IMPT and D2T tokens are in the spotlight. Why’s that? 


IMPT is a new exciting project that offers various unique opportunities. Thanks to this platform, people will be able to acquire carbon credits. They have two choices – either purchase those credits on the marketplace or get them while shopping. More and more corporations and large businesses are trying to fight the climate crisis, and the negative effect humanity’s actions have on nature. However, IMPT offers individuals a chance to also participate in this battle and help our planet. enables users to choose from hundreds of verified environmental projects. The company has developed partnerships with more than 10,000 retailers to help people offset their carbon footprint. More importantly, users can do that while simply shopping. Each brand and online store determine the percentage of sales margin allocated to impact projects. Customers will receive the sale margin in the form of IMPT tokens, delivered to their account. After they have a sufficient number of tokens, they will be able to purchase a carbon credit. The team stated that users could buy the credits directly from the company’s carbon marketplace.

Furthermore, customers will be able to hold their carbon credit as an investment or sell it. Retiring the credits is another option, and if the user chooses it, the platform will reward them. According to the project, users will get unique NFT collectibles after burning their carbon credits. The team also added some features to incentivize organizations and individuals to be more environmentally friendly.


How does the company plan to achieve its goal?

The IMPT team announced that it would establish the first global score, enabling each user to measure their impact in terms of carbon footprint. The platform will feature different rankings and levels for customers to measure and track their impact. Moreover, the company will add points. The latter are the rewards that the company bestows customers for their contribution to positive climate change. There are various ways to earn the rewards, such as participating in multiple activities on the platform or retiring carbon credits. The ultimate goal is to incentivize people to make changes and help to preserve nature.

The company has built by using blockchain technology. It wanted to ensure the transparency and security of the project. However, some people are concerned that blockchain harms the environment due to the high amount of natural resources it needs for development. But the IMPT team solves this particular issue by choosing a platform that follows sustainability principles. It based on Ethereum, which is one of the most eco-friendly blockchain platforms.

The project’s native token, IMPT, is already well-known. It has a high ranking on various ICO listing websites. The company launched the initial coin offering sale on October 3, 2022. It will end on December 1, 2022. The total supply of tokens is 3000000000, but only some percentage is available at this stage. The platform accepts ETH and USDT in exchange for its utility tokens.


What is Dash2Trade, and what does it offer? 

Dash2Trade is great crypto analytics and social trading platform that offers quality services and advanced features. This network helps investors to make informed decisions and achieve success in the markets.

The company also provides various interesting tools, such as trading signals that show buy/sell opportunities in the market; Social trading and strategy builder tools that make trading and adopting new strategies much easier; Cryptocurrency listing alerts that enable users to benefit from new listing announcements; Social sentiment and on-chain analysis to find trending tokens and so on.

However, one of the key features of the platform is its native utility token – D2T. The latter will power the whole Dash 2 Trade platform. The team has based this coin on the Ethereum blockchain. D2T will enable customers to access the crypto analytics platform, as well as signals and social trading features.

The team aims for Dash 2 Trade to become one of the leading crypto analytics and social trading platform worldwide. It wants to provide as much value to its clients as possible with accessible on-chain analysis, actionable trading signals, and the trading tools needed to take advantage of market opportunities.

Moreover, the company launched D2T’s ICO sale on October 19, 2022. It will end on December 19, 2022. This token is very trending currently. Its total supply is 700000000, but only 66.5% will be available for public sale.

The team decided to create this token to support its informed trading analytics platform. The latter will provide crypto investors and traders with in-depth market insights and help them create great strategies. Besides, this platform is an excellent choice for every type of trader: beginners, those with average experience, and professionals.


What are the Dash 2 Trade platform’s benefits? 

What are the Dash 2 Trade platform’s benefits? 

Thanks to Dash 2 Trade, customers will have access to signals, social trading tools, and metrics. As a result, they will be able to identify and analyze underlying factors that influence cryptocurrencies’ prices. Dash 2 Trade isn’t the first platform to offer such services, though. There are also thousands of token projects. So, what makes this company unique?

One of the best things about it is the team striving always to be on top of the markets. Most companies struggle to keep up with their speed and volatility. Consequently, they miss many important trading factors in the midst of the abundant and rapid flow of information. Unfortunately, that could prove very damaging for traders on the long ride. After all, the ability to make informed decisions based on new, actionable insights is one of the largest factors of success for investors.

The trader, who has access to relevant data as soon as it becomes available, will be able to make consistently good decisions and profit greatly in the market. However, signals usually come in many different forms, and deciphering them can be tedious work. The Dash 2 Trade platform ensures that investors get those signals in an easily understandable form. The company allows its customers access to listing alerts, social metrics, presales, technical indicators, and more. But users will have to acquire D2T tokens to enjoy the best benefits of the platform.


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