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Ring Brand App Neighbors in Privacy Concerns

In the Ring brand’s Neighbors app, anyone can upload a photo or video and put a title and description of the post. Also, you can label the post as a crime, which the app will say that it has to be illegal action that is punishable by law. Then, just tap yes if that’s what you are posting about. However, if you are sharing for a safety, suspicious, or unusual things, tap no. And if you already reported the crime before, you can post a number, the police agency, and the agency phone number.

However, this can be abused. And there might be an instance where a post does not mean someone committed a crime. In the Neighbors app, it is really easy for a person to label anything as suspicious.

News Team

Meanwhile, there were updates from the Neighbors app named News Team. In here, it mentions subjects such as nearby fires, burglary, and other concerns the app believes you should hear.

Gizmodo said some updates are being pulled from police databases. And this might raise concerns regarding the police sharing this information. Also, you will receive alerts of events that occurred over the past hour.

The Map of Neighbors App

Aside from that, the Neighbors app also has a map feature. And this will let you see through a three-mile radius around your place, any crime, safety concerns, unusual activities, unknown incidents, or lost pets. Furthermore, you can adjust the default radius down to as little as a quarter-mile.

For additional information, you can tap into a place to see the post’s photo or video. You can also zoom in or out and pan around the map.

Above all, the Neighbors app of the Ring brand is useful, especially if you are living in an area where crime problems are quite famous. On the other hand, the suspicious activity reporting of the app needs some improvements. Because there are moments a person might look out of place, but that does not mean that he is going to commit a crime.

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