Galaxy Arena’s hot token ESNC is already available 


Galaxy Arena is a new metaverse entertainment hub. Developed by an experienced team of crypto enthusiasts, this platform aims to innovate the live entertainment and fitness worlds. Galaxy Arena will leverage blockchain technology and advanced features to achieve that goal. The team will offer users Unreal Engine 5’s hyper-realistic graphics. It believes that this project will stand out among other metaverse platforms and attract both gamers and VR enthusiasts.

The founders of Galaxy Arena started working on the project on September 1, 2021. The team now consists of more than 35 dedicated members. They specialize in various sectors, including coding and programming using blockchain algorithms, metaverse technology, VR/AR implementation, data analysis, and statistical analysis, as well as crypto trading and video editing.

Moreover, the company managed to achieve significant success over the year. It boasts great partnerships and a large contingent of supporters. The project raised $1M during its token’s private sale. Galaxy Arena aims to create an immersive VR experience that will bring users to the web3 era. This project also provides real token utilities, along with a massive revenue stream. Its users will enjoy various attractive benefits.


How does this platform work? 

Galaxy Arena uses innovative volumetric motion-capture technology to offer customers a decentralized virtual reality experience. Thanks to this platform, users will experience a one-of-a-kind journey through the metaverse world. The company plans to become the leading state-of-the-art X-to-Earn metaverse hub. It wants to bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds.  

The team built the project on the Polygon network. It has also created the native utility token – Essence ($ESNC). The token’s ICO sale started on October 16, 2022. ESNC is a trending coin. It got a high ranking on various ICO listing platforms. 1 ESNC is trading for 0.035 USD currently, but its value will likely increase after the initial coin offering ends. The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000, but 13,5% is available for purchase at this stage. The team aims to raise 35,000,000 with the sale.  

Galaxy Arena is the only VR Earn game aggregator metaverse hub worldwide that enables users to play, move, dance, learn, sing and participate in various other activities under one roof. Moreover, this platform offers an opportunity to earn money while enjoying your hobbies.

The company divided the platform into three main sectors. Those are the arena gym, the entertainment venue, and the tower. According to the team, each sector will introduce its own unique characteristics and act as its own revenue stream pillar.

Exercising isn’t always enjoyable, especially if people lack the motivation to work out. Galaxy Arena decided to solve that problem by creating a monetary rewards system. The latter will motivate users to stay fit in the metaverse. In the process, they will earn ESNC tokens. The platform even provides a state-of-the-art gym for working out. The team is woking hard to develop the first train-to-earn gym in the metaverse, along with the first move-to-earn game in VR.


What does the Galaxy Arena entertainment venue offer? 

The Galaxy Arena entertainment venue boasts 30.000 square meters of digital space. The team has divided it into seven floors. The arena is at the center, and every floor offers different amenities, functionalities, attractions, and experiences.

On the main floor, users will find a virtual reality space for real-world concerts, as well as MMA fighting events and other types of performances. The platform will showcase them by using cutting-edge motion capture technology. As a result, spectators will be able to watch broadcasts from every conceivable angle in better detail than they would while sitting at the ringside at a match or in the front row of a concert.

According to the team, all important events take place on the main floor area and ring stage. The platform focuses on fighting, but it also aims to broadcast a vast variety of events such as concerts, talks, exhibitions, stand-up comedy, and fashion shows for customers who don’t enjoy gory battles. Galaxy Arena will accommodate any type of competition and event.


What about the other floors? 

On the second floor, users will find private booths that encircle the arena. The Galaxy Arena elite will be able to occupy those booths and take in matches separately from the commoners milling about on the lower levels. Corporations, companies, and high-end individuals can use private booths for marketing their brands, as well as impress friends, partners, and clients. They will be able to relax and watch the matches in a luxurious setting.

The company offers special benefits for users who rent a private booth. Advertising the brand, having meetings with large corporations, quality of service, privacy, safety, and no disruption are just some of the advantages that the company provides. Besides, in the Galaxy Arena community, private booths will be a status symbol.

The team plans to create a commercial area on the third floor. There will be lounges, shops, and boutiques. Users will be able to explore online shops. They can also buy a plot and build their own storefront.


Codyfight's token is still hot. Why's that? 

Codyfight’s token is still hot. Why’s that? 

Codyfight is an interesting GameFi metaverse enterprise. It has attracted investors’ attention recently and remains a high-ranked project thus far. The company strives to create a new business model in the gaming space. It aims to enable different types of players to enjoy the exciting game and earn money in the process. Codyfight has built a unique virtual world of expression and creativity for different types of players. This game will attract gamers, artists, collectors, developers, community leaders, investors, and others.

Moreover, the company used blockchain technology to develop this game. It employs the Create2Earn business model, which offers unlimited possibilities for ownership of assets. Users will also be able to create in-game features and become part of the competitive community.

Codyfight plans to launch its native utility token CTOK in October 2022. This ERC20 coin is currently trending. Its price will be 0.08 USD per token during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise 2,540,000 with the sale. The total supply of tokens is 127,000,001, but only some percentage will be available for purchase at this stage.


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