SPM, BABYDOGE and PORT are trending currently – market wrap

Spaceium launched its native token’s ICO recently, and it is already hot. Built with blockchain technology, Spaceium provides fast and secure transactions between parties without a 3rd party. The company wants to create pathways for people all over the world. It aims to be decentralized, honest, and transparent.

Spaceium will help establish connections among investors, traders, and companies seeking to provide a faster, more secure, and offer a decentralized solution for payment processing. According to the team, the company will offer the following services: Payment network; Payment solutions; Bank cards; Trading Services; Financial services; Digital ownership of virtual and physical assets, Decentralized Marketplace for selling new and reused goods.

Spaceium began its initial coin offering on July 2, 2021, and the sale will end on July 16, 2021. SPM token’s price is 0.8€, and the platform accepts BTC, ETH, DASH, and LTC in exchange.


What is Spaceium’s Goal?

The company’s vision is to change the way people interact and transfer money with each other on a daily basis. According to the team, the financial industry is currently in the process of a big paradigm shift. Besides, there is always new competition in the cryptocurrency market and traditional market – the former demands better, faster, and more secure solutions and services than ever before.

However, such solutions bring a lot of attention to the fees. The cost of sending, paying, or even receiving money from anyone and anywhere in the world is very high and not affordable for most of the population. As a result, these types of solutions only benefit the institutions, creators, or providers of these services or payment processors with their processing fees.

Spaceium decided to change that situation by offering its own solution. Thus, the team designed and created the Spaceium blockchain, aiming to decrease the cost of doing business with other providers. The company offers its customers the chance to get free transactions in the network, as well.

Spaceium has built a payment processing system specifically for its users. As a result, its customers can now use money as they want, how they want, and whenever they want with low or free fees and instant transaction times.


Baby Doge Coins are flourishing. Why’s that?

Baby DogeCoin is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies of its kind. It is fully decentralized. Even though the team only launched BABYDOGE in June 2021, it is already very popular. The company behind this toke

n aims to bring crypto to the average person and simultaneously save dogs that are in need.

Baby DogeCoin has learned a few tricks from Doge – its meme father. Actually, fans and members of the DogeCoin online community birthed this new crypto. It aims to offer users improved transaction speeds. In addition, Baby DogeCoin is hyper-deflationary with an integrated smart staking system built in to reward users. More baby doge coins will appear automatically in the customer’s wallet with each transaction, thanks to this system.

The team created Baby Doge with 10x faster block speeds. It also has much cheaper gas fees since it’s built on a Binance smart chain.

Within the first 21 days of birth, the token gained more than 100,000+ holders. Furthermore, Baby Doge is one of the first meme coins to offer a live decentralized swap directly on its website right after its launch.

It is also one of the first meme coins to offer customers credit cards for crypto payments directly on the website. Users can track their rewards gained from reflections thanks to the paw wallet and check their wallet balance, coin valuation, and more.

What about Baby Doge NFTs?

The company’s largest project in the works is its NFT marketplace. It will allow customers to create and buy or auction their own NFTs. Besides, the team plans to allow users to donate a certain percentage of their gains to save dogs.

There will be a merchandise store for $BabyDoge holders so that they can support their favorite meme in the real world.

Baby DogeCoin values transparency, trust, and community. The latter supports the token and is crucial for its existence. The team encourages open communication and believes that without trust, transparency, and community, they won’t be able to foster longevity.

Baby Doge is one of the fastest growing and most loved communities in defi space, and the team believes that they are strong only together. Baby Doge strives to include everyone from around the globe. It has multiple telegram channels dedicated to its international communities.

Furthermore, trust is paramount in the cryptocurrency market. That means full transparency in the community and development, as well as in security efforts. A third-party firm has already audited Baby Doge. The platform has burned and locked the majority of the LP tokens. It is trustworthy and secure.

PORT token’s ICO is live. You don’t want to miss it

PORT token’s ICO is live. You don’t want to miss it


PORT token is in the spotlight. Its pre-sale began on June 10, 2021. PORT’s total supply is 100000000 tokens. The team will distribute it in the following manner: 50 % will go to Pre-sale, 25% will be reserved for funding, 10% will go to founders and team, another 10% is for advisors, and 5% will go to bounty campaigns. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, USDT, and DASH in exchange for PORT. The price is 0.21 USD currently.


PORT Network is an innovative, high-performance system for cloud and other volunteer computing. Thanks to a blockchain, PORT offers lots of advantages. For instance, it is a viable alternative to expensive cloud services. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective choice compared to expensive hardware and their maintenance requirements.


The customers with spare capacity can use this network, whether from home or on their own server. Besides, they will also earn PORT Tokens by providing computing power and storage space.


PORT offers high computing power consumers the chance to purchase services much more cheaply and quickly implement them in their own environment with standardized technologies.


Today many companies require a high level of computing power, especially in scientific fields. However, often people only need stronger technology for a limited period of time. Considering this, the PORT team paid attention to a large amount of availability during their network’s development.


As a result, the client software is now compatible with operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. The team is currently researching and developing other implementations, such as Android.


Through standardized procedures, the company enables both consumers and clients to connect to their own system easily. In addition, they pay attention to other important factors such as data protection and security during development.


What is the PORT’s mission?


The company aims to develop a decentralized system for both volunteer computing and cloud computing. It also plans to provide large amounts of resources in a cost-effective and scalable way.

PORT will reward clients with its native tokens and enable them to gain along with the network.


In addition, it will enable consumers to avoid the costs of expensive purchases and maintenance.

All in all, the company will create an environmentally conscious system that will share pre-existing capacity worldwide instead of creating new ones unnecessarily.


While there are numerous other networks in the defi space but not all of them have potential. However, it seems PORT is not one of them. The token has a well-developed roadmap and high rating to go with it.

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