The Chaos At OpenAI And The Future Of ChatGPT

In a surprise move on Friday, November 17th, the Board at OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT sacked the boss, Sam Altman. The move has created chaos in the company and the perhaps future direction of AI development. The reason given for his removal was posted in a blog saying that he hadn’t been “consistently candid in his communications.” Although The board still hasn’t explained what he had not been candid about.

But who is Sam Altman? He attended the prestigious Stanford University, where he studied computer science before eventually dropping out to pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations. In 2014, Altman became the president of Y Combinator, an accelerator program and seed fund that has played a pivotal role in the success of numerous startups. Under Altman’s leadership, Y Combinator expanded its operations, funding and mentoring hundreds of early-stage companies.

Altman’s vision was to create an environment where entrepreneurs

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