BIOC token is very trending. What about the PLEX coin? 


BIOTECH CAPITAL is a promising decentralized venture capital token. Its creator company aims to help the development of various early-stage biotechnology projects. Thanks to its native token, BIOTECH CAPITAL will aid those start-ups in reaching the commercialization phase. In the process, the team will also democratize access to venture capital so that recently created biotechnology companies will be able to go forward with their research, especially those projects which are in the laboratory phase.

BIOTECH CAPITAL has an experienced team. Its members evaluated new biotechnology projects and decided to focus on this field due to its great profit potential. The company will choose the projects for funding, and thus, it will help them to achieve success.

Moreover, the team already launched its utility token BIOC on August 15, 2022. The ICO sale will end on September 30, 2022. The token price is 0.2 USD per BIO, but its value will increase over time. The total supply of coins is 10000000, but only some percentage is available for sale at this stage. The platform accepts BNB and BUSD in exchange for its native tokens.

Decentralized venture capital, also called DVC, is a new and advanced model. In fact, it has two major advantages. DVC enables non-accredited investors to invest their funds in early-stage projects all around the world. In addition, this model allows small firms to develop and achieve success even when they can’t compete with big corporations.

Even though the DeFi space offers numerous opportunities, many investors struggle to find their niche due to various difficulties. Sometimes it’s big fees, sometimes other obstacles. But blockchain’s advantages much outweigh the latter. BIOTECH CAPITAL tokenizes the start-up earnings. As a result, the users will be able to trade those earnings on various exchanges and profit in the process.


MinePlex Banking is another high-ranked project. What does it offer? 

As a new generation mobile crypto bank, MinePlex Banking provides interesting and useful services. It also boasts its own liquid token. The team noted that its project aims to achieve balance among blockchain technology, traditional financial systems, and mobile applications.

MinePlex Banking wants to create a reliable mobile cryptographic bank that will be convenient and enables its clients to use cryptos daily worldwide. Thanks to this bank, the customers will pay bills, buy goods, grow assets, or save funds in cryptos.


MinePlex Banking is another high-ranked project. What does it offer? 


The team launched its native utility token on September 18, 2020. However, PLEX tokens are still available. The ICO sale’s last phase will end on September 18, 2025. The total supply of PLEX is 259 200 000 000. Its holders will be able to buy and mine cryptos, as well as manage their crypto assets. Furthermore, the users will have an opportunity to build their own global business thanks to this bank.

MinePlex Banking designed a special crypto wallet to allow its customers fast and easy use of cryptos. People will have mobile access. Thus, they will be able to manage their assets flexibly. At first, the wallet supported only MINE, and PLEX tokens as both of them are native tokens. However, it now supports more than twenty major cryptos.


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