quora TradersHome Review 2019 is TradersHome Good Broker?
General Information
Broker Name: TradersHome
Broker Type:Forex Broker
Country:Vincent and the Grenadines
Operating since year:2018
Address:Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Broker status:Independent
Customer Service
Email:: [email protected] & [email protected]
Languages:English, French
Trading Platforms:MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal, MT5 Web Trader, Android Trader, iOS Trader
Trading platform(s) timezone:-
Demo Account:Yes
Mobile trading:Yes
Web based trading:Yes
Other trading instruments:Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, Equities, And Derivatives
Minimum deposit ($)250 USD
Maximal leverage (1:?)1:400
Scalping allowed-
Platform Review
TradersHome Review 2019 by FinanceBrokerage & User Ratings
TradersHome Ltd. is a brokerage company that offers low-cost trading services to more than a hundred countries around the globe. They use the MetaTrader 5 (MT5), a multi-asset and all-in-one platform for trading currencies, stocks, and futures.

(170 characters description): TradersHome Ltd. is a brokerage offering low-cost trading services to over 100 countries worldwide. They use the MT5, an all-in-one platform for all trading instruments.

TradersHome Review Contents
● Introduction
● Trading account types

○ Student
○ Starter
○ Premium
○ Advanced
○ Pro

● Trading Conditions List
● Trading Products List
● Safety and Security of Funds
● Legal Terms List
● Conclusion

○ Customer Service
○ Social Media
○ Website

TradersHome Review 2019 — Enormous List of Trading Elements and Good Conditions

TradersHome is a broker company established in 2018. So far, they have exhibited nothing but competent and consistent trading practices. It might come as a surprise that a company so young in the industry has made such a name for themselves. TradersHome managed to gain a large loyal user base, which gives a really strong positive first impression.

The purpose of this TradersHome review is to analyze their pros and cons and help you decide if they are worth to trade with. TradersHome is a highly global broker with the latest trading technologies. They offer many trading tools and elements, which give investors a wide range of options to choose from.

According to the TradersHome website, they guarantee goal-oriented and professional investment guidance, the security of funds, user-friendly platforms, over 500 financial instruments available for trade, and more.

Trading Account Types Offered by TradersHome

As a professional and efficient broker, TradersHome offers six different account types. This is quite above the average in the field and shows that the broker tries to include all kinds of traders into their trading platform. They even have a designated account type for students, which is not something you come across among online brokers. See different trading account overviews below.

TradersHome logo

Student Account
If you consider yourself to be a student in trading, or are an actual student currently enrolled in school, this account will provide you with all the required tools you might need. Such as:
● Mobile Trading
● 24 Hour Trading
● Min Lot Size: 0.01
● Trading Platform: MT5
● Minimum Deposit: $250

This seems like a comprehensive package for a trading or university student, with a small enough minimum deposit to be able to make a profit.
Starter Account
This account is for traders who do not consider themselves as skilled enough to start trading pro but see themselves as above beginner. You will receive specs like:
● Mobile Trading
● 24 Hour Trading
● Min Lot Size: 0.01
● Trading Platform: MT5
● Minimum Deposit: $2,500
● Islamic Account

As mentioned above, this account is for starting traders — above beginner but below pro. This is a useful account if you do not want to invest too much upon registration and want to develop your skill via trading.
Premium Account
The premium account at TradersHome offers more tools for traders. If you have developed your skill enough to go above the starter account, then you will receive access to tools such as:
● Mobile Trading
● 24 Hour Trading
● Min Lot Size: 0.01
● Trading Platform: MT5
● Minimum Deposit: $10,000
● Daily Analysis
● Islamic Account
● Account Manager

The daily analysis provides you with information about market changes which come in handy when trading with sizable amounts. The account manager will also be available upon your need.

TradersHome logo

Advanced Account
The next three account types are mainly fitted for experienced traders. You will be working with larger amounts of cash and will receive appropriate tools for such professional trading. See the list below.
● Mobile Trading
● 24 Hour Trading
● Min Lot Size: 0.01
● Trading Platform: MT5
● Minimum Deposit: $25,000
● Account Manager
● Daily Analysis
Pro Account
The name of this account type speaks for itself. TradersHome created a pro account type for professional traders. The specs and tools that come with this account are more than enough for successful and fruitful trading. You will receive access to:
● Mobile Trading
● 24 Hour Trading
● Min Lot Size: 0.01
● Trading Platform: MT5
● Minimum Deposit: $50,000
● Account Manager
● Islamic Account
● Daily Analysis
● Fixed Spreads

Professional traders receive assistance from an account manager whenever they need. They also gain access to fixed spreads which are very important when handling large amounts of money and trading. The daily analyses always come in useful to stay ahead of the market changes.
VIP Account
The VIP account is kept very secretive at TradersHome, they only list the minimum deposit which is $100,000. The rest is kept under the gift icons and the box says “ask your account manager.”

