How Does Apex Trading Work: Apex Trader Funding Guide

Apex Trader Funding stands out as a top-notch proprietary trading firm, providing a streamlined method for financing traders across the globe. Their simplified evaluation process has garnered immense popularity among day traders, presenting an opportunity to showcase trading skills within a specific timeframe, meet profit targets, and secure a funded account. So How does Aapex trade work?

How does apex trade work

So, how does apex trade work? Apex Trader Funding aims to help other traders trade the financial markets.This Prop trading firm was founded by Darrell Martin, an operator and day trader who, since 2008, has brought together a good number of traders (more than 30,000 members) in more than 150 countries.

Their motto is: “Traders Helping Traders”.

After trying and reviewing every financing company available on the market, they set out to build a better model. Darrell Martin managed to get $300,000 in winnings with just one finance company and then set out to create a better one that he wouldn’t be capped with.

Why Choose Apex Trader Funding?

They offer easy-to-pass trading programs, the lowest prices, the busiest contracts with the fewest rules possible that allow you to upgrade to a performance account and finally get paid. I’ll let you discover, in detail, the 3 main financing programs.

 Benefits of the Apex Trader Funding Program

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Apex Trader Funding offers you benefits like:

  • 100% of your first winnings up to $25,000 then 90% beyond
  • 2 withdrawals per month
  • News trading strategies
  • A minimum of 7 trading days to qualify
  • The ability to trade up to 20 accounts with a single connection
  • You can perform the same actions on all your accounts at the same time
  • Be able to negotiate large contracts in assessments or funded accounts
  • It has no scaling or failure if you exceed the number of contracts allowed
  • No Daily Drawdowns
  • You can trade on public holidays when the markets are open
  • You can trade with different strategies on days of big economic announcements
  • There is no cap on the payment of your commissions
  • The evaluation process is in one step, as soon as you validate your evaluation, you go directly to the PA account
  • Real-time market data is included
  • Risk management rules are simple
  • Minimum amount for a withdrawal: $500 compared to $1000 at other prop firms
  • Every trader who successfully completes one of their assessment programs receives funding. Apex strives to offer you the best opportunity with financing adapted to your level. So, you can enjoy benefits like:

What is the profit split on Apex trader funding?

Apex Trader Funding stands out for its simplicity, flexibility and lucrative profit split — you receive 100 of the first 25,000 profit per account and 90% after that. Moreover, you can receive two monthly payouts; there’s no total cap on the maximum payout.

Apex Trader Funding will pay you your first $25,000 at 100% for each account funded with them. So, if you have four PA accounts and they all reach a threshold of $25,000, Apex pays you $100,000. Apex’s policy states that you can have up to 20 PA accounts at a time, I think you’ve quickly done the math.

As with the seven-day minimum trial, the company also allows existing accounts to benefit from the same benefits. 

What is 100K static apex trader funding?


100K STATIC: Unlike the full options, this option has a static contract limit of 2 contracts (20 Micros) regardless of the starting capital. It has a profit goal of $2,000, with no trailing threshold, but a total drawdown limit of $625. The monthly fee for this option is $137.

10 Day PA Payments

Another important change. Prior to this new update, Apex Trader Funding required at least 10 trading days under its belt to request the first payment. After the December update, Apex allows funded traders to request payouts after just 10 days of activity. You also just need 10 days between payment requests. This rule change also applies to existing accounts.

Withdrawals can now be made twice a month. And with the 10 trading day period required between payments, you can request two payments per month. Here’s how it works:

  • You meet the conditions for opening a PA account
  • You carry out transactions on your PA account for at least 10 days (if you have already made a request, you must respect an interval of 10 days between two requests).
  • You reach a minimum balance to request a withdrawal
  • You submit a request
  • Apex receives the request
  • Apex reviews the request
  • Apex approves the request
  • You receive payment

The payment request schedule is as follows:

  • You make a request between the 1st and 5th of the month => Payment is issued on the 15th.
  • You make a request between the 15th and 20th of the month => Payment is issued on the last day of the month.

APEX account size or available starting capital

What are the POLYGAME Solutions?

25k full to 300k represents the possible starting balance in your simulated trading space. This figure roughly corresponds to the amount of funds you would need in your online brokerage account to cover the initial margin for the maximum position size available in the program. You have the opportunity to transform a small budget (the price of a program) into a real trading account with high leverage.

NinjaTrader License

One of the most popular and powerful trading platforms is included in the Apex Funding program and it is functional from the start. Renting the NinjaTrader trading platform alone normally costs $225 per quarter. So, with the financing programs offered, you are lucky to have the software included in each package.

Commissions on transactions

As with any broker, commissions are deducted for each position taken. They are amputated from your evaluation account or financed.

