quora EEA Backed by Two Software Giants For New Token

EEA Backed by Two Software Giants For New Token

Microsoft and Intel are backing up EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) on its new system of reward tokens. And it shared some of its developments on October 7. The organization confirmed that they had created a new system of reward tokens with the support of two software giants.

Moreover, the latest tokens are here to incentivize and reward companies who are passionately taking part in a consortium. The three types of tokens, as manager Michael Reed explained, are the reward token, reputation token, and penalty token.

Reed stated, “The example we are using is a software development consortium like EEA, where we are trying to motivate activities like editing and contributing to specifications, developing and adding code.”

Crypto Market, Bitcoin Recovers

Meanwhile, Bitcoin (BTC) continues to recover together with most of the other currencies. Notably, Chainlink (LINK) and Tron (TRX) have broker 10% gains on the day. The most famous crypto coin in the world finished the week with a selloff. And it pushed its priced well under the $8,000 mark, with a record close down 2.5% for the week. But Monday showed some bearing gifts.

Bitcoin began the trading day at around $8,000 price level. After that, it had been slowly climbing to its current price point of $8,234. It displayed a gain of 5.35% since the previous day.

On the other hand, Ether (ETH) has been showing a fantastic increase of over 6.6% on the day. In addition to that, the altcoin reached its intraday low in sync with Bitcoin at the start of the day. And since, it has found its way to $181.12 per coin.

Then, Ripple’s XRP shows further gains of more than 9%. And it is currently trading at around $0.277. Previously, the altcoin has shown remarkable growth for the past week. And this happened after news of a partnership between Ripple’s investment arm Xpring and BitPay arise.

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