What is a Solana hacker house?

Curious about the Solana hacker house? It’s where core Solana Labs engineers innovate. This hub enhances the Solana ecosystem, backed by the Solana Foundation. Discover the magic behind Solana hacker activities and breakthroughs. Dive deep into Solana’s technical heartland.

What is hacker house Solana?

Solana Hacker Houses are physical gatherings that unite the most intelligent individuals in the Solana network. 

Originally born out of an informal offshoot of coders at Breakpoint Lisbon in 2021, these global events (now 29 in total) have grown to be an integral part of the Solana ecosystem—one of the only consistent IRL bridges for a community almost exclusively connected through online channels.

For a more detailed Solana events schedule you can visit the official website There you will find all the upcoming events. One of the upcoming events in Singapore is happening in November 2023. Solana Hacker House Hong Kong is also taking place on November 14, 2023. The attendance for these events is free. All you have to do is fill out the application form on time. Also, you can check out previous events’ programs. 

Solana Hacker house Austin took place in June 2022. Lisbon Hacker House took place in November the same year while Solana Hacker House Singapore was in September 2022. 

What is the Solana Hyperdrive hackathon?

Solana Hits All-time High

Solana’s Hyperdrive Hackathon is an online, global competition designed to grow the Solana ecosystem. Behind this event is the Solana Foundation. 

Solana is a programmable blockchain that strives to perform high-speed transactions without losing its main feature, decentralization. The network uses a new mechanism called “Proof of History”. SOL, the blockchain’s native token, is useful for transaction fees and can also be pledged. Solana is a direct competitor to the Ethereum network.

The Solana Hacker House is a dynamic, four-day onsite experience, facilitated by leading Solana Labs engineers and mentors from the broader ecosystem.

Solana hackathon event – What’s in store for you?

  • Dive into tutorials on Solana, DeFi, and NFTs, alongside workshops, panel discussions, and insights from ecosystem experts.
  • Ample scope to progress your project, network, collaborate on new ideas, or join existing teams.
  • Core Solana Lab engineers are on-hand for guidance, culminating in a grand demo day.
  • It’s a hotspot for engaging dialogues, deep connections, and enriching learning.
  • Expect a well-equipped venue: robust WiFi, power stations, dedicated workspaces, with continuous refreshments and cozy lounging corners.
  • All attendees get exclusive access to special nightly events.

This event is an ideal opportunity to gain knowledge, innovate, and establish connections with top industry experts awaits you at this event spanning four days. 

You can immerse yourself in Solana, the rapidly expanding blockchain technology, and acquire practical skills. Additionally, you will receive guidance from esteemed Solana Labs engineers and other knowledgeable individuals.

The event encompasses more than a mere hackathon. It serves as a platform for boundless creativity, allowing you to unleash your imagination. Construct anything you can envision, ranging from decentralized finance applications to non-fungible token games.

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