Amazon Inc. to Hold Career Day, a Thousand Jobs to be Filled

As thousands of Americans add to the list of unemployment insurance claimants weekly, one of the world’s leading retail giants will open its doors to stop the bleeding.

In the past ten years, Amazon Inc., the United States’ biggest job creator, announced the commencement of its first-ever virtual career day on September 16, to be facilitated by a thousand of the firm’s recruiters.

The event holds approximately 33,000 job vacancies on technology and corporate positions, including 20,000 slots on free career coaching sessions for attendees.

The vacancies will cover departments on its subsidiary services, namely Alexa, AWS, Operations Technology, and Prime Video.

Positions will cater a wide range of roles, including entry-level fields of interest, particularly on the e-commerce’s 18 modern technology hubs.

New employees will receive generous benefits, including an hourly rate of $15 and 20 weeks of parental leave. The total compensation package, including cash incentives and stock-based benefits, projects at $150,000 annually.

The Bezos-owned firm’s announcement of 3,500 job openings circulated the technology news last month. The unexpected surge in job vacancies sent job seekers in a festive mood.

A survey conducted by Amazon shows that 53% of Americans must find a new job due to COVID-19. The company seeks to give relief to the dilemma, hiring 175,000 employees during the pandemic alone.

This is to meet the unprecedented rise in sales. Especially during the lock-down where consumers fluctuate to online stores instead of visiting a brick-and-mortar establishment. The firm’s stocks rose approximately 70% year-on-year.

According to Amazon Inc.’s representative, the event aims to support all job seekers regardless of their experience level.


Amazon Inc. Unveils the New Addition to its BOD

Currently, the technology company has more than 875,000 workers, with 600,000 full and part-time jobs sourced from the US alone.

In a July conference, Jeff Bezos noted that employee headcount had surged to a million. This occurred during the pandemic-induced online shopping frenzy.

Consequent to the hiring spree, Amazon welcomes the new addition to its Board of Directors. Former National Security Agency director Keith Alexander joins the firm, as announced on Wednesday reports.

Alexander will focus on improving the e-commerce platform’s security, being the co-CEO and president of IronNet Cybersecurity.

Moreover, he received 288 shares of common stocks and his appointment and will join the board’s 11-member elite circle.

Thus, his expertise will be leveraged along with the company’s on-going battle against Microsoft Inc. over Pentagon’s JEDI or Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure.

The JEDI cloud contract of the US Department of Defense estimates to $10 billion for services rendered for the next ten years. This will help modernize the Pentagon’s IT infrastructure.

At present, the agency said that it would go ahead as planned. Thus, it will grant Microsoft the deal following the re-evaluation of cloud proposals from various technology giants.

Amazon Inc.’s selection of Alexander may change the game’s course with his expertise on public policy experience.

The firm assured that the new board member will follow strict conflict of interest rules with the government in the performance of his duties.

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