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Starfish Finance offers its trending native token, SEAN. This project also enables Defi users to swap their stablecoins. Its platform is based on Balancer V2, cross-chain aggregation, created specifically for cryptocurrency assets and non-fungible tokens. Moreover, the company will help investors to unleash new liquidity potentials in NFTs and digital assets. Overall, the project has an impressive feature portfolio. Starfish enables users to trade various tokens and stablecoins on multi-token pools, enjoy great liquidity, as well as provide it and easily swap coins. Traders will even be able to create pools of a maximum of eight tokens.

Furthermore, customers can share their trading fees, farm coins, and stake Liquidity Pool Tokens to earn bonus rewards. The company will launch its utility token SEAN tomorrow, September 1, 2022. The sale will end on October 1, 2022. SEAN is an ERC20 token, and its price will be 0.04 USD during the initial coin offering. However, the token’s value will increase over time. The team aims to raise $1,840,000 with the ICO. But the total Tokens: 1,000,000,000, though only 10% will be available for purchase at this stage.

Starfish Finance is a community-driven protocol. As such, it values its community. The team wants to share its achievements with other Astar communities. It also aims to empower its community with an inclusive but simultaneously unique Starfish culture.

According to the team, Starfish is a brand that values Community, Collaboration, and Convenience above all. The first stands for the soil the Starfish team cares for and grows together, the second for the laboratory where they create and innovate, and the last one is for the infrastructure where the members connect with their users.


What about Starfish Finance’s vision? 

Starfish Finance is actually the product of the Astar Builders program. Its company plans to build the next generation DeFi x NFT-Fi headquarters. And it wants to do that on Astar Network, using the Polkadot ecosystem. Starfish Finance will gamify the users’ experience. It will also allow stablecoin swaps and NFT-Fi along with an enhanced Balancer AMM model. The latter will help to deepen the liquidity of cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens’ trading and financing.

This platform is very convenient as it offers to swap, stake, launch tokens, provide LP, and farm on one platform. Customers will be able to immerse themselves into a highly accessible DeFi x NFT-Fi Financing Platform which is already fully integrated.

However, investors will need their own MetaMask wallet that’s connected to Astar Network if they want to use the Starfish platform. This wallet supports only the Astar network. But it allows traders to send and receive coins easily. Users will benefit if they connect MetaMask to Starfish; in this case, the latter will automatically configure the wallet to work with the network.


What does the Sango Project offer? 

The Central African Republic National Assembly created the Sango Project. According to the team, it is a “Crypto Initiative” that the President of the Republic supports. The republic wants to offer its citizens all the necessary conditions to develop a digital, blockchain-based economy. In fact, the country aims to reform the entire economy based on technology and young people. Over time, the Central African Republic will build a digital monetary system. Blockchain will power the latter.

Some people refer to blockchain as one of the pillars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It will enable underdeveloped countries, like the Central African Republic, to gain the same level of development as some of the world’s leading economies. However, the country must first implement a digital monetary system to achieve that goal.

Considering that most people don’t use banks in the republic, the Sango Project will present them with the opportunity to leapfrog directly into the Web3 revolution. After all, it aims to use blockchain technology as the framework for the country’s entire economic system.

The government has already drafted plans and created the roadmap for the project. The Sango Project will give its users democratized and decentralized access to natural resources. And it will do that through tokenization. Moreover, the Sango team will create a Crypto City, as well as a Crypto Island, and develop the African Crypto Hub. The company also plans to develop the Sango app and enable customers to mine Bitcoins.

The project has its own native token, SANGO, which is quite popular. This ERC20 token is trading for 0.1 USD during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise 200,000,000 with the sale. The total supply of tokens is 21,000,000,000, though.


What are the SANGO token's benefits? 

What are the SANGO token’s benefits? 

The company has built a SANGO token on the Sango blockchain. It has government backing and offers its holders various benefits and utilities. For example, token holders will be able to gain citizenship through SANGO. The authorities will also grant e-residency solely through this token. Furthermore, users will be able to easily register their companies or access the country’s resources or government infrastructure.

Investors can pay tax through both SANGO and Bitcoin. The company will even provide a new Metaverse. However, according to the team, the main advantage of their platform is a higher number of transactions per second. These transactions don’t require confirmation time. Thus, the platform provides fast transfers with low fees.

While, in theory, creating a blockchain framework and supporting a new digital monetary system for the whole country sounds fairly straightforward, it’s not easy. There can be some complications and restraints that the project must plan for. Sango has already ascertained major obstacles, and it decided on some solutions to avoid them.  

Along with fast transfers, its platform will provide access to Bitcoin liquidity. The company stated that its sidechain would interact directly with the Bitcoin blockchain. Thus, it will allow the complete usage of the BTC network. Users will also benefit from smart contracts and confidential transactions. Besides, Sango will offer high-level security to ensure the safety of its client’s funds and personal information.

Low fees are another great advantage. Traders will benefit from Sango App. It’s easy to use, and its wallet is compatible with both SANGO and BTC. Overall, this project has great potential.


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