Mega Markets Review – Is this broker really good?

General Information
Broker Name: Mega Markets
Broker Type: Forex & CFDs
Operating since year:N/A
Regulation: N/A
Address: DUO RANGE LIMITED, 2 Frederick Street, Kings Cross, London, WC1X 0ND
Broker status:Active
Customer Service
Phone: N/A
Availability: 24/5
The Trading platforms: Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone: N/A
Demo account:No
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading:Yes
Other trading instruments:Yes
Minimum deposit: $250
Maximal leverage: 1:500
Spread: Floating From 0.0 Pips
Scalping allowed:Yes

As for now, for your consideration and general knowledge, this broker is not active. You can still take a look at the products and tools they offer as a way to broaden your comprehension of the brokerages in general. Otherwise, this brand is not active anymore.


Mega Markets Review - is this broker good?



General Information & First Impressions

Mega Markets is an elegant, sophisticated new brokerage that offers various users trading services. The broker’s selection includes various assets, including forex, and it offers CFD trading to customers. Mega Markets operates from Europe, or more specifically Estonia, which we consider a safe location. Our Mega Markets review will tell you more about its conditions and benefits.

First of all, we need to dispel any concerns about the broker being a CFD company. Of course, we’re aware of how many scammers pose as CFD brokers, and have adjusted our security investigation accordingly. However, if you’re under the opinion that every CFD broker is a scam, you’ll miss out on some brokers that offer a fantastic service.

CFDs are a trading asset type just like any else. They can be used correctly and abused by malicious players on the market. However, where they stand out is that they significantly improve the trading conditions for most traders. For example, the asset selection is much larger, so you have much more agency over your overarching trading strategy.

On top of that, they avoid liquidity issues, which can be quite important. Although liquidity is fine with most popular assets, situations like the GME saga can happen.

As such, we believe the CFD status Mega Markets holds is a significant benefit for most of its prospective traders. Unless you’re a trader that intends to become a majority shareholder, CFDs are only beneficial to you.

And before we check out whether the broker is safe or not, let’s look at the initial experience. In our opinion, Mega Markets has a fantastic showing, with a modern and well-organized website. The fantastic customer experience has made us glad we’ve decided to do a Mega Markets review.

Fund and Account Security

who are we: we are the eading broker in the industry with a wide range of avalable assets

In fact, security is the primary thing that needs to reach a benchmark with online brokerages. Not every broker needs to commit half their resources to safety, but they need to reach a minimum. In other words, their customers need to know that their money won’t be stolen while trading.

That’s because there have been numerous incidents in the past where financial companies are just masks without providing an actual service. It’s still happening with many brokers all over the world and to many traders that are, unfortunately, their users. Those traders will likely lose thousands of dollars and never touch a trading platform again.

But spotting such a company isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Scammers likely have more experience than you and know how to trick people without a ton of broker familiarity. They leverage the fact that being a good trader and investigating brokers are two almost entirely separate skills.

That’s why this part of our Mega Markets review is devoted to checking out its security. We inspected the website and outlined the important information regarding safety. We’re ready to display what we’ve found, as well as give the broker an overall rating for the experience.

And luckily, we believe Mega Markets is one of the safer trading spaces on the web. It offers a full suite of security conditions that prevent breaches and behaves in a way that displays integrity. So from a technical standpoint, security is a guarantee.

And on top of that, it operates from Estonia, which is a safe country for online brokers. The compliance with local laws and regulations more than guarantees that Mega Markets will operate in good faith. We don’t see anyone having significant security troubles with the broker.

Account Info at

The account selection on Mega Markets is broad and satisfies a large number of different audiences. The broker offers tiered accounts that are strict upgrades over one another. That means that, when you go higher in the structure, your service improves. There aren’t any tricks like giving you new conditions but worsening or changing the old ones. As we said earlier in our Mega Markets review, it operates with integrity.

And on top of that, it’s quite meaningful that the climb from the first to the last account is gradual. Of course, Mega Markets has deposit requirements for each account, if that wasn’t clear before. The gradual incline makes the higher accounts much more reachable for regular traders.

Often, you have one budget account, and the others have massive requirements behind them. However, at, you can slowly progress through accounts as you deposit money as your natural trading process. That makes the accounts much easier to attain and makes them feel like less of a cost.

And, of course, there isn’t any actual cost to the accounts at all. Since they only require you to deposit money that you can still trade with, the accounts are technically free. We won’t pretend that reaching all the deposit requirements is easy, but if you’re a trader with a larger disposable sum, you can comfortably reach the higher accounts.