We are very curious to find out what the specs and tools are, so if you have signed up for a VIP account please share your experience with us in the TradersHome review comments below!

TradersHome Trading Conditions

It is important to have a good environment when trading for successful and easy thinking. TradersHome does their best to offer their users as much comfort as they can, due to which they came up with trading conditions listed below.

● Secure funding
● Security of personal and financial information
● Fast withdrawal with no charges
● Educational tools
● Market analyses
● Over 500 financial instruments available for trade
● No slippage or requotes
● Flexible leverage
● Advanced platform available on Windows, Android and iOS

It is easy to say that not many brokers offer these many advantages to traders. Whether you are a pro or a novice, you would surely be satisfied with what TradersHome has to offer. Especially that they have over 500 financial instruments to trade. We will discuss the products in more detail in the next section.

TradersHome logo

Trading Products Available at TradersHome

Since TradersHome has over 500 financial instruments to offer, we wanted to show you exactly what they have. Traders sometimes sign up with brokers to trade one certain type of instrument, and with conditions like these, we are sure you will enjoy the comprehensive list below.

● Global currencies — TradersHome has over 90 pairs available for trade 24/5 from just 0.3 pips
● Spot commodities — they offer commodities for trade at different pips, such as gold, silver, oil, and more
● Spot Indices — the users have access to indices with short commissions, low margins, and tight spreads
● Spot Energies — WTI crude oil, natural gas, and Brent are available for trade with transparent execution
● Cryptocurrencies — TradersHome also offers cryptocurrency like BTC. BCH, and ETH with zero commission fees.
● Spot Shares — you have an option to buy and sell over 1000 shares in the biggest companies in the world.

It is not common to come across such a vast selection of elements available for trade to most of the accounts. Whether you wish to only trade crypto or want to dabble in commodities and currencies, you have a very large list of options to go through. No wonder TradersHome has such a large committed customer base!

TradersHome logo

Safety and Security of Funds with TradersHome

TradersHome guarantees automatic protection from hacking and loss of information on their platforms. They provide SSL encrypted funding systems that set the users’ private and transactional information confidential. Additionally, they keep clients’ funds separate from TraderHome’s funds, so there could never be a misunderstanding.

Since TradersHome is home to many traders, no pun intended, they made sure to have servers which will not get tangled. All of the users have their information saved separately on the servers, which allows for confident trading on a daily basis. They have the most advanced platforms available in the industry, which is a great proof of the reliability of the servers.

Overall, we are quite happy with the security provided by TradersHome and consider this to be a safe home for trading and funds. If you are an investor who considers fund security a top priority in your trading, then we recommend you take a look at their website and see if it fits your needs.

TradersHome logo

Transparent Legal Policies at TradersHome

It is quite reassuring to see TradersHome post their legal policies and make them easily accessible to all visitors, traders or not. This way you will have a chance to learn about the company, their terms of use, risk discourses, privacy policies, order executions, and many more.

The fact that TradersHome is willing to make this information public means that they must have nothing to hide. This definitely helps build confidence among users and non-users alike. TradersHome has both transparent execution and transparent policies. It is quite obvious why so many traders choose to work with TradersHome

TradersHome Review Summary — Trade From Home at TradersHome

Just because the company is new, some might assume that they can’t keep up with the industry. TradersHome managed to surpass everyone’s expectations in a very short amount of time. They have gathered a strong customer base, a large daily trading volume, a vast selection of tools and trading elements, security of accounts, and more.

TradersHome has strong customer service available 24-hours a day, whether via live chat, email, or phone. They are also active on social media, even forums, where traders have a chance to keep up with the markets and the changes. The TradersHome website is available in several languages: English, Russian, French and Italian. The design of the website is very user-friendly, easy to navigate and quite stylish. They chose a dark theme for their brand and it seems fitting to the character of TradersHome.

Overall, we are content with what the broker has to offer. The tools are vast, the amount of elements is sizable, the account types are flexible, and most importantly your funds are secure. There is a reason why TradersHome is home to so many traders, and that stands as proof of their quality of work!

TradersHome logo
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