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Apple Classified As The Best For 5g

According to tech investor and founder of the venture capital firm Loup Ventures, Gene Munster, “The hype is inevitable to come.”

Then the tech investor added, “The best play around that is, in fact, Apple.”

The benefit from this plan will go to the iPhone cycle, the augmented reality and some of their health-care initiatives.

Munster added that the company is exceptionally well-positioned for investors who want to play 5G. But, investors might need some patience before the lift is going to take off. As Munster stated, it will take two to three years before the adoption rate for 5G in the U.S. will reach 70%.

Similarly, UBS analyst Timothy Arcuri wrote a note to investors last week saying that there is a possibility that iPhone won’t be able to launch a 5G iPhone for 2020. Arcuri stated, “Our install base and replacement analysis suggests iPhone can ultimately grow over the longer term.” He believes that shipping a 5G iPhone before 2020 is too soon.

Others view that the iPhone is a little late to release their 5G. On the other hand, Munster thinks that the people who believe Apple may be left behind the 5G window has a “misguided view”.

Apple’s Target

Apple has been a great service company. They want to provide their consumers with a better and more sustainable model.

“That’s why I think it’s the best-positioned company. I feel strongly that this stock will act positively– hard to predict the quarter when that happens– but over the next two years we should get that lift,” Munster said.

Verizon’s 5g Wireless Network

Meanwhile, a 5G wireless network was released by Verizon last week. The Motorola Z3 is the only unit that could support the said network. A new model from Samsung is going to be released this quarter, the Galaxy S10 5G. The soon-to-release unit is limited to Verizon users for a while.

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