Lastly, we need to touch on the contents of the accounts as well. We’d like to say that the accounts all overperform their price point by a significant margin. You can see for yourself, as here are some properties of the accounts:

Account Info at


  • Minimum Deposit: $250
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Trading Platform Introduction
  • Risk Management Strategies and Guidance
  • Basic Market Education Sessions


  • Minimum Deposit: $25000
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Trading Platform Introduction
  • Risk Management Strategies and Guidance
  • Basic Market Education Sessions
  • Personalised Trading Alerts


  • Minimum Deposit: $50000
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Trading Platform Introduction
  • Risk Management Strategies and Guidance
  • Basic Market Education Sessions
  • Personalised Trading Alerts
  • Risk Free Trades
  • Practical Guided Trading Sessions


  • Minimum Deposit: $100000
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Trading Platform Introduction
  • Risk Management Strategies and Guidance
  • Basic Market Education Sessions
  • Personalized Trading Alerts
  • Risk-Free Trades
  • Practical Guided Trading Sessions
  • Eligible for the Mega Markets Managed Account Service


  • Minimum Deposit: $250000
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Trading Platform Introduction
  • Risk Management Strategies and Guidance
  • Basic Market Education Sessions
  • Personalised Trading Alerts
  • Risk Free Trades
  • Practical Guided Trading Sessions
  • Eligible for the Mega Markets Managed Account Service
  • Higher Leverage

Mega Markets’ Trading Platform

Mega Markets’ Trading Platform

The last thing we should cover in our Mega Marets review is the broker’s platform. It uses a proprietary WebTrader that was developed specifically for browsers. And that may sound like a moot point since all WebTraders are for browsers, but that’s not what we mean.

Also, a lot of brokers develop browser trading programs as an afterthought or a copy of their original service. In other words, most develop a mobile or downloadable platform, and then they port it to be compatible with browsers. That often makes them feel not fully fleshed out, with bugs or small hitches that degrade the user experience.

Mega Markets’s approach has some major advantages, and the first is, obviously, the removal of those issues. The second is that traders that prefer trading via computers can remain much more mobile and trade with any device. Unlike with other brokers, you’ll actually get a fully-functional experience without losing any power.

Of course, we also need to mention that the platform is much better optimized than competitors. That means it’s much less likely to ruin your trading flow because of your device. Additionally, it means even older or less powerful computers can trade without feeling technologically outdated.

The platform itself has all the functions you’re used to and more. There is a solid suite of analytical measurements and features you can use to improve your trading experience. For example, visual indicators can help you locate trends and find breakout points. The platform supports multiple, so they’re a potent visual aid for your trading process.

There are tons of additional options you can explore, such as take wins and stop losses. They all formulate a coherent service with the goal of making the trading process easier and more lucrative for traders.

Meg Markets review: Conclusion

Mega Market is an exceptional brokerage with conditions that can benefit just about any trader. As we explained in our Mega Markets review, it’s versatile, open, and has powerful trading conditions. It both empowers you as a trader and is prepared to present some guidelines if you’re feeling lost. The experience at is entirely in your own hands.

No matter if you’re a new or experienced trader, the broker has something for you. We recommend signing up if you’re in search of a new trading hub.

Mega Markets FAQ

  1. Where is Mega Markets’ head office?

The Mega Markets operates from Harju maakond, Tallinn, Nõmme linnaosa, Rännaku, Estonia.

  1. Where is Mega Markets regulated?

Mega Markets operates within the legal requirements of the United Kingdom.

  1. Can Mega Markets be trusted?

Yes, Mega Markets has numerous factors that earn it a high trust rating. Find out more in the fund and account security section of our review.

  1. What kind of broker is Mega Markets?

Mega Markets is a CFD brokerage.

  1. Where is Mega Markets available?

Mega Markets is a global brokerage, accepting traders from most countries across the world.

  1. Can I trade crypto on Mega Markets?

Yes, the broker offers cryptocurrency trading.

  1. What is Mega Markets trading station?

Mega Markets offers users a custom web platform.

  1. What is the minimum deposit on Mega Markets?

The minimum amount you need for a live account is $250.

  1. How to trade on Mega Markets?

Once you deposit at least the minimum amount, you’ll be able to trade via the platform.

  1. What is Mega Markets’s leverage?

The max leverage on Mega Markets is 1:50

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