Kraken Launches Custody Service Amid ETF Boom

Quick Look

  • Kraken Financial introduces a crypto custody service in the US, targeting institutional clients.
  • The service aligns with growing institutional interest spurred by the approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs.
  • Wyoming-based Kraken Financial operates independently, emphasising security and innovation in the crypto custody market.

In an industry where trust and security are paramount, Kraken Financial, a Wyoming-based state-chartered bank, has announced the launch of its crypto custody service. This strategic move aims to cater to the burgeoning demand among institutional clients for robust digital asset custody solutions. The service’s unveiling on Wednesday signifies a pivotal moment in the crypto market, especially amid the renewed enthusiasm following the approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs.

At the core of this launch is the recognition of the critical role custody plays in the institutional crypto arena. Tim Ogilvie, Head of Kraken Institutional, remarked on the timeliness of this initiative. “Custody has always been integral to the institutional crypto space, and the recent success of the bitcoin ETFs has only underscored the need for a broader range of qualified custodians,” he stated. Kraken Custody aims to fill this gap, providing an alternative that is both secure and innovative.

Wyoming: A Pioneer in Crypto Regulation

Kraken Financial’s choice of Wyoming as its operational base is no coincidence. The state is renowned for its progressive stance towards cryptocurrency regulation and innovation. By launching a fintech sandbox in 2020, Wyoming provided a regulatory safe haven for experimenting with new financial products and services. This forward-thinking approach has positioned Wyoming as a leader in the crypto regulatory landscape, offering a conducive environment for ventures like Kraken Financial.

Kraken Leverages Wyoming’s Crypto-Friendly Laws

The crypto custody service market is becoming increasingly competitive. Significant financial institutions are now part of this trend. For instance, HSBC introduced a custody service for digital assets targeting institutional clients last year. Similarly, in the US, Custodia Bank unveiled its Bitcoin custody platform in select states. Moreover, in Europe, the partnership between Swiss crypto firm Taurus and Deutsche Bank has created a unique offering. They provide combined crypto custody and tokenised services, setting a new standard. Furthermore, the launch of Standard Chartered-backed Zodia Custody in Singapore focuses on financial institutions. This move emphasises the global expansion of this competitive arena.

Kraken Financial’s introduction of Kraken Custody is a deliberate move. It aims to meet the specific needs of the institutional market. By utilising its independent structure and taking advantage of Wyoming’s friendly regulatory environment, Kraken seeks to stand out. The company is committed to providing a secure and innovative service. This initiative underlines the increasing interest of institutions in cryptocurrencies. It also signifies a shift in the kinds of services needed to support the growing cryptocurrency sector.

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