Bypassing dollar: India-Russia rupee trade talks

In a surprising turn of events, India and Russia have suspended negotiations on settling trade in their respective currencies. The two countries had been discussing a deal to bypass the US dollar in bilateral trade, with India looking to increase its purchases of Russian oil and defense equipment while Russia seeks to diversify its trade away from Western countries.

The move to suspend talks comes as a shock to many who had expected the negotiations to lead to a significant shift away from the dollar-dominated global financial system. The decision is believed to have been driven by a number of factors, including disagreements over the pricing of Russian oil and gas exports to India, as well as concerns over the impact of US sanctions on Russia’s ability to deliver goods to India.

The suspension of talks is likely to have wider implications for global trade and the future of the dollar as the world’s dominant currency. The move is, therefore, likely to raise questions about the prospects for a multipolar global financial system and the role of the dollar in it.

India and Russia’s Economic Ties

India and Russia have a long-standing history of economic ties. They have had a strategic partnership since the Soviet era, which has continued even after the Soviet Union’s collapse. India is one of the biggest importers of Russian military hardware, and Russia is a major supplier of crude oil to India.

The two countries have been exploring the possibility of settling trade in their national currencies to bypass the use of the US dollar. This move would help them avoid currency fluctuations and reduce transaction costs, as well as help them to maintain their independence from the United States.

However, the negotiations seem to have hit a roadblock. According to sources, India and Russia have suspended negotiations to settle trade in their respective currencies due to various reasons, including differences in pricing mechanisms and the need for a common settlement system.

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Impact of the Suspension of Negotiations

The suspension of negotiations between India and Russia on settling trade in their national currencies is likely to have an impact on both countries economies.

For India, it means that it will continue to pay for its imports in dollars, which will increase transaction costs and leave it vulnerable to currency fluctuations. This move may also affect India’s relationship with Russia, as Russia may turn to other countries for trade, reducing India’s import of Russian crude oil.

For Russia, the suspension of negotiations may lead to a decrease in its exports to India, which will impact its economy. Russia is currently facing economic sanctions from the United States and Europe, and this move may further isolate it from the global economy.

India-Russia Trade Negotiations Hit Roadblock: What’s Next?

The temporary halt in negotiations between India and Russia regarding the use of their national currencies for trade is a disappointing development for both nations. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the suspension is only temporary, and future negotiations may resume.

Meanwhile, India will continue to use dollars to pay for imports, and Russia may explore alternative trading partners. It’s uncertain how this pause will affect the long-term relationship between the two countries and their economies.

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