Qorra ICO (PQOR): Safeguarding Your Assets in the Metaverse

The Qorra ICO is another high-ranking token sale that has attracted investors’ attention recently. This project offers early supporters the opportunity to acquire PQOR, its native token, before its public launch. Moreover, Qorra introduces a novel platform powered by blockchain technology. The latter will provide insurance for digital assets, particularly Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, the company also elevates security in the digital asset space. A community-driven DAO will ensure its safety.

The Challenge: Risks in the Metaverse

As the Metaverse expands, the risks of digital asset theft and fraud are escalating. Moreover, they pose substantial obstacles to Web3 adoption and the growing tokenized marketplace. Thus, protecting digital endeavours and minimizing scam incidents have become crucial needs.

The Company’s Solution: Robust Insurance Protection

Qorra steps in with a robust solution. This platform offers unparalleled insurance protection for digital assets, especially non-fungible tokens. The team boasts Horreum and Multi3™ system. Both of them function as a formidable fortress. They will safeguard users’ digital assets and enhance trust within the community.

Qorra Token (PQOR & Qorra): Key to the Ecosystem

The company offers an Ethereum-based utility token, the Qorra Token, which plays a central role in its ecosystem. The platform uses it to secure policies for the insured protection of NFTs. Besides, it also ensures ongoing value for token holders. Additionally, the token holders can participate in the Qorra DAO. As a result, they can influence the platform’s future direction, as well as share in its success.

Exclusive First Round Offering

The initial round of the company’s offering involves PQOR tokens at a preferential price. The team aims to secure discounted insurance coverage for NFTs on its Beta platform. However, after this initial phase, the company will convert PQOR tokens to Qorra tokens at a 1:1 ratio within a year from issuance. To facilitate this conversion,  PQOR token holders will need their issued NFTs, as well as their PQOR tokens.

PQOR: Affordable and Valuable

During the pre-private sale, each PQOR token is trading at $0.50. Post-launch, though, each Qorra coin will cost $1.00 USDT per token. This affordable pricing makes it accessible to early supporters, while the long-term value lies in the opportunity to shape the future of Qorra through governance participation.

The Qorra ICO marks an exciting chapter in the realm of digital asset protection and insurance in the Metaverse. By acquiring PQOR tokens during the ICO, investors become a part of a community dedicated to enhancing security and trust within the digital asset space. With the backing of Lloyd’s of London and a community-driven DAO, Qorra is poised to become a stronghold in safeguarding NFTs and other digital assets.

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