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Among us nft token has been launched to be a vital token for remunerating Among us players around the world and among us pixel art fans. AMONG isn’t the main token launched for this reason. The E-sport industry is going toward an immense development before very long, yet until the present time, a fair and decentralized remunerating framework. However, the primary objective is to be a compensating environment. Anybody can hold the token without taking part in gaming rivalry. The simple holding of the token is productive speculation for anybody, particularly for individuals with enthusiasm for the gaming itself. 

Among us nft – Background assets

Liquidity is given in BNB, which will always be locked to meet long haul

objectives. A large portion of the presale income (70%) goes to keep up with and grow liquidity.

AMONG is a game-explicit prize unit that goes through the Binance Smart Chain.

Binance (bep20) coin was launched during a coin offering (ICO) in july 2017.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is one of the most solid organizations. Simple to utilize and because of low exchange expenses and uncommon speed.

The actual endeavor began in July 2021 and is the main cryptographic money to spend significant time in regarding computer games.

Among us NFT – Technology

Among us NFT - Technology

AMONG has been created to run on the Binance Smart Chain.

Binance (bep20) coin was launched during an underlying coin offering (ICO) in July 2017.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is perhaps the most trustworthy organization, simple to utilize and

deploy because of its low exchange charges and remarkable speed. AMONG is a local resource on Binance Chain, a blockchain programming framework created by the GaMe group and the community.

Binance is the worldwide blockchain organization behind the world’s biggest digital asset

exchange, serving a more prominent mission to speed up digital currency reception and increment the opportunity of cash.

Binance is a platform that joins computerized innovation and money. The organization

gives admittance to trade advanced cash matches available while keeping up with

security, liquidity, empowering a protected and effective arrangement with anybody, whenever and anyplace.

The Among us nft remuneration ecosystem

The AMONG US nft team makes a unique reward scheme through their own servers and distributes AMONG tokens after each round played. All winning members in the game are remunerated. Every one of the individuals who play through their servers are credited based on a special framework. Moreover, after every competition, a couple of bits of their own marked

Items are offered to players. The motto among us nft development team is -” Who plays with us wins with us.”

Everything you need to know about Among Us online strategy game


Among Us is an online video game that has grown tremendously during the covid-19 crisis. It allows you to work the brain while having fun, and this, by working as a team. 

Among Us is a deduction and strategy game that was released in 2018. It became very popular in 2020, following the covid-19 crisis. Prized by strategists and hardcore gamers, Among Us plans to release the version in VR. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know before playing the game.

Among Us is a multiplayer video game that was released in 2018. The game is about completing tasks in a team. In Among Us, there are teammates and one or more imposters. The latter will try to sabotage the missions. They look like teammates, which is why it’s hard to tell them apart.

The game is available in a mobile version for devices running Android or iOS and in a PC version by downloading the game from Steam. The game is also available on Nintendo Switch, although it is not yet available on Nin. Among Us can be played online or via local WIFI. There can be a dozen players where the majority will play as teammates, and one or, at most, three will be the imposters.

The game is not so easy since it incorporates strategy, puzzles and mystery. It is necessary to know which of them is or are imposters. Who should you trust? How to solve the mystery while doing the tasks on the map? All this translates that the game is not a simple pastime. It requires great concentration and good strategy.

The covid-19 pandemic, a springboard for Among Us game

for Among Us game

Among Us made its first appearance in 2018 as a strategy game. For two years, he remained in the shadows. Its popularity was won thanks to the covid-19 crisis in 2020. While many companies have seen themselves in difficulty, the designers of Among Us have experienced unexpected success.

Indeed, what has caused this boom is, above all, the fact of staying at home. With the rise of social media and telecommuting, online games, like Among Us, have become popular. Streamers were first drawn to the game. Then, millions of online gamers joined the ranks. Today the game has become very popular on Twitch.

Beginners and veterans flock to the Among Us game, given its simplicity and ease of control. It attracts so many people because of the fact that the game is cross-platform. So friends and family can play it without having to use the same console. All this led the creators to introduce new features and maps into the game.

Who are the players on Among Us?

There are two groups of players: the teammates and the impostor.


The tasks to be performed are aimed at keeping the ship running. The majority of players will play as teammates. When playing as such, one is required to complete the tasks on the map.

In general, the number of teammates is greater than that of imposters. The teammates must also detect the impostor and report it before it (or these) wins the game.

The impostor

As for the impostor, his mission is to sabotage the tasks, that is, to make the team lose the game.

The impostor plays incognito; no one knows who the impostor is until they are discovered. He is, in fact, a shapeshifter who takes on the appearance of a teammate.

The emergency meeting is an opportunity for the rest of the crew to discern who is or are the imposters. For that, you have to vote and root out the one you think is the impostor.

How is the game going?

Among us

A game on Among Us can involve several players, between 4 to 10 players in principle. At least one of them will play the impostor, unlike teammates. Players are placed in a ship that must stay on the water. To do this, the teammates must successfully complete their missions.

During the game, no one can communicate. You have to wait until one of the teammates has died to be able to hold an “emergency meeting”. To trigger the meeting, press the button in the middle of the map or report the death by clicking on the lower right button. During the meeting, the remaining players will debate and deduce which of them is the impostor.

At the end of the vote, if the impostor is eliminated, the teammates win the game. This one must then be ejected from the map. Conversely, if the impostor manages to eliminate all the teammates, he wins the game.

How to buy Among Us NFT

among us

Some cryptocurrencies are more difficult to obtain than others. The Among Us is one of them. They are neither available on Coinbase nor in Coinbase Wallet. But don’t worry. We’ve got some tips to help you find a way to buy the Among Us that’s right for you.

  • Check out CoinMarketCap to see where you can buy Among Us and with what currencies

For each cryptocurrency, CoinMarketCap provides a list of buy options (also known as market pairs). Go to CoinMarketCap and search for Among Us. Tap the “Market” button next to the price chart. This screen displays a full list of locations where you can purchase Among Us and the currencies you can use to obtain them. The “Pairs” section shows the abbreviation for Doges Among Us, DAU, along with a second currency. The second currency is the currency you can use to buy Doges Among Us. If you want to buy DAU with US dollars, search for DAU/USD.

  • Choose a platform to make your purchase

Different platforms offer different levels of security, reliability, and liquidity. Do research before creating an account.

  • Make the purchase on the platform of your choice

Each platform offers a different process. Some platforms are very easy to use, others not so much.

In general, buying cryptocurrencies with a reliable currency like the US dollar will be easier than with another cryptocurrency.

If you need to buy Doges Among Us with another cryptocurrency, you must first create a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Doges Among Us, then buy the first currency and use it to buy Doges Among Us on your chosen platform.

If you get stuck, most platforms provide guides. If that doesn’t solve your problem, there is a vibrant community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have probably posted guides on Youtube, Twitter, and elsewhere.

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