Commissions for each round trip

Stock index futures: $3.98

Interest rate futures: $3.12 to $4.02

Currency futures: $4.72

AG Futures: $5.58

Energy Futures: $3.96

Metals: $4.62

Micro Futures: $1.02

Another strong point of APEX, the commissions are in line with the lowest rates of online brokers. Some of the competitors overcharge commissions, which punishes scalpers.

If you reach the drawdown and fail the assessment. You can reset your eval account for just $80 and start over. Likewise, you can be aggressive on different accounts and start again for just $80. Although this is not ideal for a disciplined trading journey, it is an approach you can try with this program.

Minimum withdrawals allowed at Apex Trader Funding


The minimum withdrawal for any account, regardless of its size, is $500 and you must have a minimum of ten trading days since your last request. Requests are only accepted on certain days of the month, as I indicated above.

Maximum Withdrawals Allowed at Apex Trading

There is a maximum withdrawal amount from accounts for the first 3 months of withdrawals. You can withdraw this maximum amount, twice a month, according to the schedule established by the firm. As long as you have completed 10 days of trading between requests, you are good.

From the fourth month, there is no longer a maximum. You can withdraw as much as you want, as long as the account remains above its minimum required balance (starting balance plus $100) and there is a minimum of ten days of transactions between requests.

Each account is considered a separate, stand-alone account. So if you have 10 accounts, you can withdraw the maximum from EACH account, EACH payment period. For example, if you have 10 accounts, all $50,000, you can withdraw $2,000 from each of them, for a total of $20,000. And you can do it twice a month, for a total of $40,000 for the month! You can do this for the first 3 months, then the 4th month, there is no longer a maximum for each account.

Advanced Strategies and Aggressive Futures Trading

  • Trade and manage multiple accounts with one main account!

Most people make do with just one testing account, and it is common for these finance companies to limit traders to only one testing or trading review account at a time. However, Apex allows you to trade multiple trial accounts at once. This allows you to approach your profit goals in different ways and use more advanced trading strategies:

  • Risk allocation

If you want to trade large positions and reduce drawdown risks, spreading across multiple accounts will reduce drawdown risks compared to taking the same risk on a single account. It is also much easier to consider ten times a loss of $200 than a big loss of $2000. It allows you to have a lot of leeway with a small drawdown.

  • Push the leverage

A trade copier software is available to copy trades to multiple trading accounts. You can get multiple accounts on a good promo, connect the transaction copier and manage all of your accounts in the same way. You can trade up to 20 accounts. Twenty accounts can give you massive leverage by being more aggressive.

This type of extremely aggressive leverage is not suitable for everyone; to be honest, it doesn’t suit almost anyone. Leverage is a double-edged sword with extreme risk.

It is better to take several accounts to reduce the risk and generate greater profits by using a trade copier.

How Does Apex Trading Work FAQ


Are there consistency rules for Apex?

The company does not have any strict rules in place in order to allow traders to have as much freedom as possible to adapt, adjust, and trade consistently. There is only one condition under which traders can fail in managing the valuation account, which is reaching their maximum drawdown threshold. Generally, the company has lenient rules when it comes to ratings, but traders are strongly advised to have a well-defined trading plan. It is important to note that anyone who is interested in trading any type of market without a trading plan cannot be considered a true trader. Having a trading plan enables traders to establish their strategy, set realistic expectations, understand how to handle losses, and achieve consistency in their trading. This consistency is the primary objective that Apex aims to find in traders.

How can traders reset their Apex accounts?

If a trader is in a position where their account needs to be reset, it means the trader has failed the assessment. The account was deactivated because it fell below the maximum loss threshold for that particular account.

What happens next after you take the Apex assessment?

After successfully completing the evaluation and meeting the profit goal in a minimum of 7 trading days, traders must simply wait for communication from Apex Trader Funding. Within two working days or less after the 7 trading days, the company will send an email that includes the contract and a payment link. It is therefore important for traders to regularly check their email in order to promptly respond when they receive a message from Apex Trader Funding.

Once the trader takes action by making the required payment and signing the necessary documents, they will be notified of the subsequent steps within two business days or possibly even sooner.

Should we trade every day during their testing period?

Traders are not obligated to engage in daily trading throughout the evaluation process. It suffices to have traded for a minimum of seven days. Traders have the freedom to take breaks and time off, as the company does not insist on consecutive trading days, but allows for a dispersed schedule. 

There is no time limit imposed for traders to meet the profit target, whether it takes ten days, ten weeks, or even ten months. This means that traders have ample time to qualify and become eligible without any constraints on the duration.

 However, there is a recurring payment every thirty days that the assessment is still active, which the trader should be aware of.

Additionally, the trader can reset their account, and there is no limit to the number of times the reset option can be used. The most important thing is that the trader trades for at least 7 trading days to be eligible for funding, regardless of how long the trader takes to meet the eligibility requirements.

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