Economic Update: FBI Warns Public on Deposit Checks Scam

ECONOMIC UPDATE – The Federal Bureau of Investigation warned the public against a new type of scam online. The new scheme enables scammers to steal the paycheck of users directly from their deposit accounts.

These scammers will send an email pretending as a human resources employee in order to acquire the login credentials of users, according to the FBI.

As soon as they have access, they will log in to the information that they obtained straight to the payroll account. Afterward, change the bank information of the user. Further, they will turn off the notifications. Thus users will not be alerted to the changes that they had made directly into the deposit information of their victims. Lastly, the scammers will reroute the money to an account controlled by them, as per the FBI.

The FBI has warned people and employers regarding this and even advised to become more vigilant on emails posing as they could come from the human resources department.

economic update, Economic Update: FBI Warns Public on Deposit Checks Scam
Police have arrested a mother for allegedly using her sons to scam people

“If someone should come across one of these phishing emails, it is best to not click on any links, give any personal information or respond to the email,” the FBI said.

Instead, the FBI suggested that they should forward any suspicious requests to their IT or human resources department.

Moreover, the agency suggested that employees should monitor activity for logins during non-business hours. Further, the FBI recommended a two-step authentication process for sensitive information.

Economic Update: Police arrests mother for using son to scam people

On Monday, Port St. Lucie police arrested a mother of two for allegedly using her children to scam people.

There was a video posted on Facebook that showed the boys selling granola bars to people sitting at a table in a Treasure Coast restaurant.

According to police, the boys, ages 8 and 11, were selling granola bars to raise money for their alleged baseball team. The police, however, said that the boys don’t play baseball.

“So they were actually just trying to solicit for donations; and then they were spending it for personal use,” said Master Sgt Frank Sabol.

Sabol argued that the money wasn’t for the personal use of the boys. Instead, it was for their mother, Courtney Campos.

“This is just somebody who’s using their children to get money for herself,” Master Sgt Sabol added.

Police confirmed that Campos has been doing it since April. Campos was already arrested for doing it last April. However, she got out of jail and started right back up.

Campos will face charges such as fraud and contributing to the delinquency of minors.

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