Mega Token will sell out soon. You don’t want to miss it


Mega Token is a revolutionary project that aims to provide everyone with equal access, greater profitability and less partiality. Its ticker is the symbol of HPW for Hash Per Watt. This project has initiated the tokenization of crypto mining farms’ electrical and mining capacity.

The founder team launched the token’s ICO sale on April 1, 2021. It will end on May 31, 2022, though. So, investors have little time left if they want to acquire these coins. The token price is 7 USD per 1 HPW, but it will increase over time after the initial coin offering ends. 80% of HPW has been available for purchase, while the total supply is 100000000. The team noted that 20% would go to maintenance and system costs. The platform accepts BTC, TRX, and USDT in exchange.


What does Mega Token offer? 

According to the company, each token will equate to 1 watt of low-cost electricity from the capacity of crypto mining farms. The tokens are also inclusive of all costs related to maintenance, overheads, human resources, and system and equipment upgrade.

TGA Co, the owner and custodian of Mega token, has comprehensive knowledge in cryptocurrency mining. It began its operations after carefully studying and selecting Asian countries that provide electricity at a low cost. However, these countries also have the potential to generate green energy. That will ensure sustainability, prosperity, and strong development, as well as the commitment to reducing the environmental impact of crypto mining. Besides, eliminating geographical inequalities will make the industry more profitable.

Mega Token utilizes smart contracts, decentralized schemes, and the latest assets, equipment, and knowledge. As a result, it has provided everyone with the possibility of decentralized participation, as well as collaboration in the world of cryptocurrency mining.

This project will provide impressive features. The HPW platform will ensure that HPW is available to all people worldwide, regardless of location, time, or gender. It will also enable customers to use the technology of mining technology by tokenizing the power of a full watt. Besides, HPW uses cheap and renewable electricity, and it allows users to earn significant profits from mining. The platform also provides easy and simple access to crypto users by using smart mining contracts. And lastly, it prevents small farming problems by setting up a miner production and assembly plant.


KubeCoin is still one of the highest-ranking tokens. Why’s that? 

KUBE token is one of the leaders on the ICO listing charts. This digital currency aims to take the leisure and travel industries to a higher level and make them universally adaptable through multi-brand platforms. The team built the token on Cardano. It plans to launch the initial coin offering sale on June 10, 2022. The price of 1 KUBE will be 0.13 EUR. The total supply of the tokens is 480.000.000, but only some percentage will be available during the ICO. The platform will accept ADA in exchange.

The company’s main objective is to create an ecosystem made up of several projects instead of simply tokens. The KubeCoin EcoSystem includes EatKube, which will transform the way people go out to have lunch or dinner with their friends/partners through multiple surprise food experiences; FlyKube, which is a startup founded in 2017 offering Surprise trips. Currently, its gross profit is around 5,000,000€. And the company operates in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

There is also KubePay – the platform’s own wallet, that will be available for iOS and Android. Users will be able to buy and sell KubeCoin, and Cardano Native Tokens, as well as purchase Leisure & Travel products from the company’s platforms and its global premium partners. They will even have access to NFTs – Online Marketplace and NFC Payments.

Furthermore, KubeIn works as an investment fund focused on Crypto and Startup projects. And the team plans to launch NFT Project. The latter will introduce its own unique collection of NFTs that will give their holders first access to exclusive events, airdrops, special sales, and many amazing benefits. The company will have its own NFT Marketplace. And the last project, WowKube, is a secret, but the team announced that it’s coming soon.


What does the KUBE token offer to its holders? 

How can investors participate in the ICO sale? 

The company noted that those who want to participate in the initial coin offering have to create an account on its platform. Users can log in and go to their profile after they complete the KYC verification. The team will review the profile and notify them of the result. Once approved, customers will be able to invest on June 10, 2022, at 9 am UTC.

The team designed KubeCoin to support its Kube Ecosystem. This token will become the exchangeable currency for users’ daily-world purchases. This unique coin aims to revolutionize the travel and leisure industry through its connection to KubeCoin’s entire ecosystem, as well as several other established businesses. That allows rapid scalability. Besides, this network will unite various businesses.

Among other advantages, Kubecoin boasts high-level security. It’s a Cardano Native Token. That means KUBE will have all the benefits of the Cardano network. Users won’t have to worry about higher fees or the security of the token’s smart contract. The latter is completely integrated into the Cardano blockchain. Currently, the team is working to make the KubeCoin Wallet better.


What does the KUBE token offer to its holders? 

KubeCoin will provide a high utility layer to KubeSystem. Token holders can use the tokens on the ecosystem’s various platforms. KUBE also acts as a reward for customers and promoters. The token’s long-term goal is to become the major currency in the leisure and travel industries.

The team planned to use it just as a marketing tool to increase consumer loyalty at first. It also wanted to help promoters/influencers to spread the concept through the community and attract new users. However, it soon realized that KUBE is much more than that. This token is the basis to connect the company’s platforms with its users directly. Thus, its long-term goal is to revolutionize the leisure and travel industries now. The team also wants KUBE to become the sole currency through its multi-brand platforms and partners.

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