AngelBlock’s token, THOL, is in the spotlight. Why’s that?


AngelBlock is a new project that attracted Defi investors’ attention. This company offers users an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies and FinTech. It aims to connect investors with promising startup companies. Moreover, the platform focuses on early-stage investments.

The team introduced its native utility token – THOL – on January 10, 2023. Its sale will end on February 15, 2023. THOL is an ERC20. According to the company, its price will increase gradually. However, currently, it’s trading for $0.08 per token. The total supply of tokens is 480,000,000, but only 29% is available for purchase at this stage.

Starting your own business is a good way to earn income. However, this process can be very taxing. While it’s not easy to secure funding, that is the least of the problems. Project creators should carefully consider how much their startup might cost. More often than not, people underestimate costs and have to stop their project’s execution at some stage. That might lead to a hard financial debacle. That’s especially true if the founders are specialists in their project field but don’t know the ins and outs of the financial world. There are so many details to consider, such as logistic limitations, legal regulations, or organizational difficulties. And don’t forget about taxes and accounting. They also need special attention to make sure that everything works according to regulations.

Unfortunately, many creators come face to face with problems, they weren’t expecting to actually be a problem. To avoid such obstacles, they need to seek help from experienced people who can advise on what to expect and how to achieve success in the market. After all, there are so many companies vying for clients’ attention that it’s not easy to find your niche and generate loyal customers.


What does AngelBlock offer?

AngelBlock wants to help startups become successful. The company pointed out that the financial world is changing exponentially. The digital asset revolution forever changed traditional finance. Fiat money now has a strong rival in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic changed how we view the world. People have learned that working from home is both easier and more convenient, usually. Besides, we have to depend on the internet and technologies for everyday activities, such as learning, shopping, or even communicating, more than ever before.

The pandemic period was hard to endure. However, staying home gave people more time to contemplate new projects, and as the virtual space was the most easily available, many developers and creators started working on its development. In fact, AngelBlock is the result of such contemplation.

The company noted that cryptocurrency startups have always struggled more to get funding compared to traditional companies. There are several reasons investors are more careful, and one of them is security. Frequent scams damage the industry as people are unwilling to sink their money into projects when it’s so hard to ascertain whether the company is trustworthy. Nowadays, criminals and scammers have managed to create such elaborate schemes that they, more often than not, seem totally believable. That’s why investors need to find a dependable platform that will enable them to connect with startups. AngelBlock aims to offer just that.

The team will introduce on its platform only thoroughly vetted crypto and FinTech projects that have strong potential. Moreover, it will guarantee that startups get their funding without any delays. The company is especially interested in early-stage investments, as it sees huge potential there. AngelBlock will create mutually beneficial networks all around the world.


How does the AngelBlock platform work?


How does the AngelBlock platform work?

According to the company, its platform will provide interesting services for investors and startups. The website will have various great features, and it will be easy to navigate. The team noted that it would consider the demands of those clients, who fall into both categories, though (investor and startup). AngelBlock’s main goal is to help its clients generate more value.

Besides, the AngelBlock platform provides various ways to raise funds. In the first stage, the company will offer three forms of fundraising. Users can raise money by using tokens, equity, and both of them.

The team aims to democratize the investment process. It also wants to offer support to those individuals who have great ideas but don’t know how to proceed to make them real. Furthermore, the company will focus on Defi enthusiasts instead of investors from the traditional financial world. AngelBlock believes that cryptos are humankind’s future. However, the team also noted that AngelBlock wouldn’t be a crowdfunding platform.

The company will carefully vet its community members to ensure that its clients are safe from scammers. It will also try to achieve a balance between connecting startups with high-profile investors and dispersing funds gathered from smaller contributors. The team wants to avoid any volatility.

The company won’t let every investor onboard. It will also choose the startups it wants to support very carefully. The companies wishing to become part of this community have to undergo the vetting process. The team will review the analysis of the work that the founders have already finished, along with asking for audit and other legal and technical documents. It will interview the founders and team, as well. And consult its advisors to make sure that the project has potential.


What makes the AngelBlock platform stand out among other similar ones?

One of the main advantages of this project is its high-security level. The team is working hard to ensure that its clients will get a high-quality service without losing their funds to scammers. The company will publish the results of its analysis of each project added to its platform. It will be very transparent about the whole process. Thus, investors will have an opportunity to find out what exactly they are funding.

Moreover, the company will consult its clients about the best ways to develop their projects. It will help users to maximize their potential and profit handsomely in the process. AngelBlock has a good roadmap, and its team has broad experience. Thus, it is a great choice for both investors and startups.


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