HoneyWood Is a New Exciting Platform. What About CONE?

HoneyWood offers an immersive game that will engage players and give them an opportunity to earn tokens. The company based this game on its own blockchain. It also used some of the most popular game mechanics to make the platform more interesting for users. The team plans to launch HoneyWood’s native utility token on February 13, 2023. The ICO sale will end on February 14, 2023.

The CONE token’s price will be $0.17 during the initial coin offering. The total supply of tokens is 18,993,665. However, according to the team, only 16,83% of that amount will be available for purchase at this stage. The company wants to raise $20,000 by exchanging its coins. And it will accept only USDT.

The team believes that players will find this game very enjoyable. Besides, they will profit handsomely while playing. The plot features hard-working bears. They will somehow get into unexplored territories. These new lands are barren and desolate, but they are also ready to become inhabited. Thus, bears get to work and start planting trees, clearing territory, and building apiaries. They can even breed bees. Over time, these lands will become rich oases. Numerous plants cover its premises and the place develops its biosystem with insects. Consequently, it also supplies Honey – a lot of Honey. The bears call this new land HoneyWood.

In this amazing place, every bear can have their own fiefdom. They work tirelessly to achieve success in their endeavor, the latter being cultivating the most Honey. Naturally, quality also matters. Thus, they can build new apiaries, collect and breed new bees, and decorate their lands as they expand into new territories.

What about the other activities? 

Working hard is great, but no one can work endlessly without taking time now and again. After all, everyone needs fun. The same is true for HoneyWood bears. They have their own activities to relax and have fun. Forest games are their favorite, though. These are fun competitions where the winners will get great prizes.

All is well in this paradise, or was, until the bears discovered that their space was getting a bit crowded and the supplies were dwindling as a result. With so many bears in the HoneyWood, even oxygen was becoming scarce. Moreover, with so many mouths to feed, the nectar supply didn’t seem such abundant as before. Bees started making less Honey, and it became a real problem, as Honey was the most important thing for the bears.  

They managed to find a solution, though – planting more trees. Thus, nowadays, planting trees is a tradition in HoneyWood. After doing that, the bear receives Honey as a gratitude gift from other bears. This solution has worked fairly well thus far. But is it temporary or not? This is what this gameplay is about.

The HoneyWood team combined several popular game mechanics to create this game. It uses a PvP system, along with farming. However, these processes are interwoven on the platform instead of being separated. For example, users can substantially improve their lands and farming by playing match 3 (PvP). On the other hand, they can get more boosters in match 3 if they develop and work on their farm. That involves setting decorations, cultivating unique bees, and so on.

Competition games are free for new players 

According to the team, new participants will be able to an onboarding process and join the battles in match3 without paying any fees. They will have to fight with other players and win if they want to get exciting prizes. Moreover, users will have a chance to increase their stats and move to a higher rank.

The company noted that each match3 game has 4 rounds. Participants will have 2 moves, but they can make extra moves if they get boosters. While the initial matches are free, players will have to pay HoneyCoins to participate in match3 tournaments.

The platform will announce tournaments regularly. It will collect a common deposit from all participants, as well. However, winners will get those funds as rewards in the end. Users can also collect fruits during matches. After receiving tokens and fruits from various matches and game activities, users will be able to use them to develop their farms. They can extend a field, build new apiaries, or even buy new decorations. That will give them access to new boosters in the match3 part of the game. Thus, they will become stronger and faster in battles. In short, this is a never-ending cycle. Win battles to earn tokens and develop a farm – develop a farm to win more battles.

Each player will get the same rank when they first enter the game – 200. A win is 15 points, a draw is 5 points, while a defeat means minus 5 points. The system will pair opponents with the same rank in battles.

What about HoneyCoin’s tokenomics? 

What about HoneyCoin’s tokenomics? 

The platform has two native tokens. These are CONE and HoneyCoin. Players need the latter to perform various in-game activities. On the other hand, CONE is a utility token. Its holders will be able to use it for staking and voting. They can take part in the platform’s future development and propose team some new ideas.

The company will also have its own marketplace, where it will sell in-game assets. Players will need HoneyCoin, to purchase them, though. They can buy items on the website or in the mobile app. It doesn’t make any difference. Furthermore, users will be able to mint new in-game tokens by using CONE. But such transactions are costly – the platform will require fees.

The company plans to create 120,000,000 coins at first. But the bears will generate more HoneyCoins during farming. The team might also use these tokens to promote the project. HoneyCoin has an impressive list of utilities. Its holders will be able to make in-app purchases via the game store; pay for any game commission fees; plant trees, and generate new CONE coins; and make deposits in PvP battles. Additionally, they can earn HoneyCoin in the Farming section of the game.


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