The world has already applied 23.7mln doses of vaccines against covid-19

The race to find the vaccine against the coronavirus is over, and now the goal is to apply it to the largest possible population. Several countries in the world have already started their vaccination campaigns to immunize their respective citizens. 

In total, the world has applied 23.75 million doses of the different coronavirus vaccines on the market.

Most vaccines require two doses to generate complete immunization. So, the total number of vaccinated people can be around 11.5 million. 

The country that has applied the most vaccines has been China with 9 million doses of the immunizer originating in its territory. The United States takes second place with 6.69 million doses of the vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna.

Israel ranks third with 1.8 million doses applied, followed by the UK with 1.32 million doses, the United Arab Emirates with 1.09 million, and Russia with 800,000 doses of its Sputnik V vaccine. 

Japan detects a new strain of coronavirus as infectious as the British one

Japan has detected a new strain, different from the models that have appeared in recent months in the United Kingdom or South Africa, but which shares its high transmissibility.

The infected patients are two middle-aged men and two women who tested positive for Covid-19 after landing at Haneda airport in Tokyo on a flight from Brazil. Three of them shared symptoms such as difficulty breathing, fever or sore throat.

The National Center for Infectious Diseases of Japan has confirmed that it is a new type of the disease and has recommended keeping all affected patients in isolation. According to the agency, it shares similarities with the strains that are cause for concern due to its greater infectiousness.

Japanese specialists performed a genomic sequencing of the tests of the four people who landed on January 2 in the Japanese country. They have found twelve different mutations in the test, but they still need to gather more information to know their effects.

The National Center for Infectious Diseases stressed that it is difficult to determine the infectivity, pathogenicity or effects in the methods of tests and vaccines. 

Japan was already on alert for the appearance of several active cases of the new British strain of the coronavirus. Scientists estimate that it transmits 70% faster than the original model of Covid-19 that reached the great powers of the world.

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