BattleRoyale launched its hot token BATTLE. What about EGO? 


BattleRoyale is an exciting game that’s entirely powered by blockchain-based technology. In fact, the team designed it to be the very first last-man-standing shooter game. BattleRoyale has two supported modes thus far. While using the first mode, users will be able to play against other people for fun through the FREE2PLAY model. They will also be able to bet on themselves through the PLAY2EARN model and, in the process, earn BATTLE tokens. However, they must succeed in being placed in the Top 3 in a match of 30 people. The team noted that players would have the opportunity to earn BATTLE vouchers even in the FREE2PLAY model. After that, they can exchange these vouchers for BATTLE tokens.

BATTLE tokens are the native utility tokens of the platform. The company launched them on March 22, 2022. The sale will end on June 30, 2022. The token price will be 0.01 USD per BATTLE during the initial coin offering. The total supply of BATTLE is 1000000000. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, TRX, BNB, USDC, and USDT in exchange for its coins.

In this game, users will be able to equip their characters and their weapons with some good-looking skins. That will make their victories even flashier and fancier. Skins are going to be available as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They will be completely unique, and players will be able to use them for a couple of purposes. Gamers can impress other participants with rare skins, but they can also trade them on various NFT marketplaces.


What makes this game unique? 

There are various last-man-standing shooter games out there. However, none of them is powered by blockchain-based technology. BattleRoyale allows users to enjoy one of the most popular gameplay models currently available and, in the process, earn cryptocurrency and use NFTs during their gaming.

In addition, this game has no serious requirements in terms of computer performance. As a result, a mediocre PC will serve players quite well. There’s no need for any special equipment, which is a great benefit. However, users will have to connect their Web3 browsers like MetaMask to the website.

People who are not interested in gaming but want to profit from cryptos can also use BattleRoyale. They can buy BATTLE tokens in the ICO and sell them later on Exchanges, after the price increases. Users can also become a referrer in the ICO and get a commission or just trade BATTLE tokens or NFTs and earn profits this way. In addition, any user can participate in the public sale of the BATTLE token. The team designed the latter to power and underpin the entire ecosystem.

According to the team, it has sold 10% of all tokens during the private sale but allocated 25% for the public sale. It also reserved 5% of the supply for the company behind the game, 10% is for marketing, 10% goes to partnerships, 20% to development, and 20% is for staking. The company has built a BATTLE token on the popular Binance Smart Chain. Thanks to BSC, BattleRoyale will offer reduced fees and speed up transaction times.


What about the EGO token’s ICO? 

EGO is a payment method of Paysenger, which is a new generation social network. This platform allows customers to contact experts directly through chats and video requests, and other channels. Thus, experts will be able to communicate their knowledge and earn from it on Paysenger.

People can use EGO to pay for NFT minting, for the attention of other users, or other services. The EGO token will provide access to special features of the platform. It will also allow the team to distribute earnings through Buy Back & Burn.

The company plans to start the ICO sale on April 6, 2022. It will end on April 8, 2022. EGO token is very high ranked on various ICO listing platforms. Its total supply is 1000000000. The token price will be low during the initial coin offering, with the company accepting ETH, DOT, USDC, and USDT in exchange.

Paysenger is a service created to monetize communication. It aims to find a new way of communication in the world. Users will be able to attract attention to their message or call by paying for the recipient’s attention with an EGO token or a fiat. With Paysenger, it is getting much easier to contact a media person or get expert advice.

Moreover, customers can convert received media content into NFT (Non-fungible token) and save or sell them on the internal marketplace for EGO. The team wants to transform the blockchain by making the technology easier for a large audience. Users will be able to request communication with their favorite person by choosing a preferable format, whether it is a chat, a video greeting, or a conference.


What about the EGO token’s ICO? 

Why should people choose this platform? 

Many people are overwhelmed by the flow of incoming information: news, questions, suggestions, and announcements. However, this platform adds a new dimension to communication where human attention becomes a valuable resource. Paysenger is creating a seamless way for experts and influencers to monetize their interactions. The platform will provide a reliable financial filter. And it will also highlight the most valuable offers while rewarding customers for their time and attention.

As Paysenger’s utility token, EGO also offers benefits to its holders. This token will allow users to access the platform’s features and pay for influencer services. Thanks to EGO, they can also participate in distributing the platform’s revenues through Buy Back & Burn.

The project’s mission is to create a collaborative ecosystem where every customer can maximize their value and realize their full creative potential. This company will represent human attention in the digital world: any request for users’ attention can be paid in EGO.

Investors have already recognized the project’s potential. EGO attracted $1.5 million during the seed round and the private sale. The company employs a team of over 60 people with experience from the start-up world and global corporations. They are working hard to improve the product, launch the mobile application, and attract an audience.


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