow and dependability. This is rare to see among brokers as they usually prefer to put all the liability on the users.

The website is translated into 8 languages

Another commendable quality about Fundiza is that it translated its website into eight different languages. That vastly increases accessibility for global traders, as well as making the experience much more convenient for them.

All of their policies can also be found at the footer, such as complaints, refunds, and so on. Fundiza creates a very strong feeling of trust due to the transparency of their files and policies. Shockingly enough, a lot of online brokers avoid posting their legal documentations online due to incriminations.

Fundiza is very open with their legal position; thus, we are giving them a thumb up for that. But that’s not the only thing that we liked about them, as you’ll see from the rest of our Fundiza review.

Opening an Account with Fundiza Broker

Opening a trading account with brokerages is as simple as ever, but we always want to include a short tutorial so we can include our own experience as well. Some brokerages make the process a little more complicated for no reason, which creates a lot of mistrust with the company.

Due to this, we always make sure to go through the whole registration ourselves and give you the full overview.

Step 1:  Register Account

Fundiza provides a three-step registration process. It’s as simple as we mentioned earlier in our Fundiza review. The first step is the basic information for trading – name, country, email, number, and referrals! Though the beginning of the list seems quite basic, the last box is very important.

Fundiza: start trading in 3 yeasy steps As we understand, the referral box in the registration means that there are bonuses upon registration. We consider this a huge plus for the broker as they don’t shy away from showing gratitude to their loyal customers.

If you are loyal and bring another customer to the team, you will get a bonus for this. We are not even halfway into the review, and already such a huge plus. If you try to put in fake information, you are sent to the referral desk. This shows how good their customer service is, as they automatically want to help you out if you made a mistake or misunderstood the question. That’s another thumbs up.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

For the funds’ deposit step, you fill out very simple information: your payment information and the choice of the trading level. The size of your deposit defines the trading level. The minimum deposit required for a live account is $5,000. We will discuss this more thoroughly later on in a different section of our Fundiza review.

Step 3: Trade Instantly

Now all you need to do is download the trading platform and begin trading. Yes, simple and quick. No extra complications for any reason; rather they make it even easier for their customers by automatically transferring them to the referral desk to get help instantly.

Though keep in mind that some countries are restricted from trading on this platform. Fundiza decided to keep its list short and make its online trading services available to almost every country in the world. We also consider this a huge plus.

This is because the more traders there are, the higher the leverage. Restricted countries are the following: USA, Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Yes, that’s it. A very short and precise list, open to all of Europe, Asia, and most of the Middle East.

Account Types Available at Fundiza

There are a lot of different account types on Fundiza, making it accessible to most traders online. Earlier in our Fundiza review, we mentioned that the cheapest account required a $5,000 investment. Though the prices might seem a little steep, think of the quality, not the quantity. As it usually is, the higher the level of the account, the more perks that come with them.

Fundiza Broker Review

  • Rookie – As the name suggests, this is the lowest tier account. It only requires a $5k deposit, and offers a 0.01 min lot size, floating pip, MT5, mobile trading, Islamic account, account manager, and 24h dedicated support. The overall list is quite basic.
  • Basic – The basic one is a little more advanced, with the minimum deposit standing at $25k. They offer the same conditions as the rookie one, but you can access a lot more assets with this type of deposit.
  • Elite – This is where the accounts get serious. The minimum deposit for the elite member is $100k, with all the conditions mentioned above, together with a fixed bid/ask difference and technical analysis.
  • Elite Plus – For the elite plus account, you would have to pay $250k and receive the same type of conditions as the elite. Again, here the difference is in the number of profits you want to reach. The higher the deposit, the more profits come in.
  • VIP – The VIP member is quite rare, as the deposit requires $1M. For these types of accounts, you need a lot of maintenance. So the fact that they provide all of the help you might need is important.
  •  Trading Conditions Provided by Fundiza
    What are the trading conditions offered by Fundiza? They make it quite easy to find all of the information online. According to their homepage, these are their advantages:
  • Secured Funds – They provide multi-level SSL encryptions. They work with their affiliate financial institutions to provide extra security to their clients’ funds.
  • Instant Market Access – The market is available 24 hours and 5 days a week, from ANY device across the world. There are no restrictions as to where, how, and when you want to trade.
  • Cross-Asset Trading – You will gain access to a lot of assets on their platform, such as forex, spot, indices, and so on.
  • Clear Fees – They are not trying to steal from you. They tell you exactly what the fees are and how much they are going to be. There are no later added-on fees to increase their profits. They are crystal clear with how much they charge you from the start.
  • Flexible Leverage – It’s not rare to come across a brokerage that offers huge leverage, and when you see their conditions, it’s only 1:100. Well, Fundiza offers leverage as high as 1:400. Keep in mind that using high leverage also brings high risk. You’ll need to cover your positions, so don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.
  • Tight Spreads — Spreads are another vital component of Fundiza’s trading service. Although Fundiza doesn’t have fixed spreads, they’re far lower than with other competitors. That means the fact that the spreads are floating doesn’t matter, since they constantly stay at a low level.
  • 24/5 customer service – Is this the most important thing on the list? No, but it makes a huge difference. Hopefully, you won’t need to contact them at all, but if you do, it’s good to know that they are available to talk to during any trading hours. You never know when you might need help, and they are always there for you.

Do these trading conditions stand out?

We think so. They offer quite a range of trading instruments and security, as well as good customer support and great maximum leverage. Though this list does not make them the only broker in the world, they definitely offer conditions worth trusting. We give them another thumbs up for this.

Fundiza Broker Review Trading

Platforms at Fundiza

One downside to Fundiza is that they only offer trading on the MT5 platform. We do see that as a little limiting to traders since not everyone is a fan of the software. Though, maybe if you’re still using the old MT4, it’s time for you to upgrade with the right broker.

Fundiza Broker Review The MT5 offers multi-asset trading, with up to date account information and flexible widgets. You can customize it as you want and create the perfect interface for you. Another huge plus for the MT5 is that it is available on all of the devices. Though the MT4 is as well, it has been known to crash during trades. The MT5 is more stable, as some say.

Customer Service at Fundiza

Earlier in our Fundiza review, we mentioned that their support works 24/5. There are multiple ways you can reach out, including the popular phone line, email, and live chat options. As such, reaching support should be a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the team is quite helpful, so you can be almost confident that your issues or questions will be resolved in no-time.

Fundiza Review

Conclusion — Fundiza Deserves Thumbs Up

Overall, we think Fundiza is a good brokerage company and that they deserve our trust. Though there are some issues, they are no different from what you usually come across with brokers.

We are happy with the conditions provided by Fundiza. It is obvious they truly care about their traders and are willing to give them all the best they can. We were happy to come across a broker like this. They truly deserve all of the thumbs up we have given them.

We hope you enjoyed our Fundiza review, and hope you will agree with us as well. If you had a positive or negative experience with Fundiza broker, please make sure to post it in the comments below. We want the truth to be available to all of our loyal visitors. Happy trading!


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