G4AL platform’s hot token GGT will be available soon 

The G4AL Platform offers great services for developers and creators who want to move on to Web3 technology. The latter is still new, but it comes with numerous possibilities. Users who love to experiment and find new ways to create glorious products will find this platform a great help. Besides, the G4AL Platform’s users don’t need to have extensive experience with Web3 workings. This website is based on blockchain and is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Thanks to G4AL, customers will be able to add various great features to their games. That will only take a few minutes.  

The company created the GGT token along with the platform. It is G4AL’s native utility coin. The team plans to launch the ICO sale on February 20, 2023. The sale will end on February 22, 2023. This ERC20 token’s price will be $0.0125 per GGT during the initial coin offering. The total supply of tokens is 10,000,000,000, but only 16,25% will be available for purchase at this stage. The company aims to raise 125,000,000 to fund the project’s development.

Manel Sort is the company’s founder and CEO. He founded G4AL in 2021. Trip Hawkins (CSO) is also one of the founders. The team also includes Javier León, Art Director, Marc Tormo, and Christian Gascons. All of the members have extensive experience in blockchain and Web3 technologies, as well as in building successful startups. In addition, G4AL has trustworthy advisors, Ernest Sánchez and Carlos Blanco. Both of them are entrepreneurial leaders. And they work in the field of new technologies.

What is the G4AL Platform’s goal? 

This company aims to bring innovations to the gaming industry and start a new era. The gaming world is already shifting. More and more developers are moving to Web3 from Web2. However, G4AL offers ways to make the games not only enjoyable but also greatly profitable. For example, let’s imagine that gamers playing Candy Crush could get part of the game’s revenue from the platform. That would be a great incentive for existing users and would also attract new people. Such a model would enable players to profit along with game developers.

Moreover, in many games, users have to buy various items and can’t use them outside the game’s ecosystem. So, that money is lost for them. After they finish playing the game, they will have no use for these in-game assets. But what if users could use the latter as NFTs, exchanging or selling them on the markets? Take Fortnite for example. While it’s a fabulous game, it doesn’t allow gamers to sell their purchased assets on a secondary marketplace. However, if people could resell skins and other in-game items, then their money would be well-spent in the first place.

G4AL offers just such a possibility through blockchain technology. The company plans to develop the necessary infrastructure to make such a model workable. Thanks to the G4AL platform, developers will be able to incorporate these mechanisms into their own games easily. The team also noted that its solution would be absolutely transparent, scalable, and secure.  

What makes G4AL stand out from other similar projects? 

What makes G4AL stand out from other similar projects? 

While earning money could incentivize players, it still couldn’t hold their attention for long if the game is uninteresting. After all, there won’t be any shortcomings of such games soon. Players will be able to have their pick, and they will choose the ones that are both immersive and well-developed. It’s important to offer customers such a product that will keep them returning to the platform. That’s what G4AL strives to do. It will make sure that its platform offers the most advanced tools and features, along with exciting and engaging gameplay. The team wants to make blockchain gaming accessible to every user around the world. It believes that this new technology will bring about the largest revolution in the gaming industry since the free-to-play model’s introduction.

The company plans to create the G4AL Chain. The latter will be a blockchain built specifically for games. The team will also provide developers with access to Web3 Game Tools. Another great product that the G4AL project offers is its own marketplace. Users will be able to trade various G4AL games’ assets on it. However, they will need to purchase Game Gold Token (or GGT). It will be the main currency used for marketplace transactions. Moreover, GGT will serve as a cross-currency in the G4AL network’s video games.

The project’s engineering team removed most of the cumbersome overhead of a decentralized blockchain while creating the G4AL Chain. Instead, the team has made it permissioned. That means the G4AL Chain is more secure and easily accessible. This solution will be sustainable for all kinds of gamers.

What obstacles does the team need to overcome? 

The company stated that it had to tackle several problems, including making a Proof of Authority consensus. The latter means creating a private permissioned chain. However, it decided to use a hybrid approach to overcome this obstacle. Thanks to the hybrid system, the G4AL is not only permissioned and private, but its blockchain ledger is public, and everyone can access it. Besides, the team uses PoW hashing and signature to secure the chain.

According to the company, its network is one of the easiest and fastest approaches on the market for developers who want to use Web3’s more advanced features. The platform also encourages developers to experiment with Web3 and find new ways to develop fabulous games.  

The G4AL team’s endgame is to revolutionize the gaming industry. It hopes to aid with that goal by providing a secure and transparent environment for developers, gamers, and creators. The company will also try to find solutions for the major problems hindering the evolution of the Defi gaming industry. It aims to achieve as much scalability and security as possible.

Furthermore, the company will secure the G4AL platform with cryptography and various consensus algorithms. These will guarantee that all transactions are safe, immutable, and trustless. At the same time, the team will minimize transaction costs. Overall, this platform offers interesting services, and it has strong potential to achieve success. The team introduced a well-developed road map, and its ICO token is trending. 


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