Artmeta is launching its hot MART token. What about DCASH?


ArtMeta is a hyper-realistic virtual world that both excites and intrigues the users. The founder team based it on an imaginary island conceived by well-known painter Jonathan Delachaux. They executed their vision in collaboration with Romain Donnot, a Live FX and digital visionary. This island is a work of art. The team has been working on it for 11 years. Each element within the island has a purpose, as well as meaning and story. The platform’s native utility token MART is also popular.

Delachaux has also worked with geologists, volcanologists, biologists, and astrologists. He wanted to ensure that the details, elements, and configuration of the island would be congruent with nature. On the other hand, Delachaux has worked with an economist, and an ex-UN diplomat on the logistics of society, as it was important for the other side of the platform to work seamlessly as well.

The goal of creating this state-of-the-art metaverse is to eliminate the boundaries of the physical world while at the same time giving accomplished creators the means to express their artistic vision fully. The team wants to provide artists with the chance to reveal new possibilities. In this beautiful place, visitors will be able to experience endless gallery- and artist-created places both indoors and outdoors, with high-end exhibitions as well as regular live events.

The platform will offer a perfect mix of Art Basel, Soho, and the Venice Biennale. Moreover, art enthusiasts will be able to purchase extremely rare NFT-based artwork from world-class artists and art galleries.

ArtMeta is launching its trending token on January 25, 2022. The sale will end on January 26, 2022. 1,666,667 MART tokens will be available for purchase for the price of $0.300000 during the initial coin offering. The team plans to raise $500,000 with the sale.


What about the Diabolo token’s ICO? 


Diabolo is an interesting project aiming to create the first white-label, cross-market social trading platform worldwide. Its beta version is already available, but only in France. Without a paid marketing campaign, it has already attracted more than 13,000 Defi users.

The company is now turning its attention to the European market. It plans to launch the V1 version of the platform in the days after the DCASH token’s listing. Furthermore, the team will enable any customer to create a custom social trading platform through a drag-and-drop system. Traditional finance brokers and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges will also be available.

This venture began as a YouTube trading channel in 2018. However, Diabolo has gained over 13,000 subscribers since then. Still, the community has consistently raised concerns related to the safety of their funds. They were also worried about managing the risk of exposure induced by the crypto market. The challenge of gaining users’ trust has hindered the company’s rapid growth. The team decided to solve that problem.

Artmeta is launching its hot MART token. What about DCASH?

How will Diabolo aid the Defi users? 


The Diabolo team noted that today’s fast-moving crypto market could be overwhelming for an excited new user. Especially considering that many of these new crypto traders don’t come from the traditional financial industry. Thus, they don’t have the benefit of formal education, paid financial advisors, or specialist training. They also don’t have mentors to depend on.  

However, in the crypto space, communities are tight and strong. Thanks to these systems, there are more educated, experienced, and established crypto traders ready to share their knowledge. They are also willing to help new traders and guide them to expand their own crypto community as a whole. Such mentorship and community are at the heart of Diabolo’s solution and the entire ecosystem. The company aims to enable its users to gain information about Defi and become experienced traders.

Online trading has already attracted millions of amateur investors and private institutions worldwide. The low returns typical to traditional investments drive people to take on more and more risks. Trading in futures, stocks, options, and derivatives has become commonplace. There are numerous new platforms offering everyone access to sophisticated financial tools, which were originally reserved only for professionals and institutions.

Moreover, these platforms have recently expanded into the crypto market. That’s not surprising, considering the growing demand and the popularity of cryptos. But such companies often do not allow their users to buy cryptocurrencies directly. They offer synthetic financial products instead, which mirror the price of digital currencies.

Besides, these platforms often offer copy trading solutions that allow customers to select the most successful traders and replicate their positions. However, they generally do not implement any type of risk management, but they charge the users for various fees.


What makes Diabolo different from these platforms? 


The company aims to provide its users with easy access to the best trading strategies in the Defi market. To achieve this goal, the team has created a community of crypto enthusiasts featuring some of the best traders in the industry. It has also built the vision of the Diabolo ecosystem based on the experience gained from its first copy trading solution. The latter is currently available in beta test. The company expects each future service in the Diabolo ecosystem to meet a clearly identified need.

In addition, Diabolo is focusing on creating front-end interfaces. It plans to make them as easy to use as possible to democratize the accessibility of the crypto market further. The team also created the native token DCASH for its ecosystem. As an Ethereum ERC20 and Solana SPL cross-chain token, DCASH has good potential. Like the MART token, it will give its holders many advantages. The company has chosen Ethereum as it is a major and reliable blockchain. But due to its high costs and some issues with transaction speed, it also decided to add the token on the Solana blockchain.

Diabolo plans to launch its token on January 26, 2022. The sale will end on the following day. 687,500 DCASH will be available for purchase. The token price will be $0.160000 during the initial coin offering. Investors will be able to buy DCASH on the Poolz platform. The team aims to raise $110,000 with the sale.


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