quora Vans Sports Company Discards A Design on Competition Criticism

Vans Sports Company Discards A Design on Competition Criticism

Previously, sports company brand Vans has been told to ‘Lick the Wall.” This incident was after the company blocked anti-China designs in a shoe competition.


Now, the incident was leading to widespread boycotts in Hong Kong and an #AntiVansChallenge exploding on social media.


Today, Vans is the latest American firm that unwillingly dragged into the protracted conflict between China and Hong Kong.


Moreover, it has all to do with masks and colors, and it didn’t want the classic sneakers.


The American shoe company has also drawn into this controversy. It was due to the regular Custom Culture competition, where ordinary people can share their designs to go on the sneakers.


From there, a publicly voted champion claims a cash prize. The winner has their design printed on shoes.


However, some designs are featuring images related to Hong Kong protesters. The models are containing people that are wearing gas masks. There also designs with hard hats, yellow umbrellas, and the flower symbol used by pro-democracy demonstrators.


Also, news reports said they received rejections as design candidates.


One such design nearly received 40,000 votes online before Vans removed it.


Statement of Vans Towards Hong Kong’s Boycott


On October 5, Vans posted on its official Hong Kong Facebook page indicating, “As a brand that is open to everyone, we have never taken a political position. Therefore, we review designs to guarantee they are in line with our company’s long-held values of respect and tolerance. It is as well as with our clearly communicated guidelines for this competition.”


The company also added, “based on the guidelines of the global competition, Vans can validate that a number of artistic submissions have been removed.”


The decision flickered scandal in Hong Kong, with some retailers proclaiming they would not stock Vans.


Retailer, Dahood wrote on Facebook, “In view of the controversy over the earlier custom culture design competition held by Vans worldwide, our group decided to suspend the operation. It is on three Vans affiliate stores from today until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience!”


On Tuesday, the retailer’s post had received more than 17,000 likes.


Another popular retailer, Husky, indicated they would get rid of Vans from sale until further notice.


The counterattack has resulted in the birth of the #AntiVansChallenge on social media. Moreover, people are now defacing Vans shoes or spraying them with pro-Hong Kong messages.

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