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General Information
Broker name:101investing
Broker type:Forex
Operating since:2020
Address:13 & 15 Grigori Afxentiou str. IDE Ioannou Court, 4003 Limassol
Customer Service
+357 80092740
Email:[email protected]
Availability:Phone, Chat, Email
Trading platform:MT4
Demo account:Yes
Mobile trading:Yes
Web-based trading:Yes
Other Trading instruments:CFDs - forex, commodities, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrency
Account minimum deposit:100$
Maximum Leverage:up to 1:30
Scalping allowed:N/A

101investing Review

101investing Review, 101investing Review

101INVESTING.COM – Modern, Quick and Reliable Broker

101Investing: Brief Introduction

2020 has been a rough year. A lot has happened in the world; Meanwhile trading market is going strong, even though it has faced hard times. In this challenging period, new brokers dare to rise in this industry and offer some hope and profit to its traders. Most of the more modern brokers you come across are branches of already established and successful financial brokerages.
FXBFI created 101Investing to allow more users to join in, especially the ones that do not have as much experience. The newer branches have been created for inclusiveness, to make sure that clients with specific interests are satisfied at all times. 101Investing is one of these brokerages.

101investing Review, 101investing Review

As you can see from the name of the broker, 101investing is directed at beginner traders, who are searching for ways to start their trading career. The 101Investment motto is: You don’t need to be an ace trader to start trading; 101Investing is there to help you out! The broker specializes in providing quality education to all beginner and newbie traders. As a result, the acquired knowledge allows them to develop their experience through trusted financial advisors and AI robots.

In our review, we will give all the details from our research and all of the information you need to know, in case you make the decision to start investing with 101investing. At the end of our review, you can see what we really think about the broker, but until then – we will discuss the facts and technical details.

101Investing: General information.

As we’ve mentioned before, is operated by FXBFI Broker Financial Invest, LTD. The main headquarters can be found at 13 & 15 Grigori Afxentiou str. IDE Ioannou Court, 4003 Limassol. They are regulated by CySEC, with the license number 315/16. The Broker’s LTD registration number is 351508.

FXBFI is a trusted and experienced broker. Therefore, we expect the same kind of quality from their daughter company. FXBFI has been around for a reasonable amount of time, acquiring a large and dedicated user base. The traders always acknowledge the professionalism of their analysts and swear by their experience.
101investing Review, 101investing Review

101Investing Broker Review: Account types

101Investing offers three main account types you can choose from silver, gold, and platinum. All of these accounts have their own unique advantage. The most significant and most remarkable advantages are varied in minimum deposits, fees, and services. Make sure to check them out the next time you’re surfing on 101Investing’s website.

As an example, imagine you use a platinum account, and you pay 0.7 pips on a significant spread. Platinum accounts can have their main currency as either USD, EUR, or GBP. If you had gold, you would pay 1.3, and as a silver account holder – 2.2. Isn’t that great? Also, silver and gold accounts only deal in USD. Swap fees are lower by 25% for gold and 50% for platinum users.

In case you are interested in more details, you can find more information about their accounts on their website at

Trading with 101Investment – All the possibilities the broker offers

Let’s say you are already excited and want to start trading with this broker, but you want to know more. What can you purchase with 101investing? Well, we can say that you won’t be disappointed by the variety of offerings that the broker provides. First of all, the moment you start your account you will gain access to the majority of significant assets with 101investing. Isn’t this fantastic? Of course it is!
Also, remember that the broker’s primary form of trading is via contracts for difference, offering foreign exchange, stocks, indices, commodities, and crypto trading.

101investing follows all the existing trading market standards. The broker offers its eager traders the most popular and trustworthy trading platform that exists today – MetaTrader. The platform is user-friendly and useful for executing trades and analyzing the financial market on the go.
The MetaTrader4 platform offers an opportunity to use algorithms and bots to help out with the trading process and make the most profitable calculations. Artificial intelligence works best with MT4, as does the broker’s system, as they are easily integrated into the platform. As a result, your bot will work correctly for your trades.

101Investing review: What about fees?

A lot of brokers on the market have fees, and 101Investing is not an exception. Well, we think that the main price we should talk about in this review is their inactivity fee. The reason is that we think you need to know it in the case that you are not keen on trading frequently and disciplining yourself to be consistent in it, in which case you’ll have to pay.
If you are inactive for a prolonged period, the broker will have to impose the following fees; these are the rules.

In case you don’t trade for more than 60 days – you’ll have to pay 80 EUR or 160 EUR.
If your inactivity reaches up to 91 days – you’ll be fined with 120 EUR per month.
For 181+ of inactivity days, you’ll get a fee of 200 EUR per month.
Also, in case your inactivity continues and amounts to 271+ days – your payment will reach 500 EUR per month.

However, don’t be scared off by this! Remember that this fee, even though it’s not that common, is just to make sure that traders and 101Investing clients are committed to trading. It is quite common for many traders to register on a variety of platforms only to hop on to the next one without any activity. 101investing makes sure that the people that register with them take trading seriously and will continue dealing with the broker.
The company also accepts almost all types of payment methods, so you won’t need to worry about this type of technicality: Neteller, Trustly, Wire transfers, Skrill, or Credit and also Debit cards.

What do we really think about this broker?

Well, what we would like to say is that if you are still hesitant about the broker, don’t be. Make up your mind and consider signing up with this broker, as it provides everything you need for a long and trustworthy partnership.
What did we find out in this review? Overall, 101investing allows hedging – which is excellent! Furthermore, the broker has three different account types – that will satisfy traders of all experience and knowledge levels. Spreads and fees vary for each account type.
Most importantly, 101Investing is licensed by CySEC through FXBFI. The broker also has inactivity fees; 101investing provides AI and professional financial analysts.

Of course, before you decide to choose your broker, please consider what you want to do with your time. Ask questions like, will you commit to trading? Do you want to pass your free time figuring out all the trading patterns and analyzing the market? If yes, then, in our opinion, this broker is worth considering for your long-term commitment! However, as we’ve said before, make sure you want to be a real trader and not stay inactive for months on end.
Good luck with your trading!

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