Who Accepts Bitcoin in Australia?

Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency. Moreover, it is the largest cryptocurrency when it comes to market capitalization. People from all over the world have at least some knowledge about Bitcoin.

Do you live in Australia? Are you interested in Bitcoin? Do you know who accepts Bitcoin in Australia? Let’s find out!

People who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies might also ask, “Can I Spend Bitcoin In Australia?”

It is possible to spend the world’s most well-known cryptocurrency in Australia in order to pay for various services. In the last couple of years, the number of companies that accept Bitcoin skyrocketed. Moreover, several Bitcoin exchanges in the country allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin back to cash.

Technical aspects 


The first step is to retrieve the recipient’s wallet address. First things first, you need to have

the store’s public wallet address. The vast majority of shops prefer to give you a QR code to scan using your mobile wallet and then make a direct deposit into their account. The above-mentioned method is quite good. It isn’t the only method. 

Some shops prefer to give you their public address. There are two options. The first is to paste the public address, and the second is to scan the address.

 Be careful with this method. If you use the above-mentioned method, it is vital to check every single detail before proceeding to the next step.

The second step is to use your private key in order to verify the transaction. You need to verify the translation by using your private key.

The last step is to verify the translation. You don’t have to worry about the third step.

Bitcoin miners verify all transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain utilizing complex mathematical equations.

Australian companies and crypto owners 

The title of the article is “Who accepts Bitcoin in Australia?” Let’s find out!

But first, we need to answer another important question, “What can you buy using bitcoin in Australia?”

Hopefully, there are many crypto enthusiasts in Australia. What’s interesting, some of them even own companies. So, you have the opportunity to use Bitcoin in order to purchase various goods and services.

For example, you can spend Bitcoin in hotels. Australia is quite popular among tourists. Some hotels accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment from international tourists. 

Moreover, some fitness facilities are more than happy to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Also, there are online fashion stores that accept Bitcoin. 

What about pubs, cafes, and restaurants? Do they accept the world’s most well-known cryptocurrency

Hopefully, there are restaurants, pubs, and cafes that accept the above-mentioned cryptocurrency, especially in cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Besides, you can use Bitcoin in order to help charities. Some of them accept donations in 

BTC from investors.

You can buy Ferrari and Lamborghini. You only need to contact a car dealer that is based in Woolloomooloo, called Scuderia Graziani,

Moreover, you can use Bitcoin in order to pay for custom-built houses. If you already have a house, you can purchase solar systems from Queensland Solar and Lighting. 

The world’s most well-known cryptocurrency and new opportunities

Bitcoin and Ethereum: A Consolidation and Price Pullback

Let’s get to the question, “Who accepts Bitcoin in Australia?” one more time.

As you can see, Bitcoin is quite popular in Australia. It is possible to use Bitcoin in order to pay at various physical or online stores.

Let’s start with physical stores. For example, many stores in New South Wales accept the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency. 

It is all but impossible to mention all stores. So, let’s focus on several of them. 

One such place in New South Wales is Jam’s Karaoke & Bar. This Japanese restaurant is situated in Newcastle. It is an ideal place to spend time with your family and friends. You can also use Bitcoin in order to pay for other services as well. 

You can visit BIG4 Tweed Billabong Holiday Park in Queensland. Feel free to use the cryptocurrency mentioned above in order to pay for various activities. 

Now, let’s move on to the Northern Territory. Do you like pizza?

If you are in the Northern Territory or plan to visit the Northern Territory, it makes sense to visit 

Hungry Joe’s Pizza & Ribs.  

Another great place to visit if you want to use Bitcoin is Thrive Darwin. It has a good reputation. Interestingly, it has gained popularity thanks to its delicious smoothies, etc.

In South Australia, there is a winery called Talunga Functions. Without exaggeration, it is great for various types of events. One interesting fact is that you can even make reservations using BTC.

Let’s focus on Western Australia. Have you ever been to the Norfolk Hotel? Interestingly the hotel mentioned above has hosted numerous cryptocurrency-related meetings. Unsurprisingly, the hotel supports bitcoin transactions.

Online stores and the crypto community 


The list of online stores that accept Bitcoin is quite long. One of them is Overstock. 

It is a well-known local eCommerce company. Moreover, the management of Overstock understands the importance of cryptocurrencies. Customers have the opportunity to buy various goods. 

Did you know that Microsoft accepts Bitcoin? The tech giant accepted Bitcoin for the first time a long time ago for its online Xbox store. 

However, at one point, the company stopped crypto payments, due to the situation regarding the price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Microsoft, nevertheless, resumed crypto payments. However, only for Xbox store credits.

What’s interesting, eGifter also accepts the above-mentioned cryptocurrency. As a reminder, eGifter sells gift cards for large online stores. Customers can buy gift cards through its website as well as a mobile app. 

We shouldn’t forget to mention that it sells gift cards for reputable retailers as well. Apart from Bitcoin, it accepts Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.  

It is worth mentioning that you can use Bitcoin in order to buy products on Amazon. However, if you are a user of Purse.io, you can use the cryptocurrency mentioned above to buy from Purse.io’s Amazon shop. 

As you can see from the information mentioned above, Australian companies 

are rapidly embracing cryptocurrency payments. So, customers have the opportunity to use Bitcoin in order to pay for goods and services. 


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