What is Nasdaq Salmon Index?

The Nasdaq Salmon Index (NSI) a crucial benchmark in the seafood industry, provides an in-depth look into the salmon market prices, especially focusing on the head-on gutted salmon. 

As a leading light for industry insiders, this tool delves into the intricacies of the Norwegian-farmed salmon market. 

From the Nasdaq salmon price index to specific details like the Nasdaq salmon index exporters’ selling prices, it covers a broad spectrum. 

Fish pool traders, suppliers, and global buyers all rely on this data for accurate, real-time information. Whether you’re looking at the broader market or the specifics of salmon head-on gutted prices, the Nasdaq Index is your go-to resource.

This Index is a critical benchmark in the seafood sector that offers a detailed overview of salmon market prices, with a special emphasis on head-on gutted salmon. 

Primarily centered on the Norwegian-farmed salmon market, this index serves as a comprehensive tool for industry professionals. It encompasses a wide range of data points, from the overarching salmon price index to specific metrics like the salmon index Nasdaq and the selling prices of exporters.

Index Explained

The Nasdaq Salmon Index offers insight into salmon market prices. It’s a vital tool for industry participants. Essentially, it tracks and averages the weekly salmon market prices. The focus is primarily on the Norwegian-farmed salmon market.

Why is it relevant? Well, salmon is a major global commodity. The NASDAQ salmon price index gives traders, suppliers, and buyers a reliable price gauge. This data is useful for making informed trading and purchasing decisions.

Exporters particularly benefit from the Nasdaq Salmon Index. It reveals the Nasdaq index exporters’ selling prices. This helps exporters set competitive prices in the global market.

Curious about the current salmon price? 

Check the Nasdaq index price. This updated figure provides a real-time snapshot of the market. The salmon index Nasdaq feature is essential for immediate pricing decisions.

In conclusion, the Nasdaq Index offers transparency. It ensures a more predictable and informed salmon trade worldwide.


Finance Brokerage – NASDAQ: Building of Nasdaq stock exchange.

The NQSALMON indices aim to reliably represent European weekly salmon prices. Index Contributors must represent various exporters and a significant market portion. 

Every Contributor must: (a) possess a Norwegian salmon export license; (b) sell 5 trucks of fresh Atlantic Superior Salmon weekly or 5,000 metric tons yearly; and (c) have an agreement with NQC that allows price and volume audits, even using external auditors. 

NQC regularly checks the need for new Contributors and annually releases a quality report. This report examines the mix of Contributors, reported volumes, and their relation to other salmon indices. 

Each week, NQC compares Contributor volumes to total Norwegian exports, as reported by Norway Statistics (SSB). An external auditor creates an annual quality report for both NQC and the Contributors. If a Contributor breaches the agreement, they can be terminated.

What is the Fish Pool Index

Fish Pool Index™ is composed of two index elements related to the average weekly spot price of buying and selling of Fresh Atlantic Salmon. These elements are the Nasdaq Salmon Index:

Exporter’s selling prices. Statistics Norway customs statistics (SSB): Norwegian export statistics.

The Nasdaq Salmon Index represents the average of weekly sales prices and related volumes for fresh Superior Atlantic Salmon, processed as head-on gutted (HOG). 

This data is provided to Nasdaq Commodities by a group of Norwegian salmon producers and exporters who have export licenses. This Index is an exporter selling price. The Nasdaq Index is published every Tuesday.

the Fish Pool Index™ incorporates two main elements related to the weekly average spot price of Fresh Atlantic Salmon transactions: the Nasdaq Salmon Index and the Statistics Norway customs statistics. In essence, the this Salmon Index, updated every Tuesday, reflects the average weekly sales prices and volumes for head-on gutted Superior Atlantic Salmon, with the data sourced from Norwegian salmon producers and exporters.

In Conclusion 

A primary source of real-time information, fish pool traders, suppliers, and global buyers frequently consult the Nasdaq Index. The significance of this index is underscored by salmon’s status as a major global commodity. 

It equips traders, suppliers, and buyers with an accurate price metric, enabling them to make informed decisions. Exporters, in particular, derive substantial benefits as the index showcases the selling prices, aiding them in setting competitive global prices.

Those seeking the latest salmon price can refer to the Nasdaq salmon index price for a real-time market overview. 

The fundamental aim of the NQSALMON indices is to offer a consistent representation of European weekly salmon prices. 

To be a Contributor to the index, entities must meet several criteria, including holding a Norwegian salmon export license, selling specific quantities of salmon, and agreeing to price and volume audits by NQC, possibly involving external auditors. 

The NQC ensures the credibility of the index by regularly assessing the mix of Contributors, reported volumes, and their correlation with other salmon indices. They even reserve the right to terminate Contributors that breach agreements.

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