What Is XRD Crypto, and Where Can I Buy It?

Maybe you have heard about the XRD crypto and want to know more. Or you know already what it’s all about and now want to invest but asking yourself, “where and how can I buy Radix.” Here are the answers.

What is Radix?

The decentralized finance (DeFi) industry has grown at breakneck speed over the past few months. And this sudden, rapid growth has quickly reached its limits. Since the vast majority of protocols are based on the Ethereum network, it can no longer enable a correct service to users: higher fees, longer transaction times, etc.

It’s in this context that the Radix project was born. This layer one blockchain protocol is intended to accommodate DeFi applications without these being limited in their actions as on Ethereum.

The Radix platform is a combination of 4 core technologies that solve, layer by layer, the main obstacles to the growth of DeFi.

In order to incentivize DeFi app developers to join the network, the Developer Royalties component rewards those who contribute to the growth of the network.

According to the Radix whitepaper, combining these components results in a platform where transactions are fast, inexpensive and secure, where “scalability is unlimited”, and connections between applications are frictionless, where dApps can be built quickly.

What is XRD crypto?

XRD crypto is Radix native token. It was first traded on September 17, 2021. According to the price live chart on Coinmarketcap, the current XRD crypto price is $0.162 and is ranked 3153 on Coinmarketcap.

XRD radix crypto has been listed on several crypto exchanges. Unlike other major cryptos, it cannot be bought directly with fiat currency.

However, you can buy XRD coins easily by first buying Bitcoin from any fiat-to-crypto exchange and transferring it to the exchange that offers to trade this coin. In this detailed guide, we will tell you how to buy Radix.

XRD will be an ERC-20 token for voting, staking, and paying network transaction fees before transitioning to its final native state. The total supply of XRD cryptos is 24 billion.

But What’s the difference between XRD crypto and eXRD? The radix token is the wrapped form of XRD on the Ethereum network, with the ticker XRD.

Just as wBTC allows for a wrapped representation of Bitcoin to be used in Ethereum’s Decentralized finance ecosystem, eXRD enables for a wrapped form of Radix’s XRD to be used in Ethereum’s DeFi.

XRD reached an all-time high on November 14 2021, with its price reaching $0.6538. Its circulating supply amounts to 9,851,125,742 XRD.

XRD 24-hour trading volume is $ 270,561.22 USD market cap of $1,211,989,340.43.

Radix XRD was mentioned in 4,415 out of 1,999,084 social media posts on Reddit and Twitter on April 24, 2022. Approx 3,371 individuals are talking about XRD. The crypto is ranked #49 in activity from collected posts.

Where and How to Buy Radix Tokens (XRD)

Radix Tokens (XRD)
Source: cryptoslate.com

No exchange allows the direct purchase of Radix (XRD) in Euro (€) as of April 26, 2022.

Step 1: It is necessary to go through an exchange platform accepting the Euro to buy Ethers or Bitcoins from euros (€), then you must exchange these BTC or these ETH for Radix (XRD) on an exchange offering BTC/XRD and ETH/XRD pairs (See step 2 below)

To buy ETH or BTC in euros, you can use the following platforms:

Coinhouse (very reliable, user-friendly, moderate fees: from 2.49% to 3.49% transaction fees, for purchases in SEPA and CB, respectively. (Coinhouse on Wikipedia)

Coinbase (the world leader, has moderate fees: from 1.49% to 3.99% transaction fees.

The credit card is accepted on these two platforms, but it is preferable to go through a bank transfer because the transaction costs are generally lower.

Step 2: To exchange these Ethers (ETH) or Bitcoins (BTC) purchased in step 1 against Radix (XRD), you can use the cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency exchange platforms offering the BTC/XRD pairs and following ETH/XRD:

For Uniswap and Balancer, buying and sending Ether (ETH) is imperative because these platforms do not support Bitcoin (BTC).

Gate.io is an American crypto exchange launched in 2017. Since the exchange is American, American investors can trade here, and we recommend American traders register on this exchange.

It’s available in English and Chinese (the latter being very useful for Chinese investors). Gate.io’s main selling factor is its wide selection of trading pairs.

You can find most new altcoins here. Gate.io also demonstrates impressive trading volume. It is one of the top 20 exchanges with the highest trading volume almost daily.

The trading volume amounts to approx. $100 million daily. The top ten trading pairs on Gate.io by trading volume usually have USDT (Tether) as part of the pair.

Buy XRD crypto by using a credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

Do you want to buy Radix XRD crypto without difficulties?

Let’s find out how to buy XRD crypto easily with different payment methods!

By credit card

In order to acquire Radix by credit card, we advise you to use the Binance exchange. Binance is the number one site in the industry. Fees are very low, less than 2% and payouts are instant.

By default, Binance only offers the most popular cryptocurrencies.

If XRD crypto is not listed on the platform, you will first need to acquire a cryptocurrency offered by Binance, such as USDT, and then send it to another platform offering Radix for purchase. However, keep in mind that all the biggest cryptocurrencies are available on Binance.

To buy XRD crypto by credit card, what to do:

Create an account on the Binance platform.

Validate your account by performing the KYC, then at the top right of the site, go to the “Buy cryptocurrencies” section.

Then choose “Credit card” and then choose the currency with which you will buy your cryptocurrency, here the Euro.

You will need to enter your credit card info and the amount and the crypto you want to buy, in our case XRD. If Binance does not offer XRD, then you will need to acquire USDT and then transfer it to a site offering XRD crypto for purchase.

By Paypal


Today, you cannot buy Radix directly with Paypal. Indeed, Paypal does not authorize this kind of purchase officially. However, you have the possibility of going through a platform like LocalBitcoin, allowing the connection of individuals wishing to exchange XRD.

Some sellers on this website offer to pay by Paypal. However, since this is a person-to-person purchase, you must take certain precautions and not buy from a seller with little reputation.

However, you have the option of going through Etoro. Etoro enables you to buy Bitcoin through Paypal, which you can then sell for Radix on an exchange like Binance. As before, here you will have to pay some fees.

To buy Radix with Paypal, here are the steps to follow:

Create an account on Etoro., Verify your account, then deposit by Paypal by clicking on “Deposit of funds”.

Buy Bitcoin with the deposited funds. For this, you will need to click on the “Markets” tab, then go to “Crypto”. You will then only have to select the “Bitcoin” asset.

You will then have to indicate the amount of Bitcoin you wish to buy before validating the purchase.

By bank transfer

Finally, you will discover how to acquire Radix by bank transfer. This is the longest method since bank transfers can take several days to arrive. The platform, however, only takes very few fees on transactions.

Here we will use the Coinbase platform, which is certainly the most reliable operation. On Coinbase, you can deposit your funds to buy Radix by SEPA transfer. Transfers take, on average, between one and three working days.

If you want to acquire cryptocurrencies little known to the general public, you will have to buy crypto offered on Coinbase, then transfer it to an exchange like Binance, offering the one you want to buy to sell against each other.

To buy Radix by bank transfer, what to do:

First, create an account on Coinbase, then complete the validation process.

Then deposit fiat with your bank account by clicking on the “Buy” button at the top left of the website.

Once the transfer is finalized, use your fiat money to buy Radix.

XRD Crypto Price Prediction and Price Movement

Radix price has been down 0% in the last three months. And with its small market capitalization, this price movement will likely continue.

However, three months is still considered early in the Crypto world. And it is also likely that XRD’s price can rebound if it has a strong team and delivers what it promised in its white papers.

Therefore, traders should be careful and do extensive research to see if XRD is backed by a strong development team and if XRD has growth potential.

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