Hatom ICO: Empowering the Community with Defi

Hatom is the decentralized, algorithmic protocol for borrowing, lending, and staking assets. And it is currently making waves in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). Operating on the MultiversX Network, this project introduces the HTM native token to revolutionize the way users interact with the ecosystem. With its upcoming ICO, Hatom is poised to reshape the future of DeFi.

Introducing Hatom and its ICO Sale

The company is preparing to launch its highly anticipated Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sale, scheduled from July 17 to July 18, 2023. The HTM token, forged on the MultiversX Standard Digital Token protocol, plays a vital role within its ecosystem. The company aims to raise $2,000,000 through the ICO sale. The total token supply is 100,000,000, with 25.84% available for sale.

The Power of HTM Token in the Hatom Ecosystem

The HTM token serves as the lifeblood of the Hatom Ecosystem, providing governance and decision-making capabilities. Beyond its transactional functions, the HTM token empowers the community to shape the future of decentralized finance. Furthermore, token holders have a direct say in key decisions such as innovative features, listing policies, and system upgrades, creating a truly community-driven ecosystem.

Benefits for The Token Holders

HTM Token holders enjoy a range of benefits within the Hatom Ecosystem. As the linchpin of the governance structure, the HTM Token grants community members the agency to decide on critical aspects of the ecosystem’s development. This includes potential upgrades, feature integrations, and the listing of forthcoming tokens.

Additionally, the team will channel a portion of the revenue generated by the Hatom Ecosystem into a Staking Module in the future. HTM Token holders can stake their tokens and earn a share of the ecosystem’s revenues from various sources. That includes the Lending Protocol, Liquid Staking, Hatom USD, Leverage Staking, and more. This revenue-sharing model provides a sense of ownership and rewards HTM Token holders akin to traditional shareholder privileges.

The Future Potential of HTM Token

The Future Potential of The Token

Encompassing the highest revenue-generating protocols in DeFi, the HTM Token is set to emerge as one of the most influential tokens in governance. Its unique ability to distribute dividends to holders adds another dimension to its appeal. Accumulating HTM allows users to earn a share of the profits generated by the MultiversX Blockchain’s most lucrative protocol.

Furthermore, HTM Token holders can enhance the protocol’s security by depositing their tokens in the Safety Module. In return, they receive incentives in the form of HTM Tokens sourced from a fraction of the protocol’s revenue, bolstering the overall stability and resilience of the ecosystem.

Expanding Utility of HTM ICO

In the near future, the company will integrate the HTM Token into its Lending Application, allowing users to supply and borrow HTM. This dynamic lending market will further enhance the token’s utility and expand its use cases within the ecosystem.

Hatom’s Organic Approach: The HTM Buy-back Module

Hatom stands out as a leading-edge DeFi ecosystem that prioritizes organic and sustainable practices without relying on liquidity mining or ephemeral incentives. The ecosystem generates revenue from various sources. And the team will methodically funnel the funds into the Lending Protocol and other products later. Through the HTM Buy-back Module, the platform entirely converts the revenue into HTM Tokens, which serve as incentives for users, ensuring a stable token price.

This approach resembles a Delta Neutral strategy. It generates significant buying pressure on the native tokens before distribution. Even if all users decide to liquidate their HTM Tokens, the token price remains stable. It will also provide benefits to HTM Token holders as the value of HTM appreciates.

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