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CES 2021 is Still On – and the CTA Wants it in Person

Despite seeing multiple major companies cancelling their public gatherings until 2022, the Consumer Technology Association has other plans. The CES tech convention will be held in Las Vegas in January 2021 as planned.

The annual convention had around 175,000 attendees last year at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It was previously scheduled to complete a $980 million expansion, and it’s going to come in time for next year.

Of course, the CTA is still going to set new health policies for the show. The group plans to establish wider aisles, seats and put up sanitation stations in the area. It also plans to limit touching and increase distancing by using mobile payments and provide health services.

These plans were posted on the group’s website last month.

CES was lucky this year. The organization managed to hold CES 2020 before the pandemic spread worldwide.

Its overall theme was “concepts,” which involved items that might not be able to launch this year, anyhow. Reports labeled it as more of a show of hands than a spectacle of what audiences could by.

In fact, fans noticed a theme of the best products as only the most interesting, important, and intriguing at best. Reports described this year’s show as not with very much substance.

What the CTA plans for next year, especially if they plan to do it amid a pandemic, has yet to amaze. The group hasn’t updated anything outside the new health measures or how it plans to limit its visitors.

Nevertheless, it’s still important to deal with these health concerns before anything else. Perhaps the next few themes could be a surprise.

Other Canceled Tech Conventions

Meanwhile, other modern technology companies cancelled their own large conferences for this year.

Blizzard Entertainment looked to hold a virtual event in the place of BlizzCon 2020. It was supposed to kick off on November 1 and finish the next day until the company announced otherwise. The convention was cancelled eventually.

Microsoft also announced holding off its own digital event, Build, until the second half of 2021. It also opted to hold the event digitally, instead. Other technology news reported QuakeCon, Gamescom, and the Tokyo Game Show were all canceled beforehand.

Devolver Digital also canceled the biggest gaming conference E3 in early March. Reports claim that it could instead be replaced with the virtual Summer Games Fest to unveil certain game launches.

One of the companies that will push through with its game tournaments is EVO, which will launch this summer.

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