Mexican Senator Proposes Bitcoin As Legal Currency

While El Salvador is reporting positive effects from the country’s adoption of Bitcoin (BTC), Mexican senator has again urged the country to emulate El Salvador’s lead in Bitcoin.

Mexican senator Indira Kempis, who represents Nuevo Leon, believes that Bitcoin should become legal tender in Mexico. She thinks Bitcoin adoption could drive global financial inclusion.

Mexican senators are now working on cryptocurrency laws under El Salvador’s “Bitcoin Law.”

Thus, she plans to introduce the bill to Mexico’s Congress later this year.

The senator also said that El Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele could have launched a bitcoin revolution that could ripple across all countries.

Kempis took office in 2018 and has been actively promoting the crypto industry for the past few years, joining the Laser Eye movement in July 2018.

She has been working in the cryptocurrency industry for many years. Additionally, she has been surrounded by a community of cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, developers, and enthusiasts.

As previously reported, other Mexican senators, including Eduardo Murat Hinojosa, are working on legislation in favor of the cryptocurrency shortly after El Salvador’s legislative assembly passed the Bitcoin bill in early June 2021. In October, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said the country was unlikely to follow El Salvador’s footsteps and adopt bitcoin as legal tender.

The latest news is the recent growth in the Mexican cryptocurrency industry, as major global cryptocurrency exchange Oinbase launched instant cryptocurrency withdrawals in Mexican pesos last week.

Mexican billionaire and Grupo Salinas founder Ricardo Salinas Pliego took to Twitter on Friday to advise the public to buy BTC and forget to sell.

Coinbase Added Polkadot’s Dot to its Platform

Coinbase Wallet Expands Support For Ledger Hardware Wallet

Coinbase Wallet, an in-house wallet service provided by the popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, introduces browser extension support for the Ledger hardware wallet.

The Coinbase Wallet extension, available on the Chrome Web Store, is a non-custodial wallet.

It allows users to store and trade cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

By adding support for the Ledger, Coinbase users can use a physical ledger device. This device helps them store private keys offline in their wallets.

Adam Zadikoff, senior product manager at Coinbase, emphasized that the development is a means to provide users with an additional layer of security and greater security.

Canada flags waving at the wind in a mountain scenario.

Canada To Host Bitfury’s New 28MW Crypto Mining Facility

Blockchain company Bitfury has announced the opening of a new crypto mining data center in Ontario, Canada. The new crypto mining hub adds to existing Canadian sites in Drumheller, Alberta, and Medicine Hat.

Bitfury has partnered with Toronto Stock Exchange-listed Bitcoin mining company Hut 8 Mining to start mining operations in North America. The new Ontario crypto mining facility will likely be operating at 16 megawatts by the end of the month.

According to the announcement, Bitfury plans to add 12 megawatts of capacity in the coming months. This will bring the miner’s total capacity to 28 megawatts by the end of May.

However, the company stressed that the plant could potentially be upgraded to 200 megawatts. This is more than seven times its current capacity.

The Sarnia city location has Bitfury’s in-house ASIC mining chips and other proprietary hardware and software. All of Bitfury’s Canadian crypto mining facilities rely heavily on Canada’s cold climate for sustainable and efficient operations.

Earlier this month, Michelle Rempel Garner, a member of Canada’s lower house of parliament, introduced a bill recommending a framework to encourage cryptocurrency growth.


Former Boring Ape Yacht Club Artist Releases Second Sneaky Vampire NFT Series

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS), a hugely successful indie NFT project from former Bored Ape Yacht Club artist Mig, has officially announced the release of its second Sneaky Vampire NFT series. It consists of 12,345 female vampires who will join the 8,888 male counterparts from The Lair’s first series. The lair is home to all vampires. It exists in a virtual universe far from harmful sunlight and pesky vampire hunters.

Mig teamed up with seasoned cryptocurrency leaders and developers to release the first collection of 8,888 male vampires in 2021. To date, she has traded over 21,600 ETH on OpenSea. After successfully selling the first generation of vampires, the team brought in their female counterpart, the sneaky vampire.

With the new series, the SVS team hopes to promote the inclusion and representation of women in the NFT space. For any collector, new or experienced, SVS is generally considered a safe and easy-to-understand item. Furthermore, the new Vampiress Syndicate collection should appeal to women and those new to the NFT art world.

Moreover, SVS is working with eight artists to create eight 1-in-1 unique Sneaky Vampiress NFTs for the next collection. It will help undervalued artists in the space get the proper recognition they deserve.

The female Sneaky Vampiress NFT will also set the stage for the upcoming blood pact breeding mechanic. Vampire NFT owners can expect to use them for breeding shortly. The $BLOOD token will be at the heart of the breeding mechanism. Additionally, SVS holders can earn three $BLOOD tokens per day by staking NFTs.